The Definition of 'Fully Vaccinated' Could Soon Change

In some parts of the U.S., being fully vaccinated is a requirement to enter a venue, restaurant, sports arena or another business. But as COVID-19 continues to spread, the definition of "fully vaccinated" — you've received your primary doses — could change as more shots are needed. All eyes are now on the CDC to see if new guidance will be issued.

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The Definition of 'Fully Vaccinated' Could Soon Change
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    Adding One More Shot to the Mix

    Walensky: CDC language "pivoting" on "fully vaccinated"

    Walensky: CDC language "pivoting" on "fully vaccinated"

    Axios - Erin Doherty

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not changing the definition of "fully vaccinated," but is instead "pivoting the language" to get …

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