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A Playful Sheep Gleefully Bounces and Down Upon a Backyard Trampoline on a New Zealand Farm

A pet sheep named Bacon who lives on a Marlborough, New Zealand farm with his human Vanessa Anderson and family discovered a trampoline out in the …

New Zealand

17 Reasons You Should NEVER Adopt A Black Cat

They're just bad luck.


Pugs In Japan Are Dressing Up For Their National Pug Day And It's The Best Thing In The Whole Wide World



These Photos of Cats With Their Tiny Humans Prove Dogs Have Nothing on Felines

Bringing your baby home is one of the most memorable — and tiring — points in parents' lives. And while there's no doubt that your newborn will take up the bulk of your time, that doesn't necessarily mean that your furry friends need to take a back seat. For pet moms and dads, ensuring your new …


20 Times Animals Were Rude As Hell To Each Other

It's a turtle-shoving, dolphin-bonking world, you guys.


Show me a better Paddington Bear costume than this tiny dog's. SHOW ME.

A tiny Pomeranian has just won Halloween, and it's only August.<p>Just a hat and coat is all Instagram star Bertram needed to pull off one perfect …

Bow Ties

7 Unlikely Animal Friendships That Will Give You Warm Fuzzies

Unlikely animal friends can make some of the most adorable pals out there. These photos of unusual animal pairings are all the proof you need.<p>1. …

Cute Animals

CERN Technology Used To Create First Ever 3D Color X-Ray

Normally, when you think of an x-ray image, you probably think of a black and white image of bones. But now imagine a world where x-ray images have all the colors of the rainbow. Don’t know about you, but that’s right up my street.<p>A company based in New Zealand has scanned the human body with a …


Cutest baby animals from around the world

Giant Pandas

17 Mixed-Breed Dogs Who Are The Cutest Things Alive



The 30 best dog photos of the year

1/<p>Third Place, Puppies: "Let's call it Roly Poly Puppy" by Robyn Pope<p>"In this image, I knew the moment Snickers began rolling around on the blanket …


16 Dogs Who Are Just Adorable Lil' Dummies

So cute. Such dummies.

19 Servings Of Cuteness To Get You Through The Day

This will make you happy.

Dog Is Still Obsessed With The First Toy She Ever Got

Her family gave it to her right after she was rescued.<p>Luna is obsessed with hedgehog toys. Big ones, small ones, old ones, new ones — the 1-year-old …

CRISPR could use gold nanoparticles to edit your brain

Researchers were able to turn down behavioral problems in mice.<p>Add this to the list of possible applications for the seemingly-magical gene editing technology CRISPR: helping people with neurological disorders edit their brains with pinpoint accuracy to alleviate the symptoms of their …

Photogenic Mama Who Rocked Her Maternity Shoot Does It Again With Puppies

We recently brought you a photo shoot of a dog named Lilica, a cutie who proudly bared her big baby bump to the world. Well, just one day after this …

An Amusing Photo Series Featuring the Blissful Expressions of Cats Under the Influence of Catnip

Photographer and feline fosterer Andrew Marttila has created an amusing photo series that feature the blissful, if not confused expressions of cats …

17 Dogs Who Should Be Utterly Ashamed By Their Behavior

Did a tornado or my dog go through this house?

21 Photos Of Dogs And Delivery Drivers That Are Pawsitively Heartwarming

Is UPS hiring?

We Are All Getting Dumber, New Science Proves, and No One Is Sure Why

Are our terrible diets, bad schools, tech obsession, or even increasingly trashy media to blame?<p>Whatever incredibly dumb things humanity got up to in the 20th century (and there were, as you know, some doozies), we all had at least one thing to crow about: as measured by IQ tests humans were at …

This Japanese Cat Cafe Also Has Hedgehogs

For years, there have been cat cafes in Japan. Hedgehog cafes are not new, either. But now, starting this spring, it has a cat <i>and</i> a hedgehog cafe.<p>Cat …

When Overtaxed Working Memory Knocks Your Brain Out of Sync

In 1956, the renowned cognitive psychologist George Miller published one of the field’s most widely cited papers, “The Magical Number Seven, Plus or …

Honeybees are surprisingly great at math

Bees know something about nothing<p>Zero is an extremely hard concept to understand. Quantities of things—whether they are bundles of fruit, communities of people, or blocks of wood for construction—are vital to our livelihood. But nothing, as far as the brain is concerned, is far different than …

Honey Bees

MIT fed an AI data from Reddit, and now it thinks of nothing but murder

Norman is a disturbing demonstration of the consequences of algorithmic bias<p>For some, the phrase “artificial intelligence” conjures nightmare visions — something out of the ’04 Will Smith flick <i>I, Robot</i>, perhaps, or the ending of <i>Ex Machina</i> <i>—</i> like a boot smashing through the glass of a computer screen …

Artificial Intelligence

British Filmmaker Unexpectedly Discovers That a Unfamiliar Cat Had Given Birth Under His Bed

On May 30, 2018, British filmmaker Paris Zarcilla went upstairs to his bedroom to grab a sweater and instead found that a beautiful black and white …

Tiny Kitten Who Lost Her Mom Convinces Stray Dog To Adopt Her

They both desperately needed a friend.<p>Junior the kitten took one look at Amira the dog and decided Amira should be her mom — and the kitten wasn’t …

Scientists Calculate the Pressure Inside a Proton and It's Higher Than in a Neutron Star

The pressure inside the particles that make up every atom in the universe could be greater than the pressure inside the densest stars, according to a …

Tiny Chimp Saved From Trafficker Can't Stop Smiling At Her Rescuer

"She is attached to me 24/7."<p>In the wild, mother chimpanzees make eye contact with their babies over 20 times in a single hour and usually go about …

Using up ALL their nine lives! Hilarious snaps show cats caught in some VERY silly situations - and they'll definitely turn you into a dog person

Cats have nine lives, so the saying goes. But some of these cats will be running out of lives fast thanks to their dimwitted antics.<p>People from …


100,000 Video Game Players Helped Scientists Prove Einstein Wrong

On November 30, 2016,around100,000 people all over the world logged online and played a video game. Together, they surely would have frustrated …