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Chat App Line Is Testing A Gift Shop For Sending Real-World Goods To Friends

Line, the messaging app from Japan, dipped its toes into commerce when it launched a grocery service in Thailand back in February. Now it has extended that with a new gift shop for offline products. The service is initially available in Thailand, which is one of its largest markets with over 30 …


The Many Ways Of WeChat: How Messaging Is Eating The World

In February 2011, I visited my friend Bill Huang who worked for Tencent in Shenzhen. Bill was telling me about their new messaging app, called WeChat, that had just launched. At the time, I had been using WhatsApp for more than a year. I asked Bill why they would build a copycat. His reply? He …


An FAA task force says drone registration should be mandatory

A report submitted to the FAA by a special task force is recommending the administration force drone owners to register their aircraft.

In the report, which the FAA commissioned from a task force of special interest groups and large companies, it’s recommended that any drone over 0.55 pounds (read: …


FAA Task Force Proposes Registration Procedure For Drones Weighing More Than 250 Grams

Earlier this month, the FAA convened a task force to work out a proposal for drone registrations. As expected, the task force published its report today and it looks like you will indeed soon have to register your drone before you’re allowed to fly it.

Here are the basics of the recommendations …


Encrypted Messaging App SOMA Launches Group Voice And Video Calling

Secure messaging app SOMA announced the launch of group voice and video calling for up to four people.

Users can now use the app to video chat with up to four friends from phones running both iOS and Android. According to the company, it is the only app to offer encrypted group video calling for …


The Phantom 3, 3DR Solo and Parrot Bepop 2: Comparing today's topflight consumer drones

The US government predicts one million drones will be sold over the coming holiday season. That's a whole a lot of thumbs jerking around unfamiliar …


Facebook just launched a chat app for companies that's a direct threat to Slack

Facebook has rolled out a standalone chat app for businesses that use its Facebook at Work service.

Just as the main consumer version of Facebook has the standalone Messenger app for users to send messages to each other, Facebook now has Work Chat, a standalone messaging app to complement the …


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Rolltape Launches Voice Messaging App For Sharing Personal Moments With Friends

Text messaging apps are on the rise, but according to Jessica Taylor, founder and CEO of Rolltape, “Nobody feels like they’re getting closer. People still feel like they’re getting more isolated.”

That’s the problem she’s trying to solve with her new app. Taylor (pictured above with her co-founder …

Performance Testing

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Middle East

Researchers Make Free Floating Holograms With A Swarm Of Drones

Now that drones can fly in intricate patterns researchers at Queens University have created flying robots that self-assemble into floating shapes and can “3D print” objects in midair. The drones, called BitDrones, come in three varieties. The first, the PixelDrone, shows little messages on an LED …


Fiverr CEO On Raising $60 Million in Fresh Funding: “It’s a Land Grab Right Now”

This week, Fiverr, an online market for small services, announced $60 million in new financing led by Square Peg Capital. Earlier backers Bessemer Venture Partners, Accel Partners and Qumra Capital also chipped into the round, which brings the company’s total funding to a pretty significant $110 …

Venture Capital

These Apple veterans want you to never have to leave your texting app to get things done

There has recently been some chatter about the era of owning a bunch of apps being “over” — if it ever began in the first place. Research shows that while we spend an enormous amount of time in apps, it tends to be the same couple of apps over and over again. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

And …

Text Messaging

AVG acquires Israeli photo-management startup MyRoll, plans to integrate the technologies

Israeli photo-management startup MyRoll has been acquired by AVG Technologies, the Czech company behind the popular security software of the same name. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Initially founded out of Tel Aviv in 2012 as Flayvr, MyRoll raised $2 million in funding last year and pivoted …

Middle East

Fiverr raises $60M to help lure freelancers online — and removes $5 minimum charge

Fiverr, a microtask marketplace for people to buy and sell just about any type of digital service, has raised $60 million in funding to “aggressively attract the vast majority of freelancers who still operate offline,” the company said.

Today’s news takes Fiverr’s total funding past the $110 million …

Web Design

Pypestream Offers Consumers A New Way To Chat With Businesses

A few weeks ago I wrote about Pypestream, a startup promising to be an alternative to the often frustrating customer service experience. At the time, founder and CEO Richard Smullen was being a little coy about what the company was actually doing, but now he’s ready to share more details.

Basically, …

Customer Support

DARPA Is About to Start Testing an Autonomous, Submarine-Hunting Ocean Drone

Early next year, DARPA will begin testing a 132-foot unmanned submarine-hunting ocean drone in San Diego. Slapped with the cumbersome title of Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV), it’s designed to do exactly that: track stealth submarines from the surface, quietly and …


Thieves steal drones from three North Texas stores

PLANO — Drones are this year's most talked-about toy — wanted by kids, adults and companies alike. So it shouldn't surprise you that North Texas …


The future of drones: Uncertain, promising, awesome

Navigating the uncharted paths of unmanned aircraft

The Future

The five best remote controlled drones

Drones! They’re not just for extrajudicial killings any more. On the contrary, the latest flock of these floating, flying hoverbots has recently hit …


Microsoft Goes For Another Israeli Security Firm Buying Secure Islands

Israel is a small country with a thriving security startup industry, and Microsoft appears to be have a taste for them. Today it announced an agreement to buy Secure Islands, its third Israeli security firm in the last year.

While Microsoft did not reveal a specific price, various reports peg the …


Enterprise Software Co Atlassian Files IPO On Sales Of $320M, Net Income Of $6.8M In 2015

Another software company has filed to go public: Atlassian, the company behind enterprise-focused social products like Slack competitor HipChat, JIRA, and Confluence, has filed an F-1 form with the SEC to go public on NASDAQ under the ticker “TEAM”, with the initial public offering expected to …


After Pulling In 5.6M Viewers, Twitch Is Keeping Bob Ross On The Air

Twitch, the Amazon-owned video game streaming site, stumbled into an incredible source of new traffic when it kicked off the launch of its “Twitch Creative,” section at the end of last month with the debut of an all-episodes marathon of Bob Ross‘ “The Joy of Painting.” Yes, the “happy little trees” …

Bob Ross

Why podcasts feel so good when they talk about sex

Few podcasts make listeners blush quite like PRX's "The Heart."

A few weeks ago on the subway, I listened to an episode that reenacted oral sex between two partners. With a child sitting next to me, my headphones whispered sounds of a swishing tongue.

"The Heart's" host, Kaitlin Prest, and senior …

Australian Universities

This drone can fly 30 mph through a forest without crashing

An algorithm generated obstacle-detection system that allows a drone to autonomously dip, dart and dive through trees at 30 miles per hour, without crashing, has been developed by an MIT Ph.D. student. Andrew Barry's drone system uses a stereo camera set up to capture 120 fps footage and map …


Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield on Changing the Way We Work

THE OFFICES OF SLACK, in the tech-centric SoMa district of San Francisco, feature endless swaths of bare wall-to-wall carpet awaiting the installation of desks and chairs. Wires hang loosely from ceilings, eager to attach themselves to future computer workstations. Blank whiteboards idle at the …


Boston company launches spy drone that can fly indefinitely

Boston company CyPhy Works has just launched the commercial version of the Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications (PARC) drone, which can stay up in the air for however long you want it to. The military's been using it to monitor its compounds for quite a while now, but the $22 million …


Hivemapper, The Waze For Drones, Lands $3M Seed Led By Spark Capital

Flying a drone is kind of like driving a car that only has a windshield. You can only look in one direction at a time, and when the drone gets out of visual range, the user is left with a single view through the lens of a camera. Hivemapper, a company that just raised a $3 million Series A led by …


The future of drones is apps

Phones used to just call people. Then we put cameras and the internet in them, and a man in a mock turtleneck created one that revolutionized the way we communicate. You might be surprised to hear it, but we’re near a similar inflection point with drones. Right now, they’re seen either as scary, …


Ehang launches Ghost Drone 2.0 with VR goggles and zero-latency streaming up to 3K feet

Chinese drone maker Ehang just launched the Ghost 2.0, a consumer drone that comes with virtual reality goggles, allowing its user to experience flight through the drone’s 4K camera. While this is still unusual, Ehang is not the first drone company to offer such a feature.

Full pricing details don’t …