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Hotelier Indonesia

Mission Hotelier Indonesia magazine is for the hotelier and hospitality professional who is a worker at any level. The magazine has a commitment to be a platform for those who are represent professional in hospitality industry. And to promote the concept of community in this fast growth industry. Concept | Hotelier Indonesia magazine covers hotel management companies and every major chain headquarters. Hotelier magazine will reaches hotel owners, senior management, operators, chef and other staff who influence, designers, architects, and all buyers and suppliers and buyers for hospitality products and servicesmore than any other hotel publication in the world. Quality Readers | Hotelier Indonesia magazine will be circulate and distribute on bimonthly basis for free of charge for qualified subscribers to restaurateur, management operators, chef and other staff who influence, recommend and purchase equipment, food supplies and ingredients used in the hospitality and F & B industries as well as decide location, interior design, recruitment, training, back and support and logistic and other affluent individual the industry upon request. Cover magazine: Cover will highlight profile and product on the industry..