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Intel And Qualcomm Battle To Bring Computer Vision Into Phones And Drones

At Intel's developer conference last week, CEO Brian Krzanich announced that it’s working with Google‘s Project Tango to bring depth sensing capabilities to Android phones. An onstage demo showed how the phone equipped with Intel’s RealSense cameras could scan a living room in 3D in just a few …

Intel Corporation

Podcasting embraces a new era of cool (thanks, Serial)

Video may have killed the radio star sometime in the 1980s, but the podcast Serial seems to have resurrected him.

A milestone in podcasting came in October 2014, almost 10 years after the birth of the first podcast, on the Tonight Show. This American Life host Ira Glass sat on Jimmy Fallon’s couch in …


The DJI Phantom 3 Professional Is The Easiest Drone I’ve Ever Flown

DJI didn’t start out as the best entry-level drone maker on the market but, at this point, it’s safe to say that they’ve taken the crown from Parrot and are truly creating flying machines worth flying. The new Phantom 3 Professional is the gold standard for quadcopter and I was amazed at the …


Vine ❤️ Music

Vine, the six-second looping video app from Twitter, has today announced a significant feature update that brings more attention to the audio in users’ videos.

Starting tomorrow (Friday), Vine users will have more control over their vines with the ability to add music to their content.

While it was …

Direct Messenger Is An Unofficial Twitter DM App

I can’t wait to see @alex crying tears of joy when Twitter finally releases a standalone Twitter DM app. This day hasn’t come yet, but it doesn’t mean that third-party developers aren’t already working on it. Meet Direct Messenger, an unofficial iOS messaging app for Twitter DM. This app packs a …

Amazon Web Services

Eko Communications Lands $5.7M For Its Messaging Platform For Corporates In Asia

Slack opened the tech world’s mind to the potential of messaging inside organizations, but there are plenty of others working to bring the concept to different kinds of businesses. One such startup, Bangkok-based Eko Communications, is focused on making communication within large-scale companies …


North Dakota cops will be first in nation to use weaponized drones

North Dakota's Bill 1328 was supposed to be cut and dry. "In my opinion there should be a nice, red line: drones should not be weaponized. Period," Rep. Rick Becker (R-Bismarck), the bill's original sponsor, told a committee hearing back in March, per The Daily Beast. That was going to happen too, …

North Dakota

Zano's mini-drones ready for launch

Europe's most successful Kickstarter project is finally ready to deliver the tiny drone that won more than £2.3m in backing last November.

That's the good news. The bad news is that the Zano drone which the company hopes to start sending to backers next week will not at first deliver what was …


Content blocking in iOS 9 is going to screw up way more than just ads

Earlier this week I wrote about the coming hellfire for those who make their money off advertising: content blocking in iOS 9.

Issues with ad blocking and publishers being starved of oxygen aside, there’s another big problem on the horizon: mass content blocking will also break important marketing …


Intel Invests $60 Million In Chinese Drone Maker Yuneec

Investors are opening their checkbooks to China-based drone makers, after Dajiang Innovation Technology Co. (DJI) became the country’s first company to pioneer a major new consumer product category.

Yuneec International, a Shanghai-based drone and aerospace company founded in 1999 that makes drones …


Facebook Goes Nuclear On The Messaging War With Its M Assistant

All messaging apps are the same no more. A few years ago, there were few differences between SMS and a slew of chat apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, Line, KakaoTalk and Facebook Messenger. But each have slowly defined themselves differently, whether through simplicity, connections to businesses, …


Rovio To Cut 260 Jobs As The Angry Birds Franchise Becomes Irrelevant

It looks like Angry Birds maker Rovio is having some troubles to pay the bills. The Finnish company is about to cut 260 jobs after reducing its workforce by 110 employees in October 2014. At the end of 2013, the company had 800 employees in total.

This news comes as a surprise as Rovio’s latest game …

Angry Birds

California Bill Could Ground Drone Dreams at Amazon, Google

Tech has big plans for drones. A cadre of startups are building, flying and selling them, and behemoths Amazon and Google have ambitious delivery projects in the works. Now policy groups tied to these tech firms are scrambling to block legislation moving through California that could dash those …


WhatsApp for Android lets you set custom notifications for your favorite contacts

WhatsApp has updated its messaging app on Android with a bunch of useful new features today, giving users better control over notifications from individual contacts.

The ability to toggle the read status of chats showed up in an earlier build last month, but it’s here for all users now. Long-press …


Ghost Drone Maker EHANG Lands $42M Series B, Fills Key Executive Roles

Drone startup EHANG has scored a $42 million Series B to develop its technology and launch new products. Led by GP Capital, the round also included participation from returning investors GGV Capital, ZhenFund, and PreAngel, as well as Lebox Capital and OFC.

EHANG, the maker of app-controlled drone …


Twitter expands its mobile advertising platform

Twitter rolled out a new marketing platform Thursday that could enable advertisers to reach more than 700 million people on and off the social media …


Goodbye Google Hangouts, Hello Blab.IM!

I’m not here to debate if Google Plus is dead or a ghost town but I do know that my favorite aspect of Google plus was without question Google …


North Dakota drone test site set to fly high at all hours

FARGO, N.D. (AP) — Of the six sites in the U.S. where researchers are trying to figure out how to integrate unmanned aircraft into civilian airspace, only North Dakota's can fly high both day and night.

The Federal Aviation Administration approved a plan last week that allows drones to be flown up …


US sees big surge in close calls with drones

Washington (AFP) - It was a fine summer day over the airport at Charlotte, North Carolina and a CRJ200 commuter jet was preparing to land when its pilots spotted something odd outside their cockpit window -- a drone.

The unmanned craft flew about five to 10 feet (1.5-3 meters) above the plane, the …


Crowdfunding Platform OurCrowd Seeks A Broader Audience, Including Traditional VCs

Many crowdfunding startups now make it easier for founders to reach a bigger audience of investors. The question is whether investors are as keen to continue funding crowdfunding sites.

OurCrowd may find out soon. The two-and-a-half-year-old, Jerusalem-based hybrid platform enables accredited …

Venture Capital

Lloyd's raises red flags about drones

The biggest problem facing the burgeoning drone industry isn't the technology as much as the people drawn to it and those trying to regulate it. …


How the FAA Will Regulate Personal Drone Use is Up in the Air

They're endangering aircraft and firefighters, but the FAA isn't stepping up. Who does that leave?

Drones conjure up a Jekyll-and-Hyde duality. On the one hand, there are the silent killer Predators, lobbing bombs overseas and vanishing into the sky. On the other hand, drones on the homefront seem …


Adobe introduces new social photo tools to help your puppy pictures go viral

Adobe announced today that it will be rolling out some app updates to help marketers create eye-catching social photos and videos.

The company said an update to its Adobe Social mobile application will tie it more closely to Adobe’s Creative Cloud via the Aviary Photo Editor. Aviary’s tools will now …


Donde Fashion lets you tap your way to your next fabulous outfit

Shopping for clothes is a damn near impossible task. There’s a reason why many women make it a whole-day affair. Getting caught up in the idea of a specific thing that you want, down to the cut and style, gives you a narrow lens to view from but also limited options.

Shopping online doesn’t prove to …


Line Messenger Releases Line Here, Its New Location-Sharing App

Mobile messenger Line has unleashed its latest standalone app, a location-sharing service called Line Here. Line users can already share their location in chats, but Line Here extends that service to people who haven’t downloaded the messaging app by letting them sign up with a Facebook account if …


Donde Fashion Is Bringing Smarter Search To The World Of Online Apparel

Shopping online for clothes can be a real pain, especially when you’re searching for something very specific. Sure, most retailers have filters for tops, pants, dresses, etc., but most don’t get any more granular than that.

Donde Fashion, a platform that currently offers items from more than 6,000 …

J. Crew

Speak, a video chat platform that’s a lot like Slack, adds support for multiple teams

Simple communications platform Speak is getting a bit more dynamic. Today, the company is launching support for multiple teams.

Before today, companies with multiple teams operated in silos. While Speak (formerly Sqwiggle) allowed crews to access video and voice chat, migrating away from your group …

Video Chat

WhatsApp’s web client now works for iPhone users too

WhatsApp’s web client is finally arriving for iOS users, eight months after it first arrived for Android.

Twitter users first reported seeing the new feature in the Settings area of the WhatsApp iPhone app earlier today, and WhatsApp VP Neeraj Arora retweeted this an hour ago.

Looks like WhatsApp Web …


OnePlus 2 review: a worthy sequel, flaws and all

I don't envy the team at OnePlus. After shipping a smartphone that made us rethink what we could get -- nay, what we deserved -- for $299, it was tasked with building an even better follow-up. If this were some schlocky '80s, teen coming-of-age film, it'd be time for a montage, but here we are a …


Humin Launches Knock Knock, An App For College Kids To Contact Each Other Without Exchanging Numbers

Ankur Jain, the founder of Humin – an app that aims to organize your contacts better than your smartphone – is sitting across from me in a conference room in downtown San Francisco and knocking on his own smartphone.

Two strong thumps to the glass screen and a comic book styled app called Knock …

University of Southern California