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By Hoan Do | Cyber-war of Messaging Apps

WhatsApp for Android now makes sure you never miss a conversation

WhatsApp has been updated on Android with a few useful new features, including an option to mark conversations as unread, as spotted by Android Police.

Tap and hold on any conversation pane and you’ll spot the new feature at the bottom of the menu. It adds a green circle to your selected chat so …


Without mobile messaging, apps lose 70 percent of users within a month of initial download


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Last year mobile apps alone rose to account for more time spent with media than desktop and mobile Web combined. But apps are hard to master, and many brands are still learning the art of engaging and re-engaging with app users.

Urban …

Mobile Messaging

Only 33% of app marketers use in-app messaging, but they get 3.5X higher retention

Only a third of app marketers are currently using in-app messaging. That could soon change, however, if the other two-thirds find out that apps that use in-app messaging tend to get 3.5 times better retention.

A 3.5-times better retention rate adds up to a 50 percent third-month retention of new …

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Truecaller Wants To Make SMS Smart And Social With New Android Messaging App

Truecaller, the Swedish company behind the intelligent phone app of the same name which has raised over $80 million, has launched a new service aimed at making SMS smarter and less spammy.

‘Truemessenger’ is an SMS replacement app for Android that taps into the company’s network of users to verify …

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Emojis Allow Brands to Engage on Messaging Apps

Brands like MillerCoors and 1-800-Flowers consider emojis and stickers a non-disruptive way to engage consumers on messaging apps, the world's most …


Iran Denies Censoring the Secure Messaging App 'Telegram'

The messaging app Telegram might soon become the latest victim of Iran’s censorship-happy government.

Iran has a long history of applying tight internet censorship and regulations. The country’s internet is so heavily censored that it’s popularly known as the Filternet, and the government has …

Middle East

Pushbullet overhauls its mobile and desktop apps, debuts messenger feature

Pushbullet gave its apps a substantial remodel on Tuesday that focuses on consistent design and fewer steps to perform common actions.The other big addition was a messenger feature, which can be used for casual chats or to discuss content you shared through Pushbullet. Pushbullet Pushbullet’s new …


Facebook Messenger's payments feature available across US

The messaging platform previously only available in select parts of the US, but is now available to anyone chatting on the service.

Facebook's …


Facebook Messenger Users: Brace Yourselves for More Animated GIFs

Facebook is testing two ways to make it easier for users of its Messenger applications to share animated GIF files.

TechCrunch reported that some …

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Slack now has 1.1M daily active users, 300K paid seats, $25M in annual recurring revenue

Startup Slack today announced that more than 1.1 million people use its team communication application every day. That’s up from 750,000 in April, when Slack announced a $160 million funding round.

Companies are now paying for more than 300,000 Slack seats, up from 200,000 three months ago.

Slack is …

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Facebook Messenger can now be used without a Facebook account

Facebook Messenger no longer requires a Facebook account. Starting today, new Messenger users in the US, Canada, Venezuela and Peru can sign up using a full name and phone number.

Messenger can still be used with a Facebook account; new users will see a “Log In With Facebook” button on the start …

Messaging app Viber launches Public Chats for listening in on celebrity conversations

Mobile messaging and VoIP app Viber today announced a new Public Chats beta feature that will allow public figures and companies to share group discussions with fans.

At a launch event, Viber CEO Talmon Marco described Public Chats as a social experiment. The feature, which goes live for users at …

An Exclusive Early Look At Hangouts 4.0

Back in September, Hangouts switched from gray to green in its 2.3 update, ostensibly making the first baby steps on its journey toward joining …


You can now play a game in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has finally got a game you can play while chatting. Doodle Draw, a take on Pictionary, is now available through the app.

You can find the game in Messenger’s overflow menu, alongside several utility apps. Of course, you’ll need to download it from the App Store or Google Play …

Messaging App Jott Is Blowing Up Among Junior High And High Schoolers

As Facebook and YikYak try to grow a younger audience, a startup that taps into one of the key attribute of teen users – no money for data plans – is blowing up.

Jott, a messaging app that works without a data plan or WiFi connection, has caught on among junior high and high school students, …


Facebook Messenger Ditches Constant Mapping To Lay Groundwork For More Location Features

Facebook is removing the confusing, slightly creepy always-on location sharing feature in Messenger for a more explicit, one-time way to share where you are or will be. Location will no longer be a “second class citizen”, Messenger Head Of Product Stan Chudnovsky tells me. Instead, Messenger has …


Slack 2.0 for Android has a new design and added support for emoji and team notifications

Slack introduced its updated Android app today with a new design and a host of new features including emoji support, notifications for teams and tabs.

Version 2.0 also includes a new plus button hovering in the bottom right corner that allows you to start new channels, DMs, or groups. The plus …

Shift Messenger, Designed To Help Co-Workers Share Schedules, Raises $1.5M Seed Round

Managing and trading shifts is one of the most onerous tasks faced by retail employees, especially since many don’t have set hours. Shift Messenger, a Y Combinator alum, launched earlier this year to give workers a communication tool specifically designed to help them manage their schedules. Now …


Western Messaging Apps Are Looking to China’s WeChat for Inspiration

In WeChat we trust.

This seems to be the unwritten — although oft-mentioned — motto of some of North America’s most prominent messaging companies these days. Apps like Kik, Tango, Snapchat and Facebook’s Messenger are all starting to act more like WeChat, China’s dominant messaging service from …

Messaging App Firm Line Is Testing A $2 Per Month Music Streaming Service

Line, the Japanese messaging app with 205 million active users, is continuing its push into entertainment services after it began testing a standalone $2 per month music streaming app.

Line Music is being trialled in Thailand, where Line has carried out a series of other pilots related to its shift …


Facebook Messenger's video calling lands in (almost) every country

Facebook Messenger's video calling feature is now available in more locations -- almost everywhere, according to David Marcus, "with the exception of a few countries." Marcus, the social network's Vice President of Messaging Products, announced the development as a status update. He didn't exactly …


There’s a new BBM for iOS feature that will actually make iMessage users jealous

True story: a little over a year ago, a friend of mine asked me to help him pick out an Android phone because he was tired of his iPhone. For a few …


Vietnam’s chat app Zalo challenges Facebook with 30 million registered users

FPT may be Vietnam’s largest tech company with a newfangled US$3 million seed fund announced just yesterday, but VNG is considered Vietnam’s largest …


Games may be coming to Facebook Messenger

You may eventually be able to play games over Facebook Messenger. According to The Information, Facebook has confirmed that it's speaking with developers about creating games that work within Messenger and live inside of its app store. It sounds as though Facebook's plans for games are still at an …

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Facebook: Spinning off Messenger was a good move, and here's why

Some Facebook users hate change — that's just fact.

Roll out a radically revamped News Feed or tinker too much with privacy settings, and a subset of users inevitably cry foul. That's what happened when Facebook made its standalone Messenger app a mandatory download last year for people who wanted …


TalkTalk's unlimited everything SIM is £12 per month but laden with fine print

The UK mobile market is undergoing a serious makeover, with two huge acquisitions on the horizon and new MVNOs popping up left, right and centre. Quad-play provider TalkTalk is already known for its low-cost broadband, TV and mobile deals, but now's a more important time than most to show you can …


Viber, Google are helping people to call loved ones in Nepal

In the aftermath of the earthquake, getting calls and messages into or out of Nepal has been one of the greatest challenges facing those searching for loved ones.

In an effort to aid communication, American phone companies like T-Mobile are offering free calls to and from Nepal, and a number of …


Facebook adds video calling to Messenger

Facebook has today introduced video calling in Messenger. This means that now you can have a face-to-face chat with your friends via Facebook.

The new feature is available today on iOS and Android devices in the UK, US, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Laos, Lithuania, …