How Worried Should We Be About Bird Flu?

The current outbreak of avian flu is the deadliest one in almost a decade; so far it has affected more than 58 million domestic birds and 6,000 wild birds in the U.S. alone. Here's a look at its effects, from egg shortages to the possibility of human infection. Plus, how factory farming and climate change make transmission of the disease worse, and the potential impact of bird deaths on ecosystems.

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How Worried Should We Be About Bird Flu?
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    How Likely is a Bird Flu Pandemic?

    "All the elements are in place," says Guardian journalist George Monbiot.

    Be warned: the next deadly pandemic is not inevitable, but all the elements are in place

    Be warned: the next deadly pandemic is not inevitable, but all the elements are in place

    If you wanted to kill as many people as possible, deniably and with no criminal consequences, what would you do? You’d do well to start with a bird flu. Bird flus are responsible for all the known flu pandemics: the great influenza that started more than a century ago, “Asian flu”, “Hong Kong flu” …

    Can you get bird flu?

    Can you get bird flu?

    Vox - Keren Landman

    Maybe you’ve noticed: Eggs are really expensive. By late last year, the average cost of a dozen Grade A large eggs had more than doubled since January. They’ve been so pricey — more than $10 at certain retailers — that some people are now smuggling them into the US from Mexico. One major culprit? The …

    The Knock-On Effects of Bird Flu

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