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QuizUp Just Turned Into A Social Network

QuizUp is now a social network, by every stretch of the imagination.

Following a massive update today, the trivia game that trail-blazed through the App Store in 2013, is now introducing true social functionality on a core level.

QuizUp originally hit the scene after forging a deal with Lionsgate to …

App Store

Messaging App Firm Line Is Testing A $2 Per Month Music Streaming Service

Line, the Japanese messaging app with 205 million active users, is continuing its push into entertainment services after it began testing a standalone $2 per month music streaming app.

Line Music is being trialled in Thailand, where Line has carried out a series of other pilots related to its shift …



A curated list of awesome iOS UI/UX libraries. Inspired by wasabeef's excellent Android Version.


Animations and Transitions - file
• Badges - …


What does Medium want to be when it grows up? More like Twitter, it seems

Founder and former Twitter CEO Evan Williams says Medium is changing in order to emphasize network effects and interaction rather than just blog-style publishing

Defining exactly what Medium is has never been an easy task. Ever since former Twitter CEO and Blogger co-founder Evan Williams first …


How To Design A Game For Maximum Empathy

The clever design in the game What Now? effectively shows how helpless anxiety can make us feel.

Many people play video games to have fun and relax, but the lo-fi What Now? is neither of those things. Instead, it's a game which seeks to convey the ways stress and anxiety affect the mind.

The game is …


Facebook Messenger's video calling lands in (almost) every country

Facebook Messenger's video calling feature is now available in more locations -- almost everywhere, according to David Marcus, "with the exception of a few countries." Marcus, the social network's Vice President of Messaging Products, announced the development as a status update. He didn't exactly …


There's a new BBM for iOS feature that will actually make iMessage users jealous

True story: a little over a year ago, a friend of mine asked me to help him pick out an Android phone because he was tired of his iPhone. For a few …


Wireframes aren't dead: they're just changing | Web design

Given the rise of Agile and Lean UX methodologies in digital design, many are calling into question the value of wireframing. They say the days of …

Why emotion and personal connection are the key to wearables

There is a fair amount of perceived innovation in wearable technology that is actually static reproduction of what’s already out there — with many recycled ideas lacking in originality, foresight and plausibility. So how do you break into that market and do it successfully?

You have to look beyond …


How to Improve Retention With Design: 3 UX Laws to Retain Users — Medium

How to Improve Retention With Design: 3 UX Laws to Retain Users

“Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.” — Jeffrey …

UX Design

New Web trends: immersive interaction design

The wheel of progress is changing what we think of as “new” or “old,” and users can easily scorn the sites and apps they loved only a few months ago. But for every door that technology closes, a new one is opened.

Below we’ve collected some of the modern IxD techniques that users are flocking to. …

Fashion Trends

Facebook Messenger Eyes Non-Friend Conversations With Chat ID

Is that a message from some rando, a spammer, or the nice guy you met yesterday? Facebook Messenger wants to give you some clues before you consider responding. The app will now surface publicly shared biographical info like current city and job title at the top of message threads from people you …


How Facebook Turned The Social Graph Into A Hacker Alarm System

The same technology that helps Facebook track friendships and likes is powering a mutli-company effort to stop spammers and scammers.

If there’s one thing Facebook is good at, it’s getting people to share their data and using it to track the relationships between people, places, and things. Knowing …


Vietnam’s chat app Zalo challenges Facebook with 30 million registered users

FPT may be Vietnam’s largest tech company with a newfangled US$3 million seed fund announced just yesterday, but VNG is considered Vietnam’s largest …


Twitter’s Redesigned Search Experience Hits the Web by @mattsouthern

A redesigned version of Twitter’s search results interface is rolling out to all logged-in web users, according to a report from TechCrunch. In …

Search Engines

The best ui assets from around the web

A Better Way To Design For Retina In Photoshop


Recently, I had a project in which I needed to produce high-fidelity screens for a tablet. I was to present these screens on the device …

Games may be coming to Facebook Messenger

You may eventually be able to play games over Facebook Messenger. According to The Information, Facebook has confirmed that it's speaking with developers about creating games that work within Messenger and live inside of its app store. It sounds as though Facebook's plans for games are still at an …


UI Pattern: Natural Language Forms

I recently did some research on a UI pattern called “natural language forms” and got quite excited about it. Although those kinds of forms aren’t …

Natural Language

Mobile Navigation

There are some great debates and articles in the UI/UX designer world about “Should we use hamburger menus in our products?”.

If you are interested in …

UX Design

User Persona Creator by Xtensio (It's free!)

Every decision you make, from product features to the tone of your taglines, needs to answer to your customers. This User (or Buyer) Persona Creator …

Interactive Advertising

Why 'mobile first' may already be outdated

What matters is screens, not devices. Mobile app driven companies are now building complimentary web apps.

For a number of years now, we’ve all been …


UX Tip: Consider the Empty States

Empty states are often an afterthought for most designers.

The homepage and payment cart, for example, might be the most prioritized feature in your …

Information Architecture

Notes on the Surrender at Menlo Park

1. The manner in which Instant Articles are seen within Facebook’s News Feed is nearly as important as they way they’re hosted. Yes, they load …

San Francisco Bay Area

The Future of Web Design is Hidden in the History of Architecture

The history of Western architecture can teach us a lot about the evolution of web design. As forms of art, both are defined by several factors:

They …


Functional Animation In UX Design


Editor’s Note: This article contains many video examples that show functional animation. Therefore, it may take longer to load on slow

UX Design

Why Snapchat is outliving and outpacing the competition

There’s no shortage of startups telling us that they’re the future of communication or solving a problem we never knew we had. Not so long ago, Snapchat was one of them.

Since its launch on iOS in 2011, the service has amassed more than 100 million users. Its success isn’t because it was the first …


Facebook Starts Hosting Publishers’ “Instant Articles”

After months of rumors, Facebook today unveiled “Instant Articles”, a program that natively hosts publishers’ content in its app’s News Feed so users don’t have to click out and wait for websites to load. Instant Articles debuts today with rich-media stories from The New York Times, BuzzFeed, …


Facebook’s new Instant Articles let you share directly to Twitter and Pinterest

Earlier today, Facebook announced details of its latest attempt to woo publishers — Instant Articles that push content directly into Facebook’s mobile app, designed to let articles load much faster. The first of these is now live on Facebook, so if you’re following The New York Times, you’ll no …


Vietnam’s video messaging app Umbala wins $4,600, plans global expansion

Video sharing platform Umbala, featured as one of the best new apps across Germany, Switzerland and Australia markets by Apple Store’s editor choice, …