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The Art of Storytelling Show with Brother Wolf

I have watched the ceremony of the resolutions come and go through the years. I have done it – made a list of resolutions that I can stick to! Rarely …

Storytelling. Cuéntame tu historia...

El storytelling o cuenta cuentos no es una moda, ha estado siempre ahí, forma parte del acervo cultural de la humanidad. Todos tenemos una historia …


Un día como hoy, pero de 1927, nació el escritor y periodista colombiano Gabriel García Márquez.

Cool story, bro, but don’t take that tone | Southerly

Get the tone of your brand story right and you could double or even triple your conversions. Boom.

This was a revelation from the recent Technology …

Estate Agent


8 Classic storytelling techniques for engaging presentations

A good public speaker takes their audience on a journey, leaving them feeling inspired and motivated. But structuring your speech to get your ideas


Keys to Brilliant Nonprofit Storytelling Part 1: Emotional Arc and Character

Welcome to the first post in a series about the mechanics of great storytelling, from the Storytelling for Business course by Kevin Allison at the …


25 Essential Books on Storytelling, Copywriting, and Marketing to Read in 2015

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How do you teach yourself about storytelling? Why is it that some copywriters seem to nail it, while …

12 Masters of Visual Storytelling

Koen Demuynck [Link]

While some may say that every picture tells a story, I'm under the belief that only a few can do it right. These are the masters of storytelling, the ones who can draw out an emotion in us and leave us with a lasting memory. We've written about some of these photographers right …


Periodic Table of Storytelling

A major update to this project has been released! Go look at the new version here:…


Pick a few squares that look …

Create and Tell One Story Per Day!

Key Point: Commit to creating and telling one key story per day. The following is a quote from this Forbes article:“A 10-year, 100,000-person study


Cómo crear storytelling para eLearning: Guías y ejemplos

Si está leyendo esto seguramente ya cuenta con la información sobre el impacto que la ficción y las historias tienen en el cerebro.

How storytelling has changed in the digital age

In 1887, an eccentric detective named Sherlock Holmes appeared in print for the first time. A literary creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes and …


10 claves para crear un Storytelling #infografia #infographic #marketing

Hola:Una infografía con 10 claves para crear un Storytelling. VíaUn saludo10 claves para crear un Storytelling
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Nuevas narrativas para contar historias en plataformas digitales - Congreso de Periodismo Digital - Fopea 2014

En el panel del día viernes que abordó el tema de la calidad periodística en los medios digitales se mencionó al factor “instantaneidad” como una de …

Las flores del Kurdistán

Los relatos del mundo son innumerables, casi infinitos, como bien supo Sherezade, la primera princesa cuentacuentos. Por eso, después de 75 días sin …

No quiero que un storytelling formatee mi mente

No todas las historias tienen que tener un héroe. De hecho, en este mundo de contradicciones, aversión por los lugares comunes, y búsqueda de …

The Power of Digital Story

Bob DillonArts IntegrationTeachers can use their students' world of digital media to nurture the listening, sharing, and persuasion that have long …

Digital Storytelling

How Stories Change the Brain

Ben’s dying.

That’s what Ben’s father says to the camera as we see Ben play in the background. Ben is two years old and doesn’t know that a brain …

The Brain

3 Tips for a Great Short Story

A good short story keeps you company during a coffee or tea break, brings a smile to your face, makes you feel and think a little differently.

But a …

Short Stories

15 Storytelling Techniques

Storytelling is a major part of any content marketing strategy. Why?

You see, there’s one big problem with online marketing. It’s online.

In other …


7 Tips for Storytelling That Dazzles Audiences

After finally asking the young lady for a date, the nervous young man asked his father how to avoid moments of awkward silence.

His father quickly responded, “Son, when it comes to conversation, all you have to remember are three things: food, family, and philosophy, and you’ll have plenty to talk …

Storytellers of the Future

The importance of storytelling in the digital age

At Film4, we talk about our innovation strategy as a treasure map rather than a road atlas. While we don’t have a clear A to B route towards a single goal, we’re privileged to have a talented team to help us understand where “there be dragons” and where it might be promising to dig for …


Storytelling for Fundraising: Advice from TechSoup's #Storymakers2014


The art of storytelling emotions and meaning

Creativity and my or our emotions

For me, the needs of users or consumers are always where the job of a design thinker begins and understands them is …

Ana Cristina Herreros: "Contar es como respirar, necesito hacerlo, me llena de oxígeno y de energía"

La narradora, contadora de cuentos y editora, Ana Cristina Herreros, autora de 'Cuentos populares de la Madre Muerte', está editando los 'Cuentos …

Does Your Classroom Tell a Story?

Bringing objects and props into your classroom can create a world of curiosity and wonder for you and your students.