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How to Be Prepared for the Wildlife Shot of a Lifetime

Some of the best photographic opportunities happen when you least expect them. In this video from John E. Marriott, he shares valuable tips on how to …


How Developing a Niche in Photography Can Help You Turn Pro

Almost every hobbyist photographer has considered making the transition to full-time professional. Similarly, almost every professional photographer …


Do NOT Fake It Till You Make It as a Photographer

I see the posts. You see them, too. A session gone wrong because a photographer didn’t know want to do. And they didn’t know what to do because they …

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4 Great Pieces of Camera Equipment to Help You Get Creative

In this article, we'll take a look at 4 pieces of camera equipment and accessories that can help you add a creative spark to your photography.


Why the Telephoto Is My Go-To Landscape Photography Lens

Wider was always better when I first began photographing landscapes. As an amateur photographer and outdoor enthusiast, all I wanted to do was cut …

Landscape Photography

How to Make Storytelling Landscape Photos - 4 Steps

When we think of storytelling images, we immediately think of people in a documentary type of photograph. But landscapes have stories too.

Landscape Photography

5 Rules for Better Bird Photos, or: It’s All About the Eyes

It’d be cliche to say that the eyes are the window to the soul, but they’re certainly the key to a compelling photograph. This is intuitive when …

5 Tips for Better Winter Landscape Photography

Just because the temperature plummets doesn't mean you can stop taking pictures. Here are some tips for better winter landscape photography.

Landscape Photography

Tips for Photographing Reflections to Create Stunning Images

Here are some practical tips to help you find and photograph reflections and create your own stunning compositions.

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5 Tips for How to Photograph in Any Kind of Weather

Just because the weather conditions may not be ideal, that's no reason to put away your camera. Here are 5 tips to help you keep shooting.

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Bad weather photography: Getting the perfect landscape shots

<b>The weather defines the mood of any landscape. Tony Worobiec reveals how to make the most of whatever it throws at you</b><p>Weather is the defining quality …

How to Shoot (and Think) Like a Professional Photographer

With every new camera and smartphone thrust onto the market, our collective potential to be amazing photographers kicks up a notch. Sensors can …


5 Pro Guides For Black & White Landscape Photography

While some photographers tend to experiment with black-and-white on their computer as more of an afterthought after they’ve shot their images in …

5 Tips to Instantly Up Your Photo Game

Taking photos - good ones anyway - can be a tough gig.<p>That's why there's so many tutorials, tips, and tricks out there that seek to help beginners …


Two Ways to Create a Snowstorm Using Photoshop

Even if you don't live in an area that gets snow, you can create a snowstorm in your images using Photoshop. Here are two methods you can try out.

How to Plan and Take Killer Sunset Photos on Your Next Vacation

Who doesn’t love a good sunset photo? There’s something about that colorful, ethereal time of day that strikes a cord with just about every person. …

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Easy Street Photography Tips for Beginners by Josh Katz

Has street photography got you curious about shooting your city’s best candid moments but don’t know where to begin? Josh Katz comes to your rescue …

7 Photography Exercises To Help You Be a Better Photographer

Photography is like most other professions or hobbies in that you will improve and get better with training. But, like other skills, you need to try …


Tips for Better Forest Photography

Humans have always been drawn to forests. We have found food, building and clothing materials, and inspiration in forests. There are innumerable …

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10 low budget tips for improving your photography

<b>We’ve rounded up some of the best low budget tips to help you improve your photography without breaking the bank.</b><p>Many existing tips to improve in …


7 Photography Myths Exposed

Photographers, of all people, should know that the world is not black and white. There are many shades of grey between black and white, between good …


How to do Abstract Nature Photography

Photography, especially nature photography, is the art of capturing a scene to represent a slice – in space and time – of reality. Right? Well, not …

Nature Photography

Landscape Photography: It’s All About the Light

There are many tools that photographers use for creating compelling landscape photography, but some fail to realize that light is the most important …

Landscape Photography

7 Easy Photography Tips Beginners Can Do Today

<i>Screenshot image from the video by Nico Mojica</i><p>If you’re reading this, chances are you’re still figuring your way around the wonderful yet perplexing …

Street Photography

3 Tips to Help You Take Better Autumn Photos

I’ve recently returned from leading a photography workshop in the Alaska Range, south of my home in Fairbanks, Alaska. The trip was timed with the …

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Are You Too Much of a Perfectionist With Your Photography?

Are you one of those people who winces every time you take a photograph that’s slightly skewed, with a foot cut off, overblown highlights, or too …


From Mundane to Magical: Tips on Taking Your Photos to the Next Level

You may be at a point with your photography where you are comfortable operating your camera and are capable of taking a good picture. You can work …

Landscape Photography

A Guide to Creating Stunning HDR Images

The simple contrast between light and shadow can have a powerful effect on a photographic image. In fact, quite often you may find that contrast is …


A Common Mistake New Photographers Make: A Lack of Focus

In this blog article I will share a very useful tip which Brendan Van Son explained to me when I was on the second day of his photography workshop in …