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Israeli Container Security Startup Scalock Lands $4M Series A Investment

Israel has become known for its security startups, and Scalock, a company that wants to secure the burgeoning container space, announced a $4 million Series A round today.

The funding was provided by Israel venture capitalists TLV partners, a new fund launched earlier this year by veterans of the …


Local firms show off drones and bots for law enforcement

A Danvers-based drone maker has begun shipping a new kind of police surveillance aircraft that can stay aloft for days, because it never completely …


Gov. Jerry Brown approves new limits on paparazzi drones

After rejecting other limits on drone use, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Tuesday to expand privacy protections to prevent paparazzi from flying drones over private property.

The bill, AB 856, changes the definition of a "physical invasion of privacy" to include sending a drone into the …

Jerry Brown

Belkin Debuts 'Charge Dock' With First Integrated Chargers for Apple Watch and iPhone

Earlier this year, Apple expanded its Made for Apple Watch program to include Apple Watch stands with integrated chargers. Popular accessory maker Belkin has now worked with Apple to develop the an Apple Watch stand with an integrated magnetic charger, which also includes a built-in Lightning …


YouNow, A “Live” Social Network, Raises $15 Million in Fresh Funding

YouNow, a four-year-old, New York-based social network that connects audiences and broadcasters in real time, has raised $15 million in new funding co-led by earlier backers Venrock and investor Oren Zeev, with participation from Comcast Ventures.

The company has now collected $30 million altogether …

Series A Rounds

Why Israel is leading fintech innovation


Over the past couple of decades, Israel has developed a strong fintech ecosystem thanks to continued overseas interest, a local commitment to innovation, and a community that’s dedicated to addressing the emerging needs of this industry.

The Israeli fintech industry continues to grow so …

Middle East

FAA misses deadline to broadly legalize commercial drones

In what comes as a surprise to precisely no one in the drone industry, the FAA has missed the deadline set by Congress back in 2012 to integrate drones — which it calls small unmanned aircraft, or UAVs — into the national airspace. The goal was to have a comprehensive set of rules that would govern …


BBM app lands on Apple Watch before WhatsApp

Apps are continuing to trickle into Apple's wearable, with recent standouts including Airbnb, Google and...BlackBerry? The company once called RIM has announced Apple Watch support for its messaging service, BBM. When reading the product description on the iTunes store, you find that the companion …


Cloud security startup Dome9 raises $8.3M

Dome9, a startup with cloud-based software for deploying and managing security configurations on cloud infrastructure, is announcing today an $8.3 million round of funding.

Dome9 allows admins to examine firewall rules, tables of IP addresses and ports, and incoming web traffic for individual …


Apple removed drone-strike apps from App Store due to 'objectionable content'

Tracking the number of deaths caused by US drone strikes in countries like Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia? There are apps for that. Or rather, there were – until Apple removed them from its app store.

Metadata+ was launched in early 2014 by Josh Begley, a data artist and research editor for The …

App Store

This drone is one of the most secretive weapons in the world

The drone above, called the Taranis, is one of the most cutting-edge drones in production.

Capable of reaching speeds of more than 700 mph, it could come and go without anyone on the ground noticing it, but for the sound of its sonic boom.

It's "virtually invisible to radar," David Coates, a …


Drones, electric barriers and sonar to help keep sharks away in Australia

As summer approaches in Australia and people head back to the water, public concern about shark attacks naturally increases. To counter the threat, swimmers, fishermen and surfers could soon find beaches going high-tech.

To examine possible technological solutions to shark attacks, global experts …


Product Hunt is launching a podcast channel

Product discussion board Product Hunt is opening up a new daily channel for discovering podcasts tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. Pacific.

Product Hunt has taken off among early adopter types and those looking for inspiration or the next Big Thing. Users can upvote and comment on products, in the style of …


Watch BlackBerry’s CEO struggle to use his company’s Android phone

I like John Chen, BlackBerry’s current CEO.

When I met him at Mobile World Congress, he came across as an engaging, smart man with a personality, and that’s not always a given in a CEO. His approach was certainly a welcome departure from former CEO Thorsten Heins.

However, I can only feel for the man …


Introducing our newest podcast: Ctrl-Walt-Delete!


Live Broadcasting Is Too Important To Be Left To The Broadcasters

When we founded the mobile live video broadcasting service Bambuser several years ago, we embarked on a mission to democratize live video broadcasting — something that was available only to a select few, like BBC, CNN and other media giants with multi-million dollar budgets.

One of our fundamental …

Tahrir Square

Drones vs. driverless cars: A tale of two robotics policies

When a 2-pound drone crashed on the White House lawn in January, the nation was thrown into drone hysteria.

That drone was a $1,000 model made by Chinese technology company DJI, but a basic camera-equipped drone can be had for $40—a fact not lost on those who pontificated about the crash. “It’s …


App Search Engine Quixey Now Taking a Crack at Mobile Ads

After raising a considerable amount of cash, Quixey, a pioneer in app search, is trying to make more. Its path? Mobile ads.

The company, valued somewhere north of $600 million, is releasing a mobile tool called Deep View Cards that allow apps to run ads within other apps. It’s a new step for Quixey, …

Search Engines

THE DRONES REPORT: Market forecasts, regulatory barriers, top vendors, and leading commercial applications

The fast-growing global drone industry has not sat back waiting for government policy to be hammered out before pouring investment and effort into opening up this all-new hardware and computing market.

A growing ecosystem of drone software and hardware vendors is already catering to a long list of …


Hydroswarm’s Drones Could Solve Our Ignorance Of The Oceans

The earth consists of 70% ocean and 30% land. And yet, famously, we know more about the surface of the moon than what lies beneath the waves, because only 5% of the world’s oceans have been explored. This, despite the fact that 95% of the world’s life, energy and resources lies in the sea.

Currently …


Communications Platform Layer Adds Support For Webhooks

Layer, the former TechCrunch Disrupt winner that makes it possible for developers to add rich messaging capabilities to their apps without having to build their own infrastructure, has been steadily growing since its debut back on the Disrupt stage two yeas ago. Today, the company reaches over …


Rollout.io Puts Mobile Developers Back In Control Of Their Apps

A new startup, Rollout.io, launching today at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2015 wants to put mobile app developers back in control of their software by allowing them to make code-level changes on the fly. This service aims to address a common problem app developers today face. That is, when …


Arielle Zuckerberg, Zuck’s Youngest Sister, Is Joining Kleiner Perkins

Arielle Zuckerberg, the youngest sister of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is joining Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers next month in a bid by the firm to inject youth and diversity into its line-up of partners.

TechCrunch understands from sources near the VC firm that Zuckerberg, a former Googler who …

Venture Capital

Drones Will Deliver Your Pizza, And Much Much More

Drones will deliver your pizza in the future. That was one of the tastiest takeaways from TechCrunch writer Frederic Lardinois‘ interview with Helen Greiner, the founder of drone maker CyPhy Works, at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco today.

Ok, drones delivering pizza, or any other kind of goods, …


Why Slack could be the future of conferences

We go to conferences to meet people, whether for business or personal reasons, and yet often I meet far fewer than I hope to. Inside a crowded convention space, things can turn cliquish in a hurry. Come lunch time, I’m right back to being the new kid at school, sheepishly hunting for a table that …


'Tesla Drone' Poised to Revolutionize Unmanned Filmmaking

Images courtesy the artists

After the surge of interest in civilian drone culture, it didn’t take long for filmmakers to exploit their aerial footage capabilities (see: Drone Boning for a titillating example). Instead of expansive booms or renting out a helicopter, pros and prosumers alike could …


The 27 hottest Israeli startups of 2015

The always-hot Israeli startup scene has been going even more bonkers lately.

2015 has been a record-breaker for VC funding. The valuations of young companies are skyrocketing and private-equity bankers have arrived in droves, as have Chinese investors.

It all adds up to a very healthy tech …


Israeli designer takes 3D printed fashion to a new dimension

A young Israeli designer has taken three-dimensional printed fashion a step further by printing her entire graduate collection by 3D home …

Middle East

Specter of Lethal Drones Are Growing Industry's Latest Headache

Earlier this summer, a Connecticut man rigged a handgun to the top of an unmanned aircraft, posting a video of the device hovering in the woods and firing shots. The spectacle raised more concern about how consumers or law enforcement could wreak havoc with drones, a fast-growing technology with …


Durov To Outline Telegram’s Next Moves At TechCrunch Disrupt SF

On Monday at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, we’ll be grilling Pavel Durov, the CEO and co-founder of Telegram, a messaging application that claims to have attracted over 60 million active users in less than two years since its launch in 2013. That would put it on course to becoming a significant player in …