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M&A Due Diligence Checklist for HR Managers

M&A due diligence usually requires an examination of the target company’s human resource department & existing structures. Here is an HR due …


8 ways HR can help prevent M&A failure

Financial gain may be the primary factor behind 2015's record level of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), but the costs and implications can be far …


5 Challenges to Getting Your HRMS Do Real Analytics

Leaders across the organization recognize that making workforce decisions based on facts and data — instead of intuition alone — is a key route to …


One Answer That Will Increase Your Probability of Getting Hired

When answering an interview question like this, you will show that you are a creative, curious, and serious candidate.<p>In 1995, I was approached by two classmates in college. They, apparently, had started a company, and were considering offering me a job as the lead developer. No doubt, I was …


Recruiting: How to Use Machine Learning to Eliminate Human Biases

Throughout all the uncertain economic news of the past few years, one trend has stayed constant: it’s increasingly hard to find and attract good …

Machine Learning

Millennials Take on Sourcing

Millennial Sourcers Ready to Take Off<p>Recently I had the pleasure of talking with SeanKelly Anderson, an up and coming sourcer, in Bellevue, WA. …


Are we going from “Artificial Intelligence” to “Augmented Intelligence?”

Artificial Intelligence. I can’t think of a reference to the intellect that would feel more unauthentic and fake. It’s no wonder people turn to The Terminator or The Matrix to fathom what it’s all about. Fortunately, after 60 years of AI rumors fueled by academia and movies, we’re finally starting …

Artificial Intelligence
Social Enterprise

9 Ways to Be Indispensable (That Never Appear on Performance Appraisals)

Many are solid. Some are outstanding. And a few--just a few--are indispensable. Here's how to know the difference.<p>Nearly every performance appraisal evaluates qualities like teamwork, attention to detail, dependability, creativity, leadership... those skills and attributes are basically a given. …

The Workplace

I successfully implemented a 5-hour workday at my company — here are my 3 best tips for getting more done in less time

Do you ever wonder whether the math checks out on the idea that long hours in the office lead to more productivity?<p>Well, despite what's been drilled into our heads for most of our lives, it's not absolute — and history tells us so.<p>If eight and 10-hour days work you to no end, think about labor …

Time Management

The 20 Best Companies for Work-Life Balance

Where downtime is a guarantee.<p>“Work-life balance. ” It's one of those well-worn corporate cliches that most companies are, quite frankly, pretty bad …

The Workplace

Tools for Recruiters: The Complete List

There are <b>over 70</b> free and paid tools designed to simplify your job as a recruiter.<p><b>APPLICANT TRACKING SYSTEMS</b><p>BreezyHR<p>ATS<p>This newer entrant to the ATS …


5 Keys To Building A Strong Social Media Audience And Personal Brand

Fitness entrepreneur Amanda Bucci helps explain how it really works.<p>When it comes to building a loyal audience on social media, there is a huge difference between acquiring followers in bulk, and attracting people who genuinely care about your content. In fact, it's far more valuable to have 5,000 …

Social Media Marketing

Is This AI or BS? Artificial Intelligence Is All the Rage, but Sometimes It's Just Hype

Most Popular<p>It seems like artificial intelligence is everywhere. No longer the stuff of Ridley Scott and Stanley Kubrick flicks, AI has rapidly …

Artificial Intelligence

Why Working Less is Good for Business

Will a four-day workweek boost employee productivity? There's evidence that it can.<p><i>Richard Walton is an Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) member in Cape Town and Founder of AVirtual, a service that provides virtual personal assistants. We asked Richard about his thoughts on the traditional five-day</i> …

The Workplace
Artificial Intelligence

Science Found the 5 Things That Drive Employees to Go Above and Beyond

One study, 23,000 employees, 45 countries. The results? Priceless.<p>Ever wonder what is the ideal employee experience that leads to great work performance and positive work cultures? What about what <i>drives</i> these positive work experiences and happy workers?"<p>I found the answers, thanks to a notable …

Employee Engagement

Top eight HR risks, and how to handle them

I would like to receive the HR magazine<p>Read More Neliswa Nonoise<p>People risks come in many forms. The following are just a few where HR can play a …

Artificial Intelligence

The 3 Types of Thought Leadership That Actually Work

Follow the three phases of thought leadership content to build your company's expertise in marketing.<p>Blogs, ebooks, white papers, webinars--in the B2B marketing world, everyone wants to be a thought leader these days, judging from the volume of content that appears on a daily basis.<p>And, done right, …


Mistakes That Make Your Employees Leave You

Bestselling author Ken Blanchard mentioned in his book, “Heart of a Leader”, that each person has different motivations for the work they do or to stay in a job they are in. Some are motivated by the financial reward, others by the work environment, still others by the relationships they have …


A Surprisingly Good Reason to Let Your Boss Track Your Every Move at Work

Companies are interested in your chats, conversations and emails.<p>The meeting drags on. You've run out of things to doodle. You can't stop thinking about all the things you could be doing if only you weren't stuck in this pointless meeting.<p>We've all sat through endlessly unproductive meetings that …

The Workplace

Keeping your finger to the pulse: HR’s digital solutions for 2017

It’s quite surprising how many company’s HR departments haven’t yet joined the digital revolution. These companies seem to think that how it was done …


4 Ways Technology Is Changing Recruiting

Interest in HR tech has never been higher. According to CB Insights, there were over 350 deals and approximately $1.96B invested in HR tech startups …

Time Management

Why CEOs Need to Embrace Social Media (and How to Do it)

A beginner's guide to connecting with an online audience.<p>Most business leaders leave money on the table by remaining invisible. They have zero social media presence and the remaining CEOs are just on LinkedIn.<p>It's simple: If you want to be rich, you can't ignore potential revenue streams. If your …

Social Media Marketing