By Hotshoe | Selected Black & White Photos by Hotshoe' Pro Members

Back Alley in Venice by Kurt Golgart

Nikon D-series

Dark warrior by Scott Fowler


Convergence by Darren Kelland

Canon EOS

Skyfall by Dale Ellis

Canon EOS

Against All Odds... by David Martins

*** by Olga Aleksandrova

Photographer by Juergen Plesse

Canon EOS

Icelandic Stream by Timothy Moon

Tallinn, 2015 by Oleksandr Savruk

Shutter Speed

Maroc Lonely Tree 1 by Nadja Gusenbauer

Masai Woman /3192/ by Roman Hryciow

Tulip 6 by Kurt Golgart

Martyrdom by Nick Moore

Nature's Abstract by John Roach

Ghost Train 1 by Bryan Lutz

Unwanted Dip by Trevor Hupton

This was the last obstacle in a tough mudder event. Competitors have to negotiate all kind of obstacle and there is a lot of water involved. This one …

Apartments by Harlan Goodson

Ghost Tower by Marianne Siff Kusk

One Day You Will Be A Man My Son by Nick Moore

Icelandic RAM by Johannes Frank

Icelandic sheep run wild during the summer months. This Ram has just come from the mountains, and will be kept inside for the better part of …

6 - Dressed by Rolex! by Luis Mendonca

Pulling Together by Bob Yankle

Two of a Kind by Bragi Ingibergsson - BRIN


White on White by Bob Yankle

Budir by Bragi Ingibergsson - BRIN

Silent Mt. Fuji and lake in a dawn by Amano Chikara