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A difficult task – explaining why I teach

I agree with Gardner Campbell – trying to explain why I teach feels like an impossible task. Not only is there the underlying assumption that we all …


#whyIteach - a post for #ccourses

Posted by<p>Laura Gibbs<p>Why I teach:<p>... to keep on learning ...<p>... to help other people learning ...<p>... and because it is fun!<p>In the spirit of teaching …

From Radio to Television to Wire 106 or, Why I teach

I already blogged a bit about the Wire 106 listen along last week, and this week’s watch along, but I want to take a moment to reflect on these …


Why I teach #ccourses – Unit 1

Photo source<i>This is my Task 1 post for Connected Courses Unit 1: ‘Why we need a why’ which will be added to the collection here.</i> <b>Why do I teach?</b>Well, …


Why I Teach

I teach because I think it's a powerful way to develop myself, my work, my profession and to care for others #whyiteach #meded

Realized teaching is the profession where you can genuinely encourage people to reach their full potential, whatever that may be #whyiteach

to be memorable


w a s h o u t – Poster by terry.elliott

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Digism's Doodles — #whyiteach


Something for #whyiteach

Why I Teach

<i>This is my post for http://whydoyouteach.wordpress.com</i><b>I never wanted to be a teacher.</b>I’m from a family of teachers: parents, aunts, uncles, …


Why I Teach

Let’s get something clear from the start: I love teaching. I love teaching history. I love teaching students at a school that prioritizes teaching. I …


#whyiteach #ccourses Unexpected presence.

A Letter to My First Year Self

Dear First Year Self<p>Time for the big leagues. You made it through student teaching in two completely different atmospheres and you feel like you can …

“What I Did For Love” | Clinic Matters

A Chorus Line had a huge impact on me the first time I saw it. It resonated so deeply with me, because it told the hidden stories we all have inside. …


Back-to-School Thoughts & Inspiration


The Meat of It: #WhyITeach

Why do I teach an Enrichment Course to students who have been kicked out of their own schools for behavioral reasons?<p>Because for twenty years, no one …

The #whyiteach in the #ccourses

Today, for me, the “Why I teach” is a result of the “Why and how I want to learn” I have experienced in most of my schooling. I was a whiner and very …


Why (oh why) teach?

The question of the hour, dear reader, is why teach? And as someone in the middle of grading a stack of papers while trying to finish their thesis, …


Why I teach: Do you see this face?

Teaching brings me moments of great joy.<p>Maybe all work that is satisfying offers this gift. I wouldn’t know, because teaching is the only work I’ve …