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Interactions and Animations - Intro to Interactions Tutorial

In the 1800s, web content was printed on paper. In the 1900s, we downloaded the Episode I trailer in just under four days. What's the point? A lot's …


The 4 Cs to Designing Meaningful Scenarios: Part 4, Corrections

<b>The Act of Choosing Correctly Increases Transfer of Learning Through Reinforcement</b>Giving someone a chance to correct their mistake allows them to …


The 4 Cs to Designing Meaningful Scenarios, Part 3: Connections

One of the biggest mistakes made in scenario-writing is not providing the learner the opportunity to reflect on the choice that they made. Reflection …


The 4 Cs to Designing Meaningful Scenarios, Part 2: Consequences

The experience of cause and effect is a very powerful teacher, one our brain is already pre-wired to learn from. Experiencing consequences for our …


The 4 Cs to Designing Meaningful Scenarios, Part 1: Choices

At its core, a common scenario isn’t that difficult to craft: tell a story, ask the learner what they want to do about it, and let them know how they …


Interactive eBooks an Ideal eLearning Platform by Pamela S. Hogle

eBooks are a versatile, budget-friendly platform for eLearning; they offer portability, easy access, interactivity—and even xAPI reporting.


Employees have no time to learn new job skills. AI to the rescue?

Icebreaker Games: How To Get To Know Your Office

Joining a new group can be pretty intimidating. I remember when I joined the team at Officevibe, I was pretty nervous, and wanted to make sure I …


Gamification Techniques: How to Apply Them to E-Learning - E-Learning Heroes

If you’re in the e-learning industry, you’ve heard the term by now: gamification. Sounds fun, right? But there’s a more deliberate aspect to …

Game Design

4 Types of Training Videos for Learning

You probably already know that video can be an excellent medium for training. But before you get started building your video, you need to decide what …


Boost the ROI of New Hires with this Employee Training Manual Template

Research has uncovered data on the effects of employee onboarding. These findings could boost the ROI of new hires with this employee training manual …

Employee Engagement

3 ways to build stories with short-form video ads

Not sure of the role short-form ads can play in your video campaigns? Get inspired with this framework of three use cases.


8 Secrets To Spark Excitement In Compliance Online Training

How To Spark Excitement In Compliance Online Training<p>Let's be honest, <b>compliance online training</b> isn't a fan favorite among your distributed …

Not Leadership Material? Good. The World Needs Followers.

In 1934, a young woman named Sara Pollard applied to Vassar College. In those days, parents were asked to fill out a questionnaire, and Sara’s father described her, truthfully, as “more a follower type than a leader.”<p>The school accepted Sara, explaining that it had enough leaders.<p>It’s hard to …

Scientific Research

How To Moderate Your eLearning Courses in 14 Ways

eLearning course moderation is a deliberate process. It requires you to be an SME for the eLearning course and also to adopt online course moderation …


“The Making of…”: Real Drama, Special Effects, and Interaction in eLearning Video

The rise of high-quality video in eLearning projects over the last few years has been phenomenal. Video in eLearning is now nearly as common as …


5 Tips For Defining eLearning, The Toughest Instructional Design Question

<b>The Challenge Of Defining eLearning</b><p>What is eLearning? Yes, I know I should be able to answer the question. After all, I work for one of the premier …

5 Steps to an Easier E-Learning Course Review Process - E-Learning Heroes

The review process is undoubtedly one of the most time-consuming and stress-inducing parts of the e-learning course creation process. It’s the part …

Project Management

Leveraging Gagné's Nine Events Of Instruction

<b>Creating Engaging eLearning Content: Leveraging Gagne’s Nine Events Of Instruction</b><p>At their very basic, Gagné’s Nine Events Of Instruction can help …


3 Basic Forms of Effective eLearning Activities

In any eLearning program, an activity or a group of activities are necessary to provoke <b>learning experiences</b>. When created the right way, learning …

How to Build Real-World Learning Interactions

Creating great interactive learning experiences requires a few core building blocks: relevant content, pull versus push, and real-world decisions. …


What To Do When Your Course Has Too Much Content - E-Learning Heroes

Sometimes creating an e-learning course is like packing for a trip: it’s easy to keep adding, adding, adding … until your e-learning “suitcase” is …


5 Ways to Evaluate If Your eLearning Hits the Mark

It takes hours, weeks, and sometimes months to create eLearning content. And then, once the course launches, there’s a bit of a void. The course is …


10 Ways to Implement Social Learning Strategies in eLearning

There are a multitude of interaction methods in an eLearning environment to promote social learning. Research has repeatedly indicated the <b>enhanced</b> …


Doubling Down on Student Presentations

How to get first-year students to listen and learn from each other’s projects.


We Learn More When We Learn Together

<i>dave wheeler FOR HBR</i><p>We rarely grow alone. In fact, some psychologists have made a compelling case that we only grow in connection with others. However, we don’t need to learn with others in formal training or development programs: we can architect our own opportunities to gain insight, knowledge, …

How to Determine if Student Engagement is Leading to Learning

<i>Excerpted from the book, “UnCommon Learning: Creating Schools That Work for Kids,” by Eric Sheninger, published by Corwin, 2015.</i> <b>Engagement Does Not</b> …