How Harmful is Alcohol to Your Health?

Canada's new booze guidelines — no more than two standard drinks per week in order to minimize the risk of chronic illness — are causing a kerfuffle internationally because they're far stricter than most other countries' limits. What's the science behind how alcohol affects health, how are attitudes to drinking changing, and are there any benefits at all to booze?

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How Harmful is Alcohol to Your Health?
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    The Alcohol Debate

    Summing up the latest guidance on what you should be drinking — if you should be drinking at all.

    The big debate about alcohol

    The big debate about alcohol

    To drink or not to drink, that is ... actually not the question most healthy adults should be asking. There is, after all, general agreement that …

    Diving into the science

    The science behind what alcohol does to your body and the risks of drinking.

    Are There Benefits to Drinking?

    "Just as most people do not know that alcohol increases your risk for cancer, most of us also don’t realize that poor social health is just as, if not more, harmful than smoking, drinking, being obese, sedentary living and exposure to poor air quality."

    Are People Drinking Less These Days?

    Younger generations may be consuming less alcohol than their parents and grandparents, but the percentage of adults in the U.S. who drink has remained pretty steady since Gallup started measuring it in 1939.

    What to Drink if You're Not Drinking

    Alcohol-free alternatives for Dry January and beyond.

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