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Temple Run 2

With over a zillion downloads, Temple Run redefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilarating running, jumping, turning and sliding you love in …

Imagine Tays' POV: You're participant at this years' "StarsDance" season. You thought it can't be so hard because in TV every step looks so easy. But poppycock! It's real hard training though you like it. Okay to be honest you really like y/n, your trainer. She's like an angel on earth: so patient, kind and lovely but also strict. Y/n has already won like five championships...and if this isn't impressive enough she's onpy 21! After a hard morning QuickStep training it's luckily lunch time. "Are you hungry?" you ask y/n. "Yeah, wanna have lunch together? At Stash?" y/n asks back. "Sure" you answer. She smiles. Herbteeth are snowwhite, she seriously looks like a toothpaste model. [CONTINUE IN COMMENTS]

Imagine (3 continues in comments so please wait with commenting) Tays' POV: You've had an bad argue with your girl. Y/n. She's an angel on earth and you hate argueing with her. "You two need a second chance, never give up on her Taylor!" Kristen says. You've asked for advice and you have an idea. " How about having our first date again? Kind of a restart?" you ask. "Sure!! That's what you should do...remember everything?" "Of course! Bye Kris!" you emd the call and start preparing everything. Continue in comments:)))

Imagine You and Taylor have been couple for 3 years as he asked you to become his wife. Of course you said yes. You love him like nothing else in the world. It's early in the morning. You're already awake. You lay on Taylor. Still naked. You two had fun last night. He wakes up too. "Beautiful" he whispers. "I love you" you whisper back. "I love you more" he says. "Not possible" you smile and kiss him. But all of a sudden you feel sick. "Hey y/n, what's wrong? Have I done something wrong?" Taylor asks you worried. " No, no it's nothing to do with you, but I feel sick." "Get your clothes, maybe your only cold." Taylor says still worried. After geting dressed you slid under the blanket. You cuddle against Taylors' warm chest. "Better?" Taylor asks you. "A bit" you lie. [More in comments]

Imagine You just broke up with your boyfriend. You and him eere a couple for 4 years. You broke up with him because you saw him sleeping with another girl. "Oh...don't feel bad...it was only my heart you broke." you say with huge annoyment in your voice. You don't scream. You don't cry. You simply turn around and go. You go to the mall. "A good cake batter ice will be good for me" you think. "Before i may look for some new stuff" your brain goes on. 1 hour later: You've bought a beautiful royal blue dress, black heels, a simple jeans and a dark red crop top. Now you're at Ben&Jerry's, ypu order a cake batter with extra chocolate chips and smarties. This was the combination you had as you got to know Jon...your ex. "You look heartbroken...can I do something for you?" you hear a caring voice asking you. Continue is coming immadietly. :))

Continue The lights are out. But there are candkes positioned ain a heart shape. In the mid of this there are rose paddles. Somebody hugs you from behind. You immadietly recognize the strong, protective arms you've always felt save and sheltered in. You whisper "Taylor". You have happy tears in your eyes. Taylor slowly spins you around and looks you in your eyes. You look into his soft brown ones. His hands are rested on your waist. You put your arms around his neck. "I missed you" you say...still with happy tears streaming down your cheeks. "I missed you more" he answers and whipes away your tears with his thumb. "I love you" he admits and kisses you.

Imagine You're going to have a date. Your first one to be honest. You aren't nervous at all because the boy you're meeting is Taylor. You know him since baby times and a funny fact is that that you two were born the same day: 11th february. And you've always had a huge crush on him but you think that the crush developed into love between the last three years. Plus Tay's very good looking: 1,79m tall, black and fluffy hair, dark brown eyes that are almost black, a cute and sexy smile... you could continue the list for years. 1 hour later: you've taken a quick shower and now you think about what to wear. Because of the fact that you're going to an Italian restaurant you decide for a simple black dress and heels with your alltime favorite necklace: it's a tiny silver one with an infinity symbol charm and a plate with the graving "Friends forever". The reason why it's so important for you is because you got to your 14th birthday from Taylor...so you own it since three years. You can't remember not only one not having worn it. The doorbell rings. You go down. Tay's here. (More in comments!!)

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