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5 open-source alternatives to Slack

Slack, the team communication app, went down earlier this week, sending people to Twitter to commiserate. So what if the startup is valued at $2.8 billion? It’s still a web service, and web services have outages sometimes.

Of course, there is Internet relay chat (IRC), but that’s a protocol. …


Snapchat holds the line on targeted ads, but big brands are pushing for more

A stunning 100 million people use Snapchat every day, and advertisers are demanding more access to them.

But more than a year after rolling out its first ad, Snapchat still doesn't have a clear ad strategy. The Venice company has frustrated advertisers by resisting one of the industry's most popular …


WeChat launches its peer-to-peer mobile wallet in South Africa, no bank account required

Chinese Internet giant Tencent this week rolled out WeChat Wallet, an ewallet that lives within the main WeChat mobile messenger app, in South Africa. And it says there’s no need to have a bank account to make use of the service.

This comes just days after Tencent announced that it’s opening up its …


Why UI designers won’t be unemployed soon

This is a response to Ariel Verber’s article.

Essentially, Ariel states you should start thinking about your next career move after you lose your UI …


Vine update brings Apple Watch app and ‘swipe left’ gesture for finding videos you like

Vine’s latest update lets you swipe left to find similar content to what you’re already watching, and even lets you view video from your favorite accounts on an Apple Watch.

It’s an iteration on Vine’s suggestion engine introduced in October but, in my experience, it’s pretty fussy. I’m not sure …


Twitter client apps will now be able play GIFs and video natively

Next time you open a GIF or video in a third-party Twitter app, it may play natively rather than pushing you off to a Web page.

Twitter made the feature automatic in Twitter Kit, so developers won’t even have to tweak their apps. As long an app is running the latest version of Twitter Kit and iOS 8 …


Viber now lets you remotely delete messages you’ve sent by mistake

How many times have you sent a message to someone and immediately regretted it? Whether it’s in the heat of an argument or just an embarrassing typo, Viber‘s latest update will make it all okay.

The messaging service is now letting you delete messages on the recipient’s phone after you’ve sent them, …


9 proven ways to enhance UX with microcopy

Two words of microcopy can double a site’s sales or lead conversion numbers.

Microcopy is more than just verbs on buttons. It’s the words that show …

UX Design

Inside Snapchat's newest feature: Story Explorer

Snapchat Inc. Chief Executive Evan Spiegel grabs his iPhone, opens his Venice company’s app and taps an icon for “Los Angeles.”

Instantly, he’s watching short, full-screen videos that Snapchat users across L.A. have recorded over the last 24 hours and given the company permission to distribute …


Snapchat starts bundling up users in a bid to get more advertisers on side

Since its launch on iOS in 2011, Snapchat has amassed more than 100 million users, which is obviously an appealing stat for eyeball-hungry brands. In response this growing demand, the company has now started packaging audiences by themes for advertisers.

Yes, Snapchat has popped you in a …


Snapchat dives deeper into news with Story Explorer

Snapchat is making its Live Stories more interactive.

The company is adding a new feature to the live video section of its app that allows users to dive into stories they want to see more about. The feature, called Story Explorer, will offer users a closer look at significant events in their city as …


Skype for iOS updated with data detectors for phone numbers, addresses, and more

Skype updated its iOS client today with support for several different data detectors in text chats.

Now whenever someone sends you a phone number, address, or date, you can tap that information to automatically start a call, bring up a map, or create a new calendar event, respectively.

The update …


How I Work with Color

I’ve had more than a few people ask how I approach color in my pieces and whether or not I could put together a little walkthrough. I’m going to try


Methods for Improving UX with Motion Design

Animation in apps has taken on a new and improved meaning. Unlike the flashy, confusing website animations of the old days, new animation is clean, …


4 Invisible User Experiences you Never Knew About

Great Design Is Invisible by Michael W.

Originally posted on Mizko.net
You can catch me on
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Great Design is Invisible.

Airbnb, Disney …

UX Design

Why Twitter’s Emoji Response Tool Makes Sense – New Data on Emoji Use on the Platform

Earlier this week, reports and examples suggested that Twitter might be working on a new emoji response tool which would enable users to replace the …


Quora launches Writing Sessions, a civilized rival to Reddit’s AMAs

Quora has launched a new feature called Writing Sessions as an alternative to Reddit’s AMAs.

Everyone knows Reddit’s AMA’s can surface the most aggressive trolls from the depths of the Web, so Quora is hoping to restore some decorum with its own version.

People using the Quora app will be sent …


Tumblr’s new GIF maker can animate any of your videos

Tumblr, the home of endless GIFs, is giving users an easier way to create them from videos and burst photos.

GIF Maker, which appears under the ‘Photo’ option in Tumblr’s mobile apps, lets you select any video or set of burst photos to convert.

Once selected, you can edit the GIF, which can be up to …


Why Snapchat’s lackluster ads threaten its $16 billion valuation

(By Heather Somerville, Reuters) – Snapchat, maker of a free mobile app that lets users send videos and messages that disappear in seconds, is struggling to gain traction with advertisers, fueling investor concern that its $16 billion valuation isn’t justified by a business that hasn’t yet shown it …


4 Ways To Design Better Login Screens

Nothing's more frustrating than a badly designed login screen. Here are some lessons from a login screen done right.

The login form doesn't immediately come to mind as something that needs better design standards. Once you think about it, though, it's obvious: How many times has a login screen …

User Experience: Building Better Products by Understanding User Intent

As with many design processes, the UX design cycle can be broken into four distinct groups:

• Design
• Prototype
• Evaluate

We call this a cycle …

Information Architecture

Facebook at Work now has a companion messaging app on Android

Facebook has launched Work Chat, a messaging app on Android for companies that use its Facebook at Work collaboration service.

From the screenshots, it looks more like Messenger than rival chat services for teams like, say, Slack. Users can chat one-on-one or in groups, send photos and videos, and …


New Sketch plugin Silver lets you prototype apps before you start coding

Sketch is great for wireframing apps, and is getting a lot more useful with a new plugin named Silver, which lets you build actual working prototypes with navigation.

After you get some app pages populated in Sketch, Silver takes over, using familiar control flow tools for linking pages and …


Facebook Debuts The Digital Breakup With New Tools For Former Flames

Breaking up is hard enough without having to see your ex’s newfound happiness flung in your face every time you log on to Facebook. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to unfriend your ex, or block them, either. There should be some middle ground. Today, Facebook says it will begin to …


Taringa! Shouts: Full redesign of the app using Material Design



Taringa! Is a virtual community in which users share all kinds of information through a collaborative system of interaction. There are 35 …

Material Design

Behind The +1: Meet The New Google+(Plus)

Google+ has always been a project for Google, regardless of what you’ve read in the media. With projects, come changes…and there have been quite a few for Google+ this year.

The Photos product that got pulled out of G+ is doing pretty damn well, and YouTubers were happy when the service was …


Instagram Kills Off Feed Reading Apps

Only a tiny fraction of Instagram feed reading happens in third-party apps, so Instagram is shutting down its feed API to make feature development nimbler and create a more consistent user experience. The move is part a big cleanup of the Instagram platform. It involves listing exactly what’s …


Former Apple designers say the company has lost 'the fundamental principles of good design'

Two early Apple designers have written a piece on Co.Design chastising Apple's new design direction, which they claim puts elegance and visual simplicity over understandability and ease of use. Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini, who was Apple's 66th employee and the writer of its first human interface …

UX Design

Google Gets Surprise Ally in Mobile-App Search Push: Facebook - Digits - WSJ

Google’s effort to keep its search engine relevant in a world of mobile apps just got a boost from a big rival.

Facebook Inc., operator of the world’s largest social network, on Friday began allowing Google to crawl and index its mobile app, a spokeswoman for Google parent Alphabet Inc. said.

The …

Search Engines

How do you design a product?

What is it? Why is it important? How do you do it?

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