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Are Women Still Being Badly Exploited In Ads In 2013?

Yes. Seven recent commercials from around the world.

Oil & Gas Industry

50 Albums To Play After A Breakup

Whether you're distraught, angry, or feeling sorta numb, these are the records that are there for you when you need it most. Some will cheer you up, and others will just let you wallow.


The Ethics of Extreme Porn: Is Some Sex Wrong Even Among Consenting Adults?

A defense of consent as a lodestar of sexual morality<p>Flickr/Captain Orange<p>In "What Do You Desire?" Emily Witt travels to San Francisco, attends a shoot for a pornographic video about "women bound, stripped, and punished in public," reflects on her own unsuccessful search for romantic love, and …

All of it, sorcery!

All of it, sorcery!

An Enduring Romance and Lasting Friendship

My husband and I started dating in 1980. I knew him through a group of mutual friends but it wasn’t until one night (September 9, 1980 to be exact – …


"Mrs. Doubtfire" Is Actually The Most Horrifying Movie Of All Time

Literally the most terrifying film ever created.

James Bond

The path to racial harmony is best not forged at a Starbucks while wearing a Confederate flag shirt

“Accidental Racist,” a collaboration between country star Brad Paisley and rapper LL Cool J,…somehow manages to set race relations, country music, rap music, the careers of both men, and just progress in general back by about 25 years.<p>There are about 30 seconds of this song that aren’t filled with unintentionally racist nonsense, and those would be the <i>first</i> 30 seconds of the song, before anyone actually starts singing. Once that happens, though, the floodgates burst wide open.

The Best Candy for Weight Loss

Giving into your sweet tooth could help you lose weight—if you chew, suck, or bite on these lower-calorie candies<p>Francisco Garcia<p>Candy is fine for the bras Katy Perry wears during performances. But for you, when you're trying to drop a few pounds? Sounds too sweet to be true. But a Nutrition …

What Did College Really Teach Me?

College & University

Jon Stewart Interview With George Carlin From 1997 Is Amazing (VIDEO)

This old video of Jon Stewart interviewing George Carlin is making waves on Reddit and we just had to share.<p>The interview is from 1997, years before Stewart got the Daily Show gig. The late comic legend shares some of his thoughts on show business, success and more. Stewart shows that he's always …

Here's Why Black People Have to Wait Twice as Long to Vote as Whites

Yes, minorities wait longer to vote -- but the widely disparaged voter ID laws in 2012 seem to have had fairly little to do with it.<p>On Election Day last year -- and over the weekend preceding it -- the airwaves were flooded with reports of endless lines at the polls, complete with photos of voters …

Kim Weild : On Charles Mee's New Play, soot and spit

Director Kim Weild<p><b>JODY CHRISTOPHERSON: Tell us about beginning your new collaboration at Arizona State University on Charles Mee's's soot and spit, a play about the outsider artist James Castle who was born profoundly deaf and was possibly autistic too?</b><p><b>KIM WEILD</b>: I first read the play seven years …

A Cost of the Stigma Against Nudity: Blackmailed Teenage Girls

Society gains nothing from making so many people feel that mere images of their own bodies are cause for shame.<p>Flickr/PinkMoose<p>This week in Tennessee, three high school boys face charges of aggravated sexual exploitation after allegedly soliciting naked texts from female classmates under the guise …

Move to Westwood pitched as cure for Boston school angst A real estate agent timed a mailing to coincide with the lottery that assigns pupils to Boston schools. What do you think? http://b.globe.com/17k2YDb

28 Helpful Cleaning Tips For Incredibly Lazy People

Anyone who claims they love to clean is probably lying. We could all use a few shortcuts when it comes to maintaining a tidy household.

Hillary Clinton Destroys The Competition In Mock Election

That is, if you believe the chart concocted by the Washington Post the other day pitting 32 possible candidates among Republicans and Democrats who (in their dreams, at least) have a shot at the White House.<p>More on that later. But former first lady, US Senator, and Secretary of State Clinton seemed …

Women's Health

Best Light Beers<p>Pop bottles, not buttons, with these editor-tested brewskies<p>Christopher Rackliffe<p>The Light Beer Buzz<p>As any weight-watching beer lover knows, there are plenty of light beers on the market that taste just as good as the real stuff. However, with great variety comes difficult …

Parents react to morning-after-pill's easier access  - TODAY.com

In the debate over a federal judge’s ruling that the morning-after-pill should be available without a prescription for girls younger than 17, a TODAY.com poll found that nearly 70 percent of more than 9,500 who weighed in agreed with the ruling.<p>But for many parents, the topic of whether their kids …

Nice try, Heidi. How long did you think that supermodel disguise was going to fool us? Twenty-five, thirty years?

[T]here’s a lot to like about Heidi Klum, but something happened recently that puts her in an entirely different category of existence. To put it bluntly, it appears that Heidi Klum may be some sort of superhero. And much like the Batmans and Spider-Mans of the world, while doing the work of a hero, Heidi Klum reminds us that, for the most part, people are a bunch of selfish dicks.

18 Things Men Say About Their Ex-Wives

When divorced people date, they talk about divorce. A lot. And that means talking about your ex. A lot. Which means that through dating, I've heard a whole lot of thoughts and opinions from men about their ex-wives. Ladies, here's how your ex feels about you:<p>Until you split up, he never appreciated …

Why All Marriage Should Be Declared Unconstitutional and What It Should Be Replaced With

The argument for matrimony goes along these lines: marriage is a fundamental human right that encourages the establishment of stable partnerships and families. The state has an interest in recognizing these unions as a stabilizing economic and social force, conducive to "the pursuit of happiness" …

If Voter ID Laws Are Unfair, Why Do Lawmakers Keep Introducing New Ones?

Politicians in more than half the states in the country have quietly introduced stricter voting laws since the beginning of this year.<p>In case you're …

The Best Age to Get Married

For most of you, the cornerstone of your future and happiness will be inextricably linked to the man you marry, and you will never again have this concentration of men who are worthy of you.Here’s what nobody is telling you: Find a husband on campus before you graduate. Yes, I went there.<p>She …

Shop Talk

<i>by A Lady</i><p><b>Can we talk about vibrators</b> <b>again</b><b>? It’s time, right? There must be a half-life on women’s websites for when certain topics can come up after</b> …

The War on Drugs Is Far More Immoral Than Most Drug Use

A prohibitionist says libertarians dismiss moral considerations when they call for legalization. The truth is quite the opposite.<p>Reuters<p>Perhaps I should be more specific.<p>See the man in the photo at the top of this article? It isn't immoral for him to light a plant on fire, inhale the smoke, and …

The Hair Test: Find Out The Best Hair Products for You

Fine + Damaged<p>While achieving fullness is a challenge for all skinny strands, the "damaged" part of your equation creates a double whammy: You need to find repairing products that don't make hair go limp. Balance volume and moisture and you'll restore your hair's luster.<p><b>Shampoo</b><br>Choose a sudser …