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Maroc Lonely Tree 1 by Nadja Gusenbauer

Camera<p>Leica Camera AG LEICA M MONOCHROM (Typ 246)Camera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>18mm<p>Shutter …


Masai Woman /3192/ by Roman Hryciow

Camera<p>FUJIFILM FinePix S5ProCamera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>105mm<p>Shutter speed<p>1/570s<p>Aperture<p>f/4<p>ISO/Film<p>320<p>Category<p>Taken<p>Dec 07 …

Fujifilm FinePix

Tulip 6 by Kurt Golgart

Camera<p>NIKON D300SCamera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>105mm<p>Shutter speed<p>2s<p>Aperture<p>f/32<p>ISO/Film<p>100<p>Category<p>Taken<p>Mar 19 2016<p>Uploaded<p>Apr 08 …

Nikon D-series

Martyrdom by Nick Moore

Camera<p>Canon EOS 5D Mark IICamera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>113mm<p>Shutter speed<p>1/125s<p>Aperture<p>f/16<p>ISO/Film<p>100<p>Category<p>Taken<p>Feb 21 …

Nature's Abstract by John Roach

Camera<p>NIKON D7000Camera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>60mm<p>Shutter speed<p>1/15s<p>Aperture<p>f/22<p>ISO/Film<p>200<p>Category<p>Taken<p>Jan 27 2017<p>Uploaded<p>Jan 28 …

Nikon D-series

Ghost Train 1 by Bryan Lutz

Camera<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>Not set<p>Shutter speed<p>Not set<p>Aperture<p>Not set<p>ISO/Film<p>Not set<p>Category<p>Taken<p>Mar 04 2011<p>Uploaded<p>Jan 26 2017 03:16:03

Shutter Speed

Unwanted Dip by Trevor Hupton

This was the last obstacle in a tough mudder event. Competitors have to negotiate all kind of obstacle and there is a lot of water involved. This one …

Nikon D-series

Apartments by Harlan Goodson

Camera<p>Leica Camera AG M9 Digital CameraCamera Ratings<p>Lens<p>SummicronLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>35mm<p>Shutter speed<p>Not set<p>Aperture<p>Not …

Leica Cameras

Ghost Tower by Marianne Siff Kusk

Camera<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>Not set<p>Shutter speed<p>Not set<p>Aperture<p>Not set<p>ISO/Film<p>Not set<p>Category<p>Taken<p>Not set<p>Uploaded<p>Dec 29 2016 16:09:18

Shutter Speed

2016 Hotshoe Awards Winners. Congratulations!

GOLD AWARD<p>Ricardo Williams (United States), Hotshoe Photographer of the Year 2016:<p>SILVER AWARD<p>Luis Hernandez Davila (United States), Portrait …


One Day You Will Be A Man My Son by Nick Moore

Camera<p>NIKON D2XCamera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>80mm<p>Shutter speed<p>1/125s<p>Aperture<p>f/4<p>ISO/Film<p>100<p>Category<p>Taken<p>Nov 05 2016<p>Uploaded<p>Nov 05 …

Nikon D-series

Icelandic RAM by Johannes Frank

Icelandic sheep run wild during the summer months. This Ram has just come from the mountains, and will be kept inside for the better part of …


6 - Dressed by Rolex! by Luis Mendonca

Camera<p>Phase One IQ250Camera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>80mm<p>Shutter speed<p>1/250s<p>Aperture<p>f/18<p>ISO/Film<p>100<p>Category<p>Taken<p>May 04 …


Pulling Together by Bob Yankle

Camera<p>Canon EOS 30DCamera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>73mm<p>Shutter speed<p>1/200s<p>Aperture<p>f/5.6<p>ISO/Film<p>100<p>Category<p>Taken<p>Jan 29 …

Canon EOS

Two of a Kind by Bragi Ingibergsson - BRIN

Camera<p>Canon EOS 5D Mark IICamera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM IILens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>16mm<p>Shutter speed<p>1/125 …

White on White by Bob Yankle

Camera<p>Canon EOS 5D Mark IIICamera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>105mm<p>Shutter speed<p>1/125s<p>Aperture<p>f/4<p>ISO/Film<p>1000<p>Category<p>Taken<p>Apr 04 …

Canon EOS

Budir by Bragi Ingibergsson - BRIN

Camera<p>Canon EOS 5D Mark IICamera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM IILens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>16mm<p>Shutter speed<p>1/80 …

Canon EOS

Silent Mt. Fuji and lake in a dawn by Amano Chikara

Camera<p>Lens<p>nikkkor 28~80mmLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>28mm<p>Shutter speed<p>8/1<p>Aperture<p>F11<p>ISO/Film<p>50<p>Category<p>Taken<p>Apr/12/2012<p>Uploaded<p>Apr 14 2016 00:12:10


Gardens of Memory by Mc Lepel

When people are passing down their family ask for a tree in a dedicated garden to put some objects to remember them. One tree for one life in front …


Mo by Daniel Decot

Camera<p>Canon EOS 70DCamera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>24mm<p>Shutter speed<p>1/128s<p>Aperture<p>f/5<p>ISO/Film<p>6400<p>Taken<p>May 23 2016<p>Uploaded<p>Jun 04 2016 …

Canon EOS 70D

Two by Cliff Lawson

Camera<p>NIKON D800Camera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Focal length<p>Not set<p>Shutter speed<p>Not set<p>Aperture<p>Not set<p>ISO/Film<p>Not set<p>Category<p>Taken<p>May 21 2015<p>Uploaded<p>May 31 2016 …

Nikon D800

Two lonely by Olga Aleksandrova

Camera<p>NIKON D700Camera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>112mm<p>Shutter speed<p>Not set<p>Aperture<p>Not set<p>ISO/Film<p>280<p>Category<p>Taken<p>Dec 19 …

Nikon D700

Yards Peter by Olga Aleksandrova

Camera<p>NIKON D300Camera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>Not set<p>Shutter speed<p>1/30s<p>Aperture<p>Not set<p>ISO/Film<p>200<p>Category<p>Taken<p>Apr 17 …

Nikon D-series

Robarts Escalator by Rick Halpern

Camera<p>FUJIFILM X100TCamera Ratings<p>Lens<p>Not setLens Ratings<p>Focal length<p>33mm<p>Shutter speed<p>1/100s<p>Aperture<p>f/2.8<p>ISO/Film<p>3200<p>Category<p>Taken<p>Mar 30 …

Shutter Speed