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Flytrex lands $3M to make drone delivery a thing

When Amazon’s Jeff Bezos first talked about delivery by drones back in 2013, I scoffed that it was nothing more than PR fluff. The kind of future-gazing publicly listed companies do to help keep the share price afloat and reassure investors that they remain relevant.<p>But fast-forward three years and …


France is the first to use drones for its national mail service

It's no longer surprising to see postal services experimenting with delivering mail using drones. However, France is kicking things up a notch: its national mail service will be the first to deliver packages by drone on a regular route. DPDgroup, the express courier subsidiary of the mail service, …


Future Drones Will Fly as Silent as Owls, as Steady as Bees

How animals take to the skies is informing the next generation of aerial robots.


Ford studies using drones to guide self-driving cars

Ford Motor Co. is studying a system to use drones to help guide self-driving vehicles, including on off-road adventures, company officials said.

Watch: This drone can detect humans and follow you around

DJI’s Mavic Pro folds to the size of a water bottle.<p>Since the Federal Aviation Administration opened its drone registry at the end of last year, sales of small unmanned aircraft have skyrocketed.<p>In December 2015, sales grew five and a half times from the previous year, according to NPD Group’s …


Here’s what we now know about Amazon’s secretive drone delivery program

Thousands of items on Amazon will be available for drone delivery.<p>Jeff Bezos shared a video Wednesday of a successful fulfilment of an Amazon order delivered via drone in the U.K.<p>It’s clear Amazon fully intends to move forward with drone delivery and will likely continue to collaborate with Trump’s …


The 21 coolest tech startups in Israel

Israel continues to produce an impressive number of highly successful tech startups for a country with a population of just 9 million people.<p>The Middle Eastern country is sometimes referred to as "Startup Nation" thanks to the sheer number of entrepreneurs building businesses there, particularly in …


The company behind these pocket-sized military surveillance drones just got bought for $134 million

The Black Hornet is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.<p>The leading maker of thermal imaging sensors, Flir, bought a Norwegian drone maker for $134 million, the company announced Wednesday.<p>Flir acquired Prox Dynamics, which makes the Black Hornet, a tiny nano-drone used by the military and …


Apple could be using drones to improve Apple Maps data

Apple is putting a lot of effort to improve its Apple Maps data and design. According to a new report from Bloomberg, the company plans to use drones to track changes and improve mapping data over time. It would apparently be faster to use a fleet of drones rather than vans with sensors.<p>Apple …


DJI’s biggest competition in drones is itself

The company has released four drones in six weeks<p>Two years ago, I was chatting with a very smart venture capitalist about an investment he was making in the drone industry. The hardware side of the drone business would be quickly commodified, he told me, and the real value would be collected by the …


The future is here: Drones are delivering Domino’s pizzas to customers

It’s a brave new world—for pizza.<p>For residents of the town of Whangaparaoa in New Zealand, Domino’s pizza is now just a short drone delivery away. The company announced today that it delivered its first pizzas to actual customers using drones, after testing the service out this summer.<p>To order a …


Zipline raises $25M as it prepares to launch drone delivery medical supply service in U.S.

Zipline drone<p>Zipline, a San Francisco Bay-area company that’s using drones to deliver medical supplies such as blood, (and soon, medication and …


Corrected: Analysis - Consumer drone business stumbles, but commercial markets beckon

(Rewords paragraph 6 to make clear that retailers gave additional discounts on DJI drones in story released on Nov 11, 2016)<p>SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The fledgling drone industry is in the throes of change as weak consumer demand and falling prices drive startups to shift their focus to specialized …


DJI improves the performance of its largest drone

DJI sure seems to be squeezing a lot out of the final months of the year. While other hardware makers are working to push holiday gifts out the door, the company is making some upgrades to products that likely won’t end up under too many trees this December –though flying into them is another story …


Alphabet Taps Brakes on Drone Project, Nixing Starbucks Partnership - Bloomberg

The latest Google drones have just started taking flight in the real world. But the team behind the technology is slowing down, trimming headcount …


Viber follows Messenger, launches Public Accounts for businesses and brands

Viber, the messaging app with 800 million users owned by Japan’s Rakuten, is today taking the next step in expanding its platform as it seeks to compete against the likes of Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp not just for audience — but revenues. Today, Viber is launching Public Accounts, a new …


Can Drones Safely Mix With Airplanes?

By<p>By 2025, the Federal Aviation Administration plans for drones to be flying along airplanes over the U.S. But full integration of manned and unmanned aircraft might prove more tricky than Congress expected.<p>Posted November 7, 2016


GoPro is recalling the Karma drone after just 16 days on the market

GoPro just issued a press release announcing the recall of the Karma drone. It just happened to be while the United States is watching the election results roll in. The press release is below. Customers can view return instuctions here.<p>The Karma drone was on the market for 16 days and GoPro says it …


GoPro Karma Review: This is the drone for GoPro diehards

M<p>eet the Karma, GoPro’s eagerly awaited quadcopter. The Karma is capable, packable, and easy to fly. And because it uses GoPro’s best cameras, the picture quality is superb.<p>In the end, GoPro is a camera company that made a drone. The Karma drone is first and foremost an accessory for GoPro cameras …


MyHeritage launches DNA testing service to help you uncover your family’s history

The popular online genealogy service MyHeritage today announced the launch of its MyHeritage DNA service for helping its users uncover more about their family’s history and ethnicity. Users who take the test, which currently costs $79 (plus shipping), will get a detailed ethnicity report that will …


Deutsche Telekom to launch drone defense system: report

Germany's Deutsche Telekom plans to launch a drone defense system this year designed to guard airports, stadiums, car test tracks and critical infrastructure, German weekly Welt am Sonntag reported on Sunday.<p>The increasing use of drones for commercial and leisure purposes has led to a rise in the …


Intel unveils a drone made for aerial light shows

Intel isn't just using drone swarms to show off its robotics prowess -- it's building a business around them. The chip maker has unveiled the Shooting Star, a quadcopter drone tailor-made for light shows. Its companion software automates the animation process, telling the drone horde where to fly …


Parrot brings fancy follow-me features to its Bebop 2 drone

With a price tag of $550/£440, Parrot's Bebop 2 drone is aimed at budding pilots who want more than a toy, but can't justify spending four figures and up on a flying camera. The problem with getting something in between, though, is you can't expect all the features of more expensive drones. There …


Synereo raises $4.7m to meet its 'blockchain promise'

Synereo announced a grant project inviting developers to build decentralised applications for its platform.<p>Synereo, which is developing a …


Otonomo raises $12 million to make data from connected cars useful

Even if self-driving cars aren’t part of our daily lives yet, vehicles are becoming internet-connected at a rapid pace.<p>Gartner predicts that one-fifth of all autos on the road, and a great majority of new vehicles being produced worldwide, will have wireless network connectivity by 2020. Yet, few …


Blockchain is empowering the future of insurance

The embers of innovation are beginning to char the massive $1.2 trillion underbelly of the largest industry in the world. Every segment of insurance is under competition by entrepreneurs touting new ways to underprice risk, creating new types of premiums and servicing consumers in a tightly …


Commercial Drones Are Cleared For Take Off

An Autel Robotics X-Star Premium drone flies at InterDrone, a commercial drone conference and exposition, at the Paris Las Vegas on September 7, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)<p>In a town characterized by gridlock, the government-industry collaboration that brought …


Hackers are able to seize control of consumer drones and make them fall from the sky

This is serious.<p>This week at the PacSec security conference in Tokyo, researchers unveiled a new device that is capable of fully commandeering radio-controlled drones by exploiting a vulnerability in the frequency-hopping systems drone makers use to obfuscate and protect their radio communication. …


Uber’s Otto self-driving truck delivers its first payload: 50K beers

For those doubting that autonomous vehicles are going to be driving alongside humans very soon, consider the first delivery made by Otto while a driver actually left the driver’s seat during the long highway portion of the trip: The Uber-owned self-driving transport truck company made its first …

Driverless Cars

7 drone-based business ideas for 2017

Drones have arrived. We’ve seen a plethora of ideas springing up around drones and their potential uses for business – aerial surveying and reporting, real estate assessment, wedding photos, sports action photos, to name a few.<p>And with plenty of new software and hardware coming out all the time, …