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FireChat’s Off-Grid Messenger Gets Smart Private Messaging Feature

FireChat, Disrupt alum Open Garden‘s popular off-the-grid messaging app, is getting a major update today that introduces private messaging that can even bridge local networks.

The major innovation of FireChat was that it allowed users to chat in groups even when there was no Internet connection …

Elon Musk

Yahoo unveils silent video chat app Livetext, launching in U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, and France tomorrow

NEW YORK — At Tumblr headquarters, Yahoo unveiled a new messaging service called Livetext. It’s essentially a silent video chat app overlaid with texts.

In a demo, Yahoo revealed an experience that feels like Periscope, but for one-on-one conversations. It’s designed so that you can video message in …


Ad network MobileFuse lights up video ads for ‘receptive moments’

Digital advertisers use all kinds of profiling, segmenting, and behavioral data to direct the right ad to the right potential customer.

For mobile ad network MobileFuse, it comes down to “receptive moments.”

Last year, the New York City-based company released its Mindset Targeting technology to …


This CEO loves drones so much he filmed a tour of his office with one

Taboola CEO Adam Singolda (left) at the controls.

Adam Singolda, the CEO of Taboola — the online content auto-recommendation platform valued at more than $1 billion — has a couple of new toys: Drones.

Almost every spare moment he gets, Singolda is flying and filming, so it made sense to take the …

Amazon proposes drones-only airspace to facilitate high-speed delivery

Amazon is proposing that a pristine slice of airspace above the world’s cities and suburbs should be set aside for the deployment of high-speed aerial drones capable of flying robotically with virtually no human interference.

The retail giant has taken the next step in its ambition to deliver …


Instagram Will Bring In $600 Million in Mobile Ad Revenue This Year, eMarketer Predicts

Early indications are that Instagram’s beefed-up advertising offering will be a boon to the Facebook-owned social network’s bottom line.

According to a new report from eMarketer, the photo and video sharing app will bring in $595 million in global mobile ad revenue this year. (Keep in mind that the …


Messaging App Viber Buys Nextpeer To Add Social Features To Its Gaming Portal

Viber, the messaging app with 600 million+ users acquired last year by Japan’s Rakuten for $900 million, is today making its first acquisition, specifically aimed at building out its new games business. It is paying $9 million for Nextpeer, a social gaming startup based in Israel that offers games …


Amazon Takes On Product Hunt, Shopify With Launchpad, An All-In-One Marketing And Sales Portal

Product Hunt has made a splash as a new place for startups to market new products, Shopify offers a way for them to easily start selling their products online, and Shyp takes the pain out of sending things from point A to B. Now it looks like Amazon is preparing to one-up their respective concepts. …


NZ:- New drone rules ‘criminalise a hobby’

by BRUCE SIMPSON As a young boy in the 1960s I spent many hours down at the local park or schoolyard, flying my carefully hand-built model aircraft. …

New Zealand

A new app lets anyone with a startup idea instantly chat with investors at VC firm Kleiner Perkins

Kleiner Perkins Edge Fund partner Anjney Midha

Growing up in India and Singapore, Anjney Midha had big dreams of one day moving to Silicon Valley and joining the region's thriving startup scene.

In fact, he was so enamored by the startup culture there that he started sending cold emails to venture …


Twitter’s Periscope Now Lets You Mute Users, Watch Live On Mac Via iOS 8 Handoff

One of the biggest problems with the Twitter-owned live streaming app Periscope from day one has been its notification system. While push notifications are a useful way to immediately discover which broadcasters you follow have just started a live stream so you can tune in and join in real time, …


Apple Showcases Watch Apps With Short, Sweet New Ads

Today, Apple dropped a trio of 15-second ads showing off all of the great third-party apps available on the Apple Watch. Specifically, the ads focus on the travel, music and fitness apps available now for the device.

These ads arrive as Apple looks to the fall launch of watchOS 2 and the native …

Apple Music

Product Hunt: Guide to a good launch

Ah, Product Hunt. The name brings chills and excitement to even the most seasoned of founders. PH can be a great platform to attract a large user …

Product Hunt

Pandora’s Sponsored Listening launches out of beta: Remove ads by giving brands your full attention

Internet radio company Pandora has launched its Sponsored Listening product for all advertisers.

First opened in beta last September, Sponsored Listening is a reward-based ad product that lets users on the ad-supported “free” service remove ads for an hour by actively engaging with a brand. This …

Attention Economy

Yahoo launches live news show with Katie Couric

Yahoo is announcing a new live news program anchored by the company’s global news anchor, Katie Couric. The new show, called Yahoo News Live, will air daily at 1 p.m. ET.

“Yahoo News Live will provide perspective on the stories that are trending around the nation, and often the world,” the company …


Google is dropping its Google+ requirement across all products, starting with YouTube

Google has finally announced the Google+ news that everyone has been waiting for: Your Google+ profile will no longer be your identity in all Google products. This change will be trickling out “in the coming months,” and the first product to enjoy the change will be the one that was most negatively …


Perez Hilton is Teaming Up With CBS Radio for 'The PHP: Perez Hilton Podcast'

Perez Hilton is going from behind his computer screen to behind the radio microphone.

CBS Radio announced that they have partnered with the celebrity blogger on a variety of content initiatives.

Hilton’s podcast, The PHP: Perez Hilton Podcast, is now available for download or on-demand listening, …

Perez Hilton

The Future Of Podcasting

Podcasting is having a celebrity moment: Serial’s Sarah Koenig has appeared on The Colbert Report; Arnold Schwarzenegger has been on the Tim Ferriss show; and, most recently, Barack Obama visited Marc Maron’s garage to appear on his WTF podcast.

The $65 Billion Question

Beneath the headlines, …

The Future

Podcasting: Trends With Benefits

Make no mistake, one of the biggest trends in both social and digital media right now is podcasting. Sure it’s been around for a decade now, but …


82% of Mobile Podcast Listeners do it on an iPhone – Most Via Apple’s Podcast App

While Android devices may boast a larger install base than iOS, a new report from Clammr covering podcast listening habits reveals the iPhone is the device of choice for podcast listeners by a huge margin, with 82% of podcast listening taking place on an iPhone.


In addition, despite the vast


Clammr Future of Podcasting 2015

Clammr, the social audio discovery platform that recently opened to public beta, released its 2015 Future of Podcasting report featuring results of its exclusive survey of podcasters. The report details how podcasters feel about the state of podcasting in each of eight major areas ranging from …

The Future

How Twilio is building a software platform to refresh a 150-year-old technology (podcast)

This episode of the What to Think podcast is sponsored by Pivotal Tracker.

In this week’s podcast, we kick off an occasional series of interviews with platform builders: the founders and inventors who are creating software platforms upon which others are able to build things. We’re calling this …


‘The Pitch’ is a podcast version of ‘Shark Tank’ for startups

If you’re a fan of Shark Tank, or indeed pitch events in general, you’ll already be familiar with the format.

Fledgling companies or entrepreneurs take to a stage to explain their ideas to potential investors in a bid to try and score some cash.

It’s an approach that seems to be popular with both …


Spotify Is Getting Into Video and Podcasts

The streaming service isn't just for music anymore

At an event in New York today, Spotify has announced some fancy new features for its streaming service. No longer content to just deliver music, Spotify is also going to start delivering you podcasts and videos as well, all wrapped into a new …


10 Social Media Marketing Podcasts That You Need To Hear

Do you want to learn more about social media marketing but find yourself visually overwhelmed with whitepapers, ebooks, and (natch) blog posts? Then …

Online Life

Patent Filing Reveals Apple's Investigation into an Automated Ad System for Podcasts

Published by the US Patent and Trademark Office and titled “Technologies for inserting dynamic content into podcast episodes,” Apple’s invention …


Podcasts Stretch Wings Beyond Audio and Go Live, in Festivals

It’s not quite Lollapalooza — yet — but podcasts are getting the festival treatment.

Two coming events — Cast Party at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts in Greenwich Village and Tape Festival at the Bell House in Gowanus, Brooklyn — are giving fans of the form an opportunity to not only …

Performing Arts

Ads for Podcasts Test the Line Between Story and Sponsor

For the last several months, Lisa Chow, a reporter for and co-host of “StartUp,” a podcast about starting a business, has been interviewing engineers at Ford Motor.

But Ms. Chow was not interviewing Ford employees for a news story. She was making an advertisement for Ford to run on her podcast, …


Talk show. Podcast. Live streaming. Everywhere you turn, people are talking

There is a lot of talk going around these days — about nothing in particular and about everything in particular.

In the nexus of entertainment and information that includes what we traditionally have thought of as television and radio and that which we call the Internet — a collection of mediums …