The Fight to End HIV/AIDS

To mark World AIDS Day, the Biden administration has released a new global strategy to end the disease by 2030. Here's a look at the plan, how treatment is advancing, and international disparities in addressing HIV and AIDS. Plus, meet the individuals who are fighting stigma by speaking about living with the virus.

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The Fight to End HIV/AIDS
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    A Global Strategy to End AIDS

    The Biden administration has launched a new strategy today, but what does it entail, and how will it be funded?

    On World AIDS Day, Biden administration releases new global strategy to end HIV/AIDS by 2030

    On World AIDS Day, Biden administration releases new global strategy to end HIV/AIDS by 2030

    CNN - Jamie Gumbrecht

    HIV/AIDS at home and abroad

    HIV is no longer a death sentence, thanks to advances in education, prevention and treatment, however there are many global disparities in how the virus is tackled.

    Treatments and Advances

    Treatments can often successfully limit the progress of HIV — and now, researchers are working on a vaccine.

    Boundary Breakers in the face of Stigma

    Stigma still exists, but role models including Jonathan Van Ness and Billy Porter have spoken out about their HIV status in order to normalize it. A West Point Prep cadet who was removed from the military after a positive HIV test is now suing the army to change their policy, which bans HIV-positive people from serving.

    raising funds for people living with HIV/AIDs

    Brands such as Apple and M.A.C cosmetics have been raising money to support HIV and AIDS charities for many years. The Elton John AIDS Foundation has raised millions over the past 30 years to increase access to HIV testing, prevention and care.

    More About HIV and AIDS

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