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Three Reasons To Stop Giving To Your Old University

The majority of people give money a) only when they are asked and b) to things with which they have an emotional connection. Given the slick operations of top university fundraising departments, and the fact that supporting the university is something people can easily understand, vast numbers of …

College & University

#kindle كشفت أمازون عن قارئها الإلكتروني الجديد Kindle oasis مصنوع من المعدن، وبتكلفة 290$.

11 Scary Movies You May Not Know

Halloween is a day for doling out miniature candy bars, dressing up like Donald Trump or Daenerys Targaryen, and watching scary movies. But what <i>kind</i> of scary? Even bad horror movies offer moments that can make you jump out of your skin, like the renowned hospital scene from the otherwise dire</i> …


الصليب الاحمر: مقتل سبعة على الاقل في تفجيرات في مايدجوري بشمال شرق نيجيريا | Reuters

مايدجوري (نيجيريا) (رويترز) - قال الصليب الاحمر ان سبعة اشخاص على الاقل قتلوا في تفجيرات نفذها ثلاثة مهاجمين انتحاريين على مشارف مدينة مايدجوري بشمال شرق نيجيريا مساء الثلاثاء.<p>ومايدجوري هي مهد التمرد الذي تشنه جماعة بوكو حرام الاسلامية المتطرفة التي قتلت الاف الاشخاص وشردت 2.1 مليون شخص منذ عام …

Apple Updates the iMac With New, Sharper Displays

The 27-inch iMac will sport Apple's 5K Retina display, which boasts more picture resolution than high-definition screens.<p>Apple has updated its iMac line, bringing sharper displays to its all-in-one desktop computers and a new lineup of wireless accessories.<p>The 27-inch iMac will sport Apple’s 5K …


Sneakerheads, Rejoice! High-Tops Are Still a Street Style Favorite

The Spring ’16 collections were all about a mashed-up, individualized sensibility, but there were a few constants, too—just look at all the sneakers in Phil Oh’s street style slideshow. Sure, the Gucci fur loafers and Chanel slingbacks made plenty of appearances, but nothing toned down a Lurex …