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Neuroscientists Suggest These 5 Easy Ways To Create Genuine Happiness In Your Life


The Real Relationship Between Work, Wealth, and Happiness |

Money doesn't have all that much to do with happiness, and getting paid more doesn't always increase satisfaction. Those aren't exactly novel insights, but they're ones the 50 or so well-heeled professionals assembled at the Invention Hub on San Francisco Wednesday night probably weren't expecting …


Seven Ways To Instantly Become Influential In Your Business And Fuel More Success And Happiness

When I was in my corporate life years ago, I could see very clearly how bad news and rampant negativity could crush an organization and everyone in it. I didn’t understand until I became a therapist and career coach, however, exactly what to do about it – in other words, how to realistically …


The Father of Positive Psychology and His Two Theories of Happiness

Martin Seligman is a larger than life character. Some call him the "father" of positive psychology. This is perhaps an exaggeration, given that multiple psychologists were already hard at work researching the problem of well-being before he came onto the stage.<p>Nonetheless, he is perhaps the most …

Happiest Man in the World: Stop Trying to be Happy

In his new book, Altruism, a scientist turned Buddhist monk argues that we’re all hardwired to be altruistic—and that’s the secret to true bliss.<p>Type …