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Should you use Material Design on iOS?

We met with Jason Zigrino, a talented iOS designer who took the risk of taking the Material Design influence to create stunning UI motion design for …

Material Design

Facebook revenue jumps 38% to $4.04B in Q2 as daily active users grow 17%

Today Facebook revealed just how well it performed last quarter: The company saw revenues of $4.04 billion and $0.50 earnings per share, while surpassing 1.49 billion monthly active users and 968 million daily active users.

Analysts expected Facebook to report revenues of about $3.99 billion and …


More Instagram ads on the way, but Facebook promises to tread lightly

Facebook is gearing up to accelerate its advertising offering within Instagram in the near future.

On the company’s Q2 2015 earnings call, chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg disclosed plans to open up more ad inventory for marketers, as well as debut new formats, add better targeting, and …


Tools, speccing and assets

Layout, UI and motion design

Preliminary notes: This article is the second and last part of the “Redesigning Chrome Android” series. It is the direct

UI Design

Visual directions

Content, not Chrome

Preliminary notes: When I started writing this article, I didn’t know how much detail I wanted to put into it. As it turns out, it

UI Design

Facebook is testing out LinkedIn-style profile tags

Facebook seems to be taking a cue from LinkedIn and is early in the process of testing a new feature — profile tags.

Verge reader Luke M. alerted us to Facebook's new profile tags feature, and the company confirmed it was testing them out with the following statement: "Profile tags are a creative …


A UI so good, it breaks language barriers

I’m here to talk about a mobile app that’s quickly drawing a huge fan following all over the Internet. I’m of course talking about ねこあつめ.

Are you an …

UX Design

UI Sounds • Sound Effects

A Guide To Heuristic Website Reviews


In this article, we’ll explore a scoring system for rating and comparing websites, we’ll visualize those ratings using infographics, and …

Information Architecture

The Principles of UX Choreography

The intersection of Disney and UX and why learning how to draw Mickey Mouse will change how you approach design

Recently I collaborated together with

UX Design

A guide to carrying out usability reviews

Feb 11, 2011 | Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

Think that you need to be a usability expert to carry out a usability review? Well I won’t deny that …

Information Architecture

Making Time: Redesigning A Calendar Experience For Android

In UX design, few things are more intricate than time and personal time management — only a good arsenal of mobile design patterns and information …

UX Design

Animation — Smoke and Mirrors

This mini essay will explore the over use of animation in UI design, show comparisons with early visual design and offer some suggestions for …


Dual-camera photo app Frontback will shut down on August 15

Frontback, the mobile app that first takes a photo with your rear camera and then with your front camera to ostensibly catch your reaction, is shutting down. The app will cease to exist in its current form on August 15.

Frontback CEO Frédéric della Faille wrote about closing up shop in a blog post on …


A Wide Perspective for Designing User Experience

The UX diagram above is the clearest one I’ve ever seen on the web. The overlapping cases give the whole UX design idea.

Image Source:

UX Design

'Century Old Style + Sweet Sans' from R

R/m Design School is a series of educational projects about design, a constantly expanding “design primer”, covering such fundamental concepts as …

WhatsApp for Android now makes sure you never miss a conversation

WhatsApp has been updated on Android with a few useful new features, including an option to mark conversations as unread, as spotted by Android Police.

Tap and hold on any conversation pane and you’ll spot the new feature at the bottom of the menu. It adds a green circle to your selected chat so …


500px Raises Another $13M To Take On Getty And Flickr

As Facebook continues to add more advertising features to Instagram, another photo-sharing platform is expanding its commercial and global ambitions with a new round of funding. 500px — a Toronto-based startup where users post and share, as well as buy and sell photos — has raised $13 million. The …


Enhance Your User Experience with Animated Transitions

Providing users with a seamless experience while using your interface is a popular goal when building digital products. Modern day devices and …

UX Design

10 Free UI Templates for Android Lollipop and iOS 8

A good PSD UI template cuts design time and effort in half and is a great alternative to starting from scratch. Here's a list of my current …

UI Design

Comparing Bootstrap With Google’s New Material Design Lite

Since Google announced Material Design with the introduction of Android 5.0, a large number of frontend frameworks emerged with the goal of bringing …


iOS Design Rules to Break

Large software organizations (such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google) create design guidelines to help both users and designers.

On the one hand, …

UI Design

Instagram Brings Search To The Web

Instagram revolutionized how we searched for pics of celebrities getting wasted on yachts on mobile, and now they’re bringing that same experience to the web.

Today, Instagram is adding search to its desktop experience. Users can now search hashtags, profiles and locations on instagram.com in a …

Mobile Apps

The 10 best new web design tools in July

Read more about The 10 best new web design tools in July at CreativeBloq.comAnything that makes accessibility easier is a big help to any web …

Web Design

Ditto: Use variables in Photoshop

Ditto adds something to Photoshop I’ve wanted for a long time. It allows the use of variables for things like colours, text, font sizes and perhaps …

Adobe Photoshop

Designing Musical User Interfaces

Using harmonies and chords to go beyond visuals and enhance the user experience

We leverage the sounds of our morning alarm or the distinct beep of an …

UI Design

What Japanese Etiquette Can Tell Us About Good UX Design

Traditional Japanese hospitality, or motenashi, can provide inspiration for the design of smart interactive experiences.

The connections between hospitality and design are well known. Charles Eames once remarked to his contemporary and collaborator Eero Saarinen that "the role of the architect, or …


Third Pillar Of Mapping Data To Visualizations: Usage

You may remember my first two posts in this series about classifying data attributes and encoding the values in graphic charts. My goal in putting …

Information Design

Dark UX patterns are bad for your business

Once in a while I’ll come across a service which I won’t sign up for, or will immediately cancel my account. I probably think that service is a great


Yik Yak lets you post photos, but won't allow faces

Yik Yak, the app that creates local, anonymous bulletin boards, is now going to allow users to post photos along with their comments and questions, the company announced in a blog post today.

Given its popularity among college students and its focus on hyperlocal content, the update to include …

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