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Why messaging is the future of the news brand

QuartzQuartz released its new app today, and it looks very much like a messaging app. Which is smart, because for anybody trying to build a news …


Autonomous search-and-rescue drones outperform humans at navigating forest trails

Autonomous drones have already mastered the wide-open skies. DHL, Amazon, and Google have each demonstrated self-piloting drones that can deliver packages — in fact, the latter two, as The Verge recently reported, are ready to implement full-scale drone delivery operations in the US and are simply …


HipChat adds Cloudo for centralized cloud storage search in your team chat

HipChat just added a plugin that will help you keep track of all your cloud files, no matter where you store them.

With Cloudo, HipChat users can search for files in just about any cloud storage solution, and see the results in a single view. It also checks for calendar events, which should help you …

Cloud Computing

Sky-Futures, The Drone Startup Targeting Oil And Gas Industry, Picks Up Another $5.7M

Sky-Futures, the drone startup that flies drones around oil rigs and gas pipelines and analyses the captured data to spot problems before they become a problem, has raised an additional $5.7 million. This follows an earlier $3.8 million Series A back in May.

Backing comes from Bristow Group, a …


Hexadite Secures $8 Million Series A To Grow Cybersecurity Company

Hexadite, a company that analyzes cyber threats and helps determine whether they require action or are false alarms, announced an $8 million Series A round today.

The investment was funded by Hewlett Packard Ventures, Ten Eleven Ventures and YL Ventures, which also invested in Hexadite’s seed round. …


Three teams win big at UAE Drones for Good competition

A smart guidance system for the blind, a robotic exoskeleton for the disabled and a robot that repairs pipelines were the top winners at the biggest …


Woo Wants To Take The Hassle And Fear Out Of Job Hunting

LinkedIn is the place where business professionals are seemingly obligated to have an account. While it is undoubtedly useful for growing your “professional network” and heavily used by recruiters across multiple industries worldwide, it isn’t necessary the first place that springs to mind for …


My startup failed, and this is what it feels like…

We had users and traction, then we fell off a cliff. My 4 year emotional rollercoaster just came to an end.


Over 90% of tech startups fail, …


Anchor Launches To Take Radio To The Next Level

Welcome to the next generation of broadcasting.

New York-based Anchor, which launched today for iOS, is offering a new, easier way to record and transmit interactive audio content.

The company’s two co-founders Nir Zicherman and Michael Mignano, who previously worked at the photo-editing toolkit …


Slack Wins A Crunchie For Fastest Rising Startup

Slack is growing up and to the right and as such a rapid climber won a Crunchie last night for Fastest Rising Startup at TechCrunch’s 9th annual awards show. Slack also claims to have a more diverse workforce than any other startup and smartly chose to send four of its engineers – all of them black …


Anchor for iOS brings audio blogging back from the dead

Just a few weeks after the launch of Zcast comes another startup with a fresh take on social audio. Anchor, which is out today on iOS, bills itself as an easy way of creating short podcasts that others can respond to with their own audio comments.

I like to think of it as ‘audio blogging’ – more …


Woo lets you find a new job on your terms — anonymously

Finding a new job is exciting, but there are a lot of variables at stake. A new platform named Woo wants to help you answer questions hanging over your head, before you even accept your offer.

The aim of Woo is to allow tech workers to gauge their value, especially in a new job market. Its research …

Human Resources

This New App Lets Blind People Livestream

The new ZCast podcasting app by Zula offers a simple to use interface that is providing the visually impaired with access to livestreaming.

Visually impaired people face serious challenges when it comes to social applications; a large portion of today's content is image or video-centric, and …


Tribe Is A Nifty Walkie-Talkie App

Meet Tribe, a new social app for iOS and Android that is going head-to-head against Taptalk, Snapchat and countless other social messaging apps. Tribe is an interesting take on messaging thanks to its heavy focus on video and neat design.

At heart, Tribe isn’t reinventing the wheel. Everything you …


Review: Parrot's Bebop Drone is lightweight, aimed at casual hobbyists

The market for personal drones has grown exponentially over the last several years, led by consumer-oriented products from companies like Parrot. We …


Moovit will help you get home faster after work with its new ‘Best Way Today’ feature

Moovit wants to help you find your way home, even if it’s not the route you’re used to traveling.

Today, the app updates with a new feature named ‘Best Way Today,’ which keeps track of the places you visit most often — like home or work — to help you get there faster.

If your normal route has traffic …

Apple News

Watch Microsoft Ventures Tel Aviv Accelerator Demo Days Right Here

TechCrunch is pleased to host the live video stream of the Microsoft Ventures Tel Aviv Accelerator demo day. Watch the presentations right here starting at 8:00 AM PST.

The event is private so this live stream is the only way for the general public to watch the event. Ten companies will take the …


How This New Podcasting Platform Pulled Off The Perfect Product Launch

In the world of technology startups, it seems many people look to a few select sites to figure out what products are new and exciting. Product Hunt is one of those sites. At the time of this writing, Product Hunt has 4,007 products listed, 15,795 comments, 71,842 upvotes, and 29,021 subscribers …


Video Advertising For 2016: The Data-backed Do’s And Don’ts

Video has caught on with performance advertisers across industries, but as the ad format becomes much more prevalent, it’s arguably harder to break …


FAA Reauthorization Bill Still Leaves Much To Be Desired For Commercial Drone Operators

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration is due for reauthorization and the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee introduced the first draft of the FAA bill today. While the efforts to reform the air traffic control system will likely take center stage in the discussion around the bill, it also …


Google Play Music showing new Podcasts interface for some users

It wasn’t that long ago that rumors predicted that Google was planning to bring a new podcasts feature to its popular Play Music app. This would see Google add yet another media platform to its already large list of options available in the Play Store. With it already offering books, movies, music …


Google Play’s Podcast Platform Launch Appears Imminent

Google announced its plans to support podcasts in Google Play last October, and now it appears that the feature is ready to launch. A handful of users are reporting they’re seeing the new Podcasts section pop up in their Google Play Music app’s left-side navigation menu, underneath the section for …


Thumzap Scores $3M To Let You Pick Up Your Kid’s Online Shopping Bill

Thumzap — presuming it can get decent traction with online sellers and app developers — is a pretty neat idea. The U.S.-registered startup, with R&D out of Tel Aviv, has developed a payments platform that reduces the friction for teens, who might not otherwise have a means of paying, to shop online.

Online Life

Messaging App Kik Begins Offering Branded GIFs

Brands, start your GIF engines. Kik, the chat app with over 275 million registered users, is giving companies the chance to augment their existing marketing efforts with branded GIF campaigns on its messaging service.

Kik, which is valued at over $1 billion and particularly popular with teens/young …


Branded Mobile Ad Platform Widespace Secures $17.2M In Growth Capital

The focus of brand mobile advertising has tended to be either on the desktop or on performance. But most commentators agree that mobile is huge, and a viable ad channel.

Investors must agree because mobile ad platform Widespace has now secured $17.2m (€15.8 million) in growth capital from Kreos, a …


SoundCloud Gets Its Own Radio Feature With Launch Of “Stations” On iOS And Android

With opportune timing, given Apple’s decision to put its curated iTunes Radio stations behind a paywall, music streaming service SoundCloud today launched its own take on continuous, lean-back listening with the debut of “Stations.” Similar to other radio services, like Pandora, Stations allow …


Zula Pivotes Into ZCast, A Podcasting Platform For The Masses

Mobile collaboration app Zula, co-founded by noted investor Jeff Pulver in 2013, won the Audience award at TC Disrupt a few years ago, and a seed round From Microsoft Ventures. From there things didn’t quite pan out, and now the company has pivoted into a new product that aims to “make podcasting …


Watch this trained eagle destroy a drone in a Dutch police video

For hundreds of years in the skies over Asia, people have used eagles to hunt down prey with deadly results.

That tradition has been in decline for decades, but now the bird's keen eyesight, powerful talons and lethal hunting instincts are being used to take out a new kind of 21st-century vermin: …


WhatsApp passes 1 billion monthly active users

WhatsApp has joined a growing club of services that can now count having more than 1 billion monthly active users (that means 1 in 7 people in the world use it), Jan Koum, the head of the Facebook-owned company, posted on the popular social network of the achievement. It comes just less than five …


Asian Messaging App Firm Line Is Developing A Digital Butler Service

Line, the Asian messaging app company known for its cute animated stickers, is developing a digital butler service as it bids to boost its revenue with standalone apps and services.

A source inside Line, who declined to reveal their identity because they are not authorized to talk to press, told …