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A Global Museum: How Flipboard Can Help Bring a World of Ancient Wonders to Classrooms Half a World Away

Being born and raised in Australia, it was easy for me to feel isolated from the rest of the world, especially as I developed a love of history as a child. I recall my disappointment when I learnt that the lands of the Romans, Incas and Medieval Europe were on the other side of the world from where …

World History

Note Taking Systems - Academic Skills Center: Study Skills Library

The Cornell Method

The Cornell method provides a systematic format for condensing and organizing notes without laborious recopying. After writing the …


Automating walking is the first step to a dystopian nightmare

If we're really going to outsource walking -- as a professor in Germany proved earlier this year is possible (with the help of some electrodes) -- we'll end up automating all physical activity, from chewing to smiling. This is a dystopian future that Evan Selinger, associate professor of philosophy …

The Future

LG’s 55-inch 'wallpaper' OLED display hangs on the wall with magnets

It's one of LG's most impressive displays of screen technology yet: a 55-inch OLED panel that's just 0.97mm thick and weighs just 1.9kg (4.1 pounds). The panel is so thin that it can be stuck to the wall using a magnetic mat before being peeled off like wallpaper, reports Korean news agency Yonhap. …


The 10 best iPhone and iPad apps for writers

Writers need tools that allow them to be productive, creative, and focused as they craft their work. Between word processors, note takers, and …

iOS Apps

E-Learning Queen: Cognitive Apprenticeship / Situated Learning in Life and Work Settings

Jenni's new approach for processing water from oil and gas wells was announced on the very same day that the Oklahoma Geological Survey stated that …


Learning with 'e's: #GBL - the suspension of reality


Learning with 'e's: Opening up #learning: Forms and formats


Helll-ooo! Watching Videos Does Not Necessarily Lead to Learning

Being Mobile Blog

The Holy Grail of Video-Based Instruction 1.0

If students watch a 10-minute, instructional video, all the information in the video …


Wonder: A Search Engine Fueled by Research Experts – Save Time, Learn Anything — Emerging Education Technologies

Wonder … a Search Engine Unlike Any Other!

Wonder is a very different type of search engine. Instead of computer generated feedback, a real human being …

Search Engines

20 white papers and power point presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint

16 analytic disciplines compared to data science

Crazy Data Science Tutorial: Classification and Clustering


Crazy Data Science Tutorial: Classification and Clustering

Theory of knowledge (IB course)

Theory of knowledge is a study hall in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme which is, in essence, similar to epistemology courses …

Critical Thinking

This page lists and summarizes ideas and opinions relating to critical thinking and adopting a critical approach to issues. Readers can use the ideas …

The World Changing Ideas Of 2015

14 of the most important trends, theories, and inventions that are going to re-shape business, society, and the planet in the year to come.

All ideas change the world in some small way, but not all ideas are "world changing." At Co.Exist, we like to consider the ideas that are tackling the big …


Free Technology for Teachers: Visually Explore Current Events 100 Images at a Time

In another post earlier today I shared a couple of ways for students to find current events stories by browsing maps. Another way to try to get …

For Schools With No Books, A Digital Collection So They Can Have A Real Library

Library for All is now working in impoverished places around the world on a simple mission with a major impact.

Rebecca McDonald came up with the idea for Library for All after visiting Haiti in 2010. The country had just experienced a major earthquake, and the schools there were having a tough time …

Google Search: A visual history

"To organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."

That was one of the primary goals Larry Page and Sergey Brin set when they launched Google in 1998 as a privately owned search company. Since then, the Mountain View-based outfit has branched out, creating a mobile …


You can now crop and add borders to images in Google Docs

You'll have to download the standalone apps to get to work on mobile devices, but you can now crop, rotate and add borders to images inside Google Docs. The same handy modification tools that have been available in Slides now make their debut in Mountain View's word processor. Gone are the days of …


'Artistry/Technology' probes the nexus of digital creativity

In 2015, when painters are just as likely to use a 3D scanner and a team of dancers to make their images as a brush and canvas, how artists use modern technology to channel their creative vision is intriguing, but complex.

Liberatum, the global multidisciplinary cultural organisation, is looking to …

How much do musicians really make from Spotify, iTunes and YouTube?

In 2010, data journalist and information designer David McCandless published an infographic on his Information is Beautiful website showing how much musicians earned online from sales and streams of their music.

It caused quite a stir within the music industry, which even then was debating what the …


This tiny animal can survive basically anything, including the vacuum of space - The Washington Post

When we talk about 'extreme' animals, the tardigrade easily takes the cake: Also known as the water bear, the tardigrade is a microscopic critter (just 1.5 mm across, at most!) that can withstand just about anything. So it's no surprise that the water bear is the clear star of the American Natural …


Art Authority puts centuries’ worth of masterpieces onto your iPad

Today marks five years since the iPad first went on sale and, to celebrate, the superb app Art Authority (which also celebrates its fifth anniversary) is slashing its price from $9.99 to zero for one day only.

For those unfamiliar with it, Art Authority is a fantastic resource for any art-lover, …

The disgusting creatures inhabiting your body

Humans are teeming with bugs, including tiny spiders, lice and microbial colonies. Far from being a hazard, however, they are the making of you.

We hate to break it you, but you’re not totally human. It’s nothing about you personally. It’s just that more than 90% of the cells in the human body are …


Ebooks Will Surge in Classrooms, Study Says


Schools Want Ebooks Integrated With …


The Educators’ Guide to Infographics

Sometimes when you’re compiling your content for your next blog post you find that, to get your point across, you have to cover a lot of facts and …


Zoology: Here be dragons

Emerging evidence indicates that dragons can no longer be dismissed as creatures of legend and fantasy, and that anthropogenic effects on the world's …

Build to learn: Why you should make things no one will ever use

If you’ve ever built something for other people you’ll know the buzz that comes from having real users. There’s nothing quite like knowing you made something from scratch that helped or entertained another person.

Once you’ve made something used by other people it might seem like it doesn’t make …

Richard Branson