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8 Ways Digital Storytelling Transforms Learning in 21st Century Education: The Research Evidence

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Following the proliferation of technology and multimedia an evolution in making and telling stories …


The Art of Storytelling on Social Media

It is often repeated that social media is all about connecting with your audience on a personal level. Businesses are encouraged to share relatable …


Digital Storytelling

Nowadays, the buzz is all around social media. Every brand wants to know how they can use social media to promote their offerings, go viral, and be …


Six types of storytelling: how entrepreneurs and leaders can deliver inspiration and impact

Storytelling is a powerful communications tool, and it is becoming more and more recognised in the business community. These stories go beyond speech …


How to Tell a Great Story

Have you ever noticed how much easier is to remember someone’s point when they wrap a story around it? So why do so many leaders stick with dry …


Obscura Festival: The art of storytelling vs documenting

Vignes said Obscura festival is a storytelling festival for everyone. — Picture by K.E.OoiGEORGE TOWN, Aug 19 — A closer look at the culture of …

Photography (India)

Digital Storytelling: What it is… And… What it is NOT

I was lucky to have shared my childhood bedroom for a few years with my grandmother, when she had come to live with us after an illness. At bedtime, …


4 Great Lessons from Visual Storytelling Websites

Even the ancient Egyptians recognized the value of pictures. Their hieroglyphics now intrigue museum visitors across the world, but in their day …


Un caldeiro para imaxinar

Na época que se supoñía das odiseas no espazo aínda hai tempo para as historias. Hoxe todo iso noméase como storytelling, ou tamén como dixital

Tell Stories That Convert: How to Add Narrative to Your Site

Storytelling is the reigning buzzword in design circles these days. It is cited as a powerful technique for designing user experiences, developing …


#Storytelling Historias: lo que nos hace humanos

“Cuando le vendes un libro a alguien no le vendes 300 gramos de papel, tinta y pegamento: le vendes una vida nueva. El amor y la amistad y el humor y

3 Tips For Rapid Storyboard Development - eLearning Industry

Want to know how to create an eLearning storyboard quickly? Check 3 tips for Rapid Storyboard Development.

The role of storytelling in leadership

Here’s an interesting post I found this AM on “4 Stories Great Leaders Tell,” and here’s a good quote:

The Impact of a Story: A 10-year, …


Storytelling skills support early literacy for African American children

(Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute) 'Previous research found an association between oral narratives and literacy at later stages of …


Storytelling With Heart

An inside look at the MUSE 8-step storytelling process from Stillmotion.What’s the shortest distance between two humans? A story.Human fascination …


How to Tell an Enchanting Story

"Please tell me a made-up story, Tutu," my wee granddaughter begs as I close her picture book and tuck her into bed. I mentally scramble for an image and suddenly a little old lady pops into my imagination.

"Here's one," I say, much to her delight. Then I begin the spontaneous tale of a sad older …


Narrativas digitales como estrategia para el desarrollo de competencias

“Somos fabricantes de historias. Narramos para darle sentido a nuestras vidas, para comprender lo extraño de nuestra condición humana. Los relatos

The Irrefutable Algebra of Story

Don’t be scared off by the implication of forthcoming mathematics.

I know, writers aren’t known for their affection for numbers, but I promise you …


Story Telling with Story Mapping

Once upon a time, a customer had a great buying experience on a website. The customer loved how from the moment the customer was on the site to the …


The evolution of storytelling: an overview

Debut author Paula McGrath explains why she loves making connections and the linking of multiple perspectives, both as a reader and a writer

Unless …



Después de años de trabajo voy descubriendo que mi nueva sopa de ajo ya estaba descubierta. No importa. Me alegra encontrarme coincidiendo con …

6 lecciones de storytelling para crear el anuncio perfecto

En el mundo de la publicidad no todo se basa en ser creativo. El storytelling, la capacidad de vender contando una historia que realmente enganche al …

The Importance of Storytelling in Design

Several years ago, I worked as an in-house copywriter and designer for a prominent marketing firm. When I first applied for the job I didn’t have any …


Cómo crear storytelling para eLearning: Guías y ejemplos

Advertencia:Si está leyendo esto seguramente ya cuenta con la información sobre el impacto que la ficción y las historias tienen en el cerebro, si no …

Story Telling Foundation – Why It’s The Only Photo Booth Company In Seattle You Should Hire

When it comes to hiring a photo booth company in Seattle, you …


A storytelling resource site

“What are those ducks doing?” asks one of our goggle-eyed friends during a walk around the property called ‘Eight Acres’. Uncle Kam, our tour guide …

Storytelling Websites and Resources | Elizabeth Figa

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Ocho pasos para usar en clase la narración digital o digital storytelling

La narración digital o digital storytelling es una técnica educativa que permite a los estudiantes aprender mediante la creación de historias

Chalkboard Storytelling for Kids

When I was a kid, my parents lined one wall of my bedroom with a large chalkboard that had once belonged to a local classroom or church. My siblings …