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This could be the perfect desktop lamp for designers

As a designer or artist, you're more than likely to decorate your desk with infinite amounts of inspiration and desk toys. Whilst there's plenty of …

Graphic Design

Maru And His Little Sister Play Fight While Being Adorable

In the latest video from everyone's favorite box-jumping cat, Maru and Hana demonstrate their amazing stage combat skills.


Wind It Up: Sinuous Lighting by Papay Designs

I discovered the work of San Diego artist and designer Marcus Papay at the San Diego Contemporary Art Fair. His Sinuous line of lamps is created by …

A Tower House That Leads to the Treetops

A small vacation home in Upstate New York leads its occupants up to the treetops, hovering over the forest below and offering up enchanting views of …

AudioOrb: A Spherical Speaker You Can Step Into

Studio Total (ST) is a small Scandinavian creative lab that’s working with experimental studio Pjadad to create the first loudspeaker that you can …


A Divider Screen Made of Paper

Japanese designer Yasutoshi Mifune has created a paper screen that can be changed to various shapes and sizes depending on how you assemble the …

A Comfortable Work Desk That Holds Everything

After much research, architect and designer Anna Lotova set out to create a workspace for the home that was both pleasurable to work at but also …

The Pencil Gets A Redesign

Ever since a scientist in Napolean Bonaparte’s army invented the pencil, it has served as a paragon of functional design: unlike ink, graphite cannot leak. And unlike today’s tablets or computers, a pencil never loses its electrical charge.<p>Yet there remains one vexing design flaw: as you sharpen …

Ex-NSA Computer Scientist Creates Tool To Let You Take Back Emails

Virtru, a new email plug-in, could make it a lot easier to send an email securely.<p>We’ve all done it. That horrifying moment when you press “send,” and realize that picture of your face photoshopped into a child’s dinosaur costume went to someone with the same first name as the person who was …


Facebook Develops A Photoshop For Interaction Design, And It’s Free For Anyone To Use

To design the groundbreaking app Paper, Facebook built an in-house IxD tool first. And then the company shared it with the world for free.<p>Editor’s Note<p>2/17/14<p>Happy Presidents’ Day! To celebrate, we’re revisiting some of our most popular stories of the year. Enjoy.<p>We’ve already waxed poetically …

21 Things You're Doing Wrong In The Bathroom

THERE ARE GERMS EVERYWHERE. Once you can accept that fact, we can move on.


20 Times Peyton Manning Looked Super-Duper Sad During The Super Bowl

#ManningFace. #Forever.


Artsy Fart of the Day: Everyday Objects Turned Into Creative Illustrations

Artist Victor Nunes combines everyday objects with simple illustrations to turn them into pictures of faces, animals and other playful scenes. His …