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Why Am I Hearing So Much About Stem Cells Lately?

Today, great hope is set on regenerative medicine that combines stem cells, growth factors and biomaterials to accelerate the natural healing …

Stem Cells
Medical Technology

Within Earshot - Technology Makes Prisine Hearing a Reality

Shortly after he got his new hearing aids, Tom Sawyer heard a strange pinging coming from his car tires.<p>The 65-year-old Elizabeth City, North …

Medical Technology

Advancements in Shoulder Surgeries 
and Rehab

It’s not uncommon for Kevin Bonner, M.D., of the
Jordan-Young Institute in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to have a full conversation
with someone while …


Mind, Memory & Music: Recovery through Music

Three years after suffering a stroke, 
Jim Bob Rodriguez could barely speak, except to say his name.<p>Then he met music therapist Tracy Bowdish.<p>By the …

Modern Prosthetics

Scott Weaver had been in the Navy a dozen years, the veteran of numerous deployments, and was about to disarm the 30th explosive device of his career …


How Can Bio-Identical Progesterone Replacement Prevent Disease and Improve Well-Being in Menopausal Women?

Progesterone is a pregnancy hormone that naturally exists in a women’s body. As women enter their transitional years, progesterone and estrogen …


What Is the Link Between Hearing Loss and Heart Disease?

Medical research has uncovered a link you should know about. As reported by the Better Hearing Institute (BHI), cardiovascular disease – including …

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Should I Get a Second Opinion About My Teeth If I'm Not 100% Confident About My Dentist's Recommendation?

Dental offices can vary greatly in their philosophies. They may be traditional or modern, offer many options or a few, and can differ in their …

I've Been Told I Need a Total Knee Replacement. I Don't Want to Be in Pain After Surgery. What Are My Options?

On average, there are more than 600,000 knee replacements performed annually in the United States. Advances in technology have helped improve patient …

Chronic Pain
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I’ve heard a lot about holistic dentistry lately. What does it mean?

The term “holistic dentistry” has been around for decades, but is gaining steam due to the increased interest in healthy, natural living. Holistic …


Reversing Heart Disease with New Hospital Program

Want to stop heart disease in its tracks? The Ornish Reversal Program, offered by Sentara Princess Anne Hospital in Virginia Beach, could help you do …