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Listen to 'Space Project' make music from Voyager spacecraft recordings

Portland-based Lefse Records has released <i>Space Project</i>, a compilation of songs that use recordings from the Voyager 1 and 2 space probes. The album, which entered stores on April 19th, features tracks from 14 different artists including Porcelain Raft, The Antlers, Youth Lagoon, Blues Control and …

White matter might matter much more than we thought

Changes in the brain's myelin distribution might be an unrecognised form of neuronal plasticity.<p>Look up ‘myelin’ in any neuroscience textbook and you’ll find something along these lines: It is a fatty substance that forms a sheath around axons, and gives the fibre bundles their white appearance …

Epigenetics 101: a beginner’s guide to explaining everything

The word ‘epigenetics’ is everywhere these days, from academic journals and popular science articles to ads touting miracle cures. But what is epigenetics, and why is it so important?<p>Epigenetics is one of the hottest fields in the life sciences. It’s a phenomenon with wide-ranging, powerful effects …

The 2013 Microscope Images of the Year

The yawning trap of a carnivorous plant has taken First Prize in the 2013 Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition. Igor Siwanowicz, a …

Best time to see Jupiter in 2014 is now

Jupiter is always closest around the time of its yearly opposition, which came on January 5, 2014. For the rest of this month, Jupiter is at its best!<p>…

Why you can't travel at the speed of light

A short history of Einstein's theory of relativity<p>Albert Einstein is famous for many things, not least his theories of relativity. The first, the special theory of relativity, was the one that began the physicist's reputation for tearing apart the classical worldview that had come before. Special …

Hidden universe of fish biofluorescence revealed

Scientists discover hidden biofluorescent universe on coral reefs with the use of cameras equipped with special light filters.<p>Among vibrantly colored …

Fish Fluorescence Widespread: 180 Species Found To Glow

Fluorescence is surprisingly common in many different kinds of fish.<p>When ichthyologist John Sparks set out to the Caribbean island of Little Cayman in 2011 with colleagues, the plan was to study fluorescence in corals. But a little green eel happened to pass by one of the cameras. When the …

Adam Martinakis www.culturainquieta.com/es/arte-digital/.../2099-adam-martinakis.html Posted by Lara

The Coldest Place in the Universe - The Countdown #34

Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy - PREVIEW

Why is yawning contagious? - Claudia Aguirre

Why the Sky is Blue explained in ten seconds

Rainbows explained in ten seconds

Hydrocarbon Power! - Crash Course Chemistry #40

Hot Air Balloon Science - Spangler Classic Friday!

Magellanic Clouds (and Apollo 16) - Deep Sky Videos

Einstein's Rings and the Fabric of Space

From DNA to Silly Putty, the diverse world of polymers - Jan Mattingly

Surface of the Sun as You've Never Seen it

The Great Solar Magnetic Flip

How do we smell? - Rose Eveleth

Exploring the Dark Universe: Cosmic Microwave Background

Hydrocarbon Derivatives - Crash Course Chemistry #43

Why is time slower in rockets?

Every Nerd Will Love This Errol Morris-Benoit Mandelbrot Interview

"A formula can be very simple and create a universe of bottomless complexity."<p>Perhaps it's because they create an infinity of interesting from simple equations.<p>Perhaps it's because they suggest that many seemingly chaotic phenomena have an underlying order.<p>Perhaps it's because they were great early …

Just the Two of Us: Portraits of Cosplay Enthusiasts in their Homes by Klaus Pichler | Colossal

<p>We’re less than a day past October 31st and it would be reasonable to assume the people depicted in these portraits are wearing Halloween costumes, …

Vintage Slang Terms For Being Drunk Are Hilarious A Century Later

Do you think that people didn't get wasted back in ye olden tymes?<p>You're right. But they did occasionally drink enough beer, wine and liquor to get loaded, topheavy, boryeyed, moory and podgy.<p>All are listed in an amazing sidebar of synonyms for "drunk" published in the St. Louis Republic on June …

Sleeping sunbathers in Lithuania - in pictures

Photographer Tadao Cern spent a weekend photographing people as they slept on a public beach in Lithuania. The art project, entitled Comfort Zone, aims to explore how different surroundings can affect people's behaviour and inhibitions

The Goldilocks Protocol: electrons sent in to put microcrystals to work for structural biology

A paper published today shows how scientists have turned to electron beams to probe protein structures using samples that were previously unmeasurable<p>The rate of scientific progress — often driven by the development of new methods and new technologies, is truly staggering — even for us scientists. …