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土の彩色術 Coloring of soil


<b>《心の故郷》© Rima Fujita 2018;ミクストメディア / 紙</b><p><b>“Home” © Rima Fujita, 2018, Mixed media on …

Hotel Review: Aman Tokyo, Japan

There’s a snide remark often made in the world of luxe travel that Aman junkies have the most predictable holiday destinations. Why of course they …


Rediscover the Pleasure of Solitude in These Micro Cabins Across the East Coast

At $125 a night, a startup offers rentable micro cabins to help urban dwellers escape the daily grind.<p>When it comes to escaping the city for a restorative stay in nature, few retreats offer the conveniences and charm found in the tiny cabins of Getaway. Riding the wave of the tiny house movement, …

New York City

ドイツ発の老舗改造屋 Brabus が贅沢すぎる Mercedes-Benz Xクラスを発表

Airstream Nest

Airstream trailers are immediately recognizable thanks to their trademark sleek aluminum exterior, now the brand have officially introduced the Nest, …

Mayes School Bus Conversion

The Mayes family have given #vanlife another meaning, they have converted an old school bus into a light and efficient family home. After growing …

鎌倉ヴィエナ Kamakura is in the city of flowers like Vienna

Infiniti QX80 から高級感が360°から放たれるリミテッドエディションが登場


Travel with Betty ベティとの旅 【雪の降る夜に On a snowy night】

When all the coloring is reset and a true figure appears, the real value is asked whether it shows a horse leg or a sublime figure. Only one person …

早桜がコートのボタンをひとつ外した Early cherries removed one button onmy court

25 Most Influential People Who Ever Lived - Quiet Corner

Our history is full of influential people who shaped mankind into what it is today. Either through power of example or wisdom, they led people to …

Leonardo Da Vinci

​Catch some shade with these 9 wonderful pergolas

When it comes to socialising outside, decent shade is not only a convenient add-on, but a crucial one, considering the damage that our South African …


Photos from Susan Walker Bell's post


UPDATE:ヴァージル・アブロー x 近代美術館 MoMA による最新コラボ Air Force 1 のオフィシャルビジュアルが遂に登場

This Tiny House Fits in Your Backyard and Is the Solution to All Your Visiting-In-Laws Woes

A home addition often feels like the only solution when it comes to creating more space in your home, but when you consider the cost, permits, and sheer inconvenience that construction entails, you might think again. Well, if you have a yard — even a small one — there might be a better way to gain …


These Off-the-Grid Cabins in Belgium Keep Their Locations Secret Until You Book

Nestled in secluded, rural settings, these minimalist cabins keep their whereabouts under wraps to help you disconnect.<p>Founded by Xavier Leclair, Slow Cabins is a Belgian company that allows guests to rent one of three tiny cabins ensconced in secret locations across the countryside, and has plans …

鎌倉スカンディナヴィア Kamakura Scandinavia

汗ばむ1月ランニング Sweaty January Running

Nissan Launches the World’s First Electric Mobile Office

The ability to work from anywhere has allowed wanderlust-hungry individuals the chance to live as digital nomads. If you’re one of them, its seems like the entire world is your office, with the flexibility to spend a few days or weeks in one locale before moving onto another adventure. Nissan has …


朝日のスポットライトは今日も富士山へ The spotlight of the morning sun shines Mt. Fuji today as well

犬と一緒に里山保護を Satoyama protection with dog

Shonan kokusaimura<p>The original person who appeared around the present African continent Chad,<p>they moved to and settled in various places on Earth,<p>The …