What is a Mincemeat Pie?

This traditional British holiday dessert doesn't contain meat — it's actually a combination of spiced fruit. In the 17th century it was considered so decadent, it was outlawed. Here's how to make the "meat" and pies, plus twists including ice-cream and donut versions. And if you're not sure how to serve it, why not try heating it and adding a dollop of brandy butter? Now that's what we call decadent.

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What is a Mincemeat Pie?
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    What the heck is a mincemeat pie anyway?

    The strange and twisted history of mince pies

    The strange and twisted history of mince pies

    Fruity, boozy little mouthfuls, mince pies will doubtless make an appearance on every table this holiday season, making spirits bright and then going straight to your hips. The diminutive treats are so omnipresent it's easy to take them for granted, but they have a long history, which saw them …

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