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26 digital typography rules for beginners

The beautiful art of typography is clearly one of the most basic skills every designer should master. After all it’s one thing that can make or break …


Full Stack Design

1 hour ago by Raviteja Govindaraju


UX Breakdown of Customer ReviewsCustomer reviews on Ecommerce websites should ideally help users take …


Andreas Fischler


Andreas loves fascinating people and inspiring ideas. Before he joined Frontify he was Partner at Namics for several years where …


The Colors Of An App Icon

At Appbot we get to see a lot of app icons while providing insights into app reviews.

In the past I have studied everything from app descriptions, to …

Google Play

Twitter now lets you pin tweets to the top of your profile on iOS and Android

Twitter’s always been a mobile-first platform, but some functionality has always been limited to the Web interface. Today one of those features is coming to mobile: you can now pin tweets to your profile on iOS and Android.

If you’re not familiar, pinned tweets stay at the top of your profile, no …


Vine rolls out new music tools that help you make perfect looping videos

Vine is rolling out a new music-focused tool for video creators on its network called ‘Snap to Beat’.

The option, Vine says, will make it a doddle to create looping six second videos that sync perfectly. While that’s possible already if you take the time to work out exactly where your track should …

New Music

Is Twitter dividing its userbase over hearts and stars?

The dawn of the war between hearts and stars may soon be upon us. Prepare yourself, and be ready to choose a side.

This morning, in a blog post on the MTV Video Music Awards, the company showed off tweets featuring the customized moonman emoji for the event. But it wasn’t the most interesting icon …

Award Shows

How We Designed And Built Our First Apple Watch App

One sunny morning in the summer of 2014, I was sitting in a café having just finished an hour-long call with my remote team. Scheduling that call had …

Apple Watch

Over 1B people used Facebook in a single day for the first time ever

Here’s a crazy statistic for you: For the first time in history, one billion people used Facebook in a single day this past Monday. That means one out of every seven people on the planet was logged into the network at some point during that day.

Mark Zuckerberg took to his own Facebook account to …


Instagram photos no longer have to be square

Instagram is making a huge change to the way photos and videos are posted on the platform: they no longer have to be square.

That means you can now share photos and videos in their full unadulterated glory, whether in landscape or portrait format.

For most photos anyway; vertical images are still …


Facebook just added photo filters, stickers and more on the Web

Earlier this year Facebook allowed you to add filters, stickers and text to photos when uploading via your phone and now it’s quietly added those features to the Web too.

Oh look, photo editing!

If you’re uploading a picture on Facebook’s main site you’ll now see a paint brush in addition to photo …


Facebook’s M is a Siri-like personal assistant for Messenger

Facebook’s Vice President of Messaging Products David Marcus today announced a new service called M. M is designed to be your personal assistant, which you can use to ask for recommendations such as gift ideas or restaurants to visit when you’re traveling.

Currently in testing, M also helps users …


Facebook Tests New Story Post Format

Facebook is testing a new post format, called a story, that allows users to upload a photo album that displays as an automatically-playing slideshow …


Facebook’s New Moments App Now Automatically Creates Music Videos From Your Photos

Facebook Moments, the social network’s recently launched photo-sharing app that aims to address the problem of getting friends to send each other the photos they’ve been hoarding on their own phones, is expanding to video. The app received its first major update today since its mid-June debut, and …


Emotional Intelligence in Design

How Design Grows Up

We’re on a journey together, you and me. We’ve come a long way, but design for the web is still in its adolescence. In the early …


Search App Vurb Adds Messaging To Become The U.S. WeChat

WeChat dominates China with its messaging hub that lets you shop, call a taxi, and pay bills — all from one app. Now, mobile search startup Vurb wants to bring the monolithic app style to the United States with the help of Tencent, WeChat’s developer which has secretly been an investor in Vurb’s …


Twitter Expands Its Program For Ads Outside Twitter

Twitter is unveiling several new features for advertisers that want their campaigns to go beyond the social platform. And it’s giving the program a new name — the Twitter Audience Platform.

Last year, the company launched something called the Twitter Publisher Network, giving advertisers one …


UI Mechanics of a Date Picker

A study and an experience redesign of selecting dates from a calendar

Choosing dates using a date picker has been one of the most commonly followed …

UI Design

The New Generation of Prototyping Tools (Part 1/2)

Stepping Up the Craft of Design

There has been an explosion of web innovation recently. Compelling design makes many people use their devices and apps …


WhatsApp Web is finally coming to iPhone

WhatsApp Web, which allows you to send messages via the service to your friends from your computer, is rolling out to iPhone users now.

iPhone support quietly appeared overnight

The WhatsApp website’s list of supported devices quietly gained iPhone today and a user on Reddit spotted the menu option …


Principle - Animated Design

Principle makes it easy to create animated and interactive user interface designs. Whether you're designing the flow of a multi-screen app, or new …

Supporting Mobile Navigation in Spite of a Hamburger Menu

In mobile designs the hamburger menu or three-line icon is a popular tool to address the concern that on a small screen, space for navigation is …

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Google Hangouts Has a Gorgeous New Home On the Web

Google Hangouts has been a depressingly central part of my life for years now, but the web interface has always felt a little hacked-together. Today, …


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Facebook Notes revamp set to battle Medium and Twitter

Facebook Notes has been one of the sprawling social network’s least looked after features. It has sat there for years largely unloved and useless, like Facebook’s appendix, serving no purpose yet apt to explode and spill its toxic contents everywhere.

In fact, Notes are so unloved that it took both …


What can we learn from this?

Many people claim there’s a big difference between a UX Designer and a UI Designer. It’s true, but in reality, the UX is designed only by the …

UX Design

This app lets you text without Wi-Fi or a data plan anywhere in the world — even on a plane

Forget exorbitant roaming charges, overpriced international data packages, or spotty internet coverage.

FireChat is the perfect travel app, allowing users to send and receive text messages entirely without data or internet thanks to something called mesh networking.

Basically, mesh networking allows …


A Guide to Design Mockup Fidelity

This is a guest post by Jerry Cao, coauthor of The Guide to Mockups.In this article, I will discuss the various levels of UI design mockup fidelity to …


Gridalicious Magic

Modular grid is a must for web and mobile design

I can’t but share the point of view on positive user experience and accuracy in design of our …

Web Design

Facebook is working on a Twitter-like app that lets publishers send mobile breaking news alerts to the masses

Facebook is working on a stand-alone mobile news application that seems to be part of its Facebook for Business initiative.

This product, which sounds similar to Twitter, seems to be different from Facebook for Work, an initiative that was announced late last year.

Business Insider has reviewed …