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12 destinations travelers might want to avoid in 2018

<b>(CNN) —</b> Tourism backlash has been in full effect over the past 12 months, with several destinations announcing they'd had enough of foreign visitors flooding their streets or disrupting their fragile ecosystems.<p>Unsurprisingly, this has posed a a dilemma for mindful travelers planning their next …

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The best tour of Thailand for 2018

Sweeping around in a loop from the skinny isthmus leading to Malaysia, across to the east and the ancient temples on the Cambodian border, the Gulf …

How To Gain Social Media Mastery For Hotels

Gaining <b>Social Media Mastery</b> is a complex process. It requires a set of frameworks that will guide your Hotel in the right direction.<p>Hospitality Gone …

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13 Places Where You Can See the Bluest Water in the World

1 of 13<p>Egremnoi, Greece<p>Advertisement<p>2 of 13<p>Crater Lake, Oregon<p>3 of 13<p>Con Son, Vietnam<p>Advertisement<p>4 of 13<p>Devil’s Bay, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin …

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Here's Everything You Can Get for Free While Stuck at the Airport

Killing time at the airport doesn’t have to be expensive.<p>As <i>Stuck at the Airport</i> details, if you ever find yourself trapped during a long layover or …


The Best Airport in the World Is About to Get Even Better

Jewel Changi will have you planning a trip to Singapore just to hang out in the airport.<p>Singapore's Changi Airport is already the World's Best, and …


One Simple AdWords Trick That Can Boost Online Sales | Inc.com

Today we're talking about broad match modifier.<p>Why is it so popular? Because if gives you the ability to match on exact keywords while still maintaining flexibility on the entire search term.<p>Best of all: there's evidence that the Broad Match Modifier option can improve your return.<p>In this article, …


How To Make Influencer Marketing A Global Experience In 2018 And Beyond

The global influencer market is now worth over $1 billion and is rewarding top influencers with cross-border opportunities to expand cultures and personal brands. For the lucky ones that have over 100,000 fans, the average pay for a single post is estimated at $763.<p>The challenge is localization and …

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The 22 Most Engaging Pieces of Brand Content on Social Media in 2017

Now that social media is so supremely essential in brand messaging, there are a lot of layers underneath what makes a successful post, video or tweet.<p>…

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7 Social Media Trends That Will Dominate 2018

How do you plan on socializing next year? How do you plan on reaching your target audience, who will be socializing with each other, next year? By default, we underestimate how our lives will change in the future.<p>We tend to think of next year as ending more or less the same as this year (with the …

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5 Ways Marketers Can Effectively Hack Instagram

The introduction of Instagram’s algorithm rewrote the rules of the platform and sparked outrage from influencers who deem the algorithm as creatively debilitating. Despite the outcries, Instagram hasn’t changed its stance on showing audiences what the platform thinks they want to see, rather than …


Why Fake News Spreads So Fast on Facebook

Ad technology has weaponized disinformation.<p>How can we fight back against the fake news infecting our information feeds and political systems? New research suggests that education and filtering technology might not be enough: The very nature of social media networks could be making us peculiarly …

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Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos


A edição deste mês da Revista Gerador, lançada esta quinta-feira no Mercado Municipal de Matosinhos, é dedicada à Região do Norte de Portugal.


How to build a cult following on social media without selling your soul

Few things are as heretical in branding as saying “No” to the question of monetization. After all, money’s the point, right?<p>Well, yes… and …

This Is Why You Should Visit Maldives At Least Once In Your Life

Many people love to travel, to experience different cultures, places, cuisines, and sights. If this sounds like you, you should visit Maldives today.


The 12 Types Of Trips You Should Take In Your Lifetime

To some travelers, “vacation” means lying on a tropical beach or staying in an urban hotel, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But the start of a new year is time to think outside the box and start planning trips that help you both unwind <i>and</i> grow as a person.<p>In 2017, and for years to come, do …


Online marketing for small businesses

You can manage several storefronts, in multiple online marketplaces, using a single ecommerce platform. That allows you to expand reach and revenue …

7 Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended By the Experts

Social media is not just for communication anymore. It’s a great tool that is responsible for reshaping the future of businesses. While hosting to …


Top social media platforms every marketer should know

Every marketer understand the importance of social media marketing; not only is it an inexpensive way to build a following and promote your brand’s content, but participation in social media could also become a major factor in the ranking algorithm for search engines like Google. There are …

Matosinhos by night

Dos sillas. Cemento y bruma.

An A to Z Guide to Personal Branding [Infographic]

Image via UnsplashBruce Springsteen doesn’t send me email often.Okay, he never has. But if he did, I promise you I’d open it. What’s on your mind, …


Iremos "voar" por percursos de vida, novas ideias e tecnologia. Fly with us! #TEDxMatosinhos #TEDx #Matosinhos #PBS https://t.co/K3GEMIgRzU

50 Ways To Maximize Your Organic Visibility On Social Media

Social media marketing is great—if you know what you’re doing. If you’re posting blindly, or without a strategy, you may find yourself frustrated, wondering how it’s possible for companies to reach and grow bigger and bigger audiences—without resorting to buying followers with paid ads.<p>The truth …


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