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Cryptocurrency Guide: What Are They And How Are They Valued?

<i>This article originally appeared in the Motley Fool.</i><p>By now you've probably heard about the cryptocurrency craze. Either a family member, friend, …

Best Bitcoin wallets for Android in 2018

Bitcoin (BTC) was originally invented as a decentralized and easy-to-use payment system. To this end there are a huge amount of wallet applications …

A 10-Minute Morning Yoga Routine to Sculpt Your Body

There's no better yoga in the a.m. than Surya Namaskara, also know as sun salutation. In this video, Kristin McGee flows through a super sculpting …

Best walks, hikes and treks in Japan

An exceptional country, in its own and in others’ view, Japan has throughout history been isolated, an island nation out on the periphery of Asia. …

This startup wants to modernize the hotel industry

Calling for room service is kind of annoying, though it’s one of the most first world-type of problems one could have. But that’s just to say the hotel industry is behind, technologically speaking.<p>Startup AavGo is trying to fix that by bringing iPads into hotels to enable hotel staff to communicate …

12 Simple But Impactful Tips for New Photographers

So, you finally jumped into photography? Good for you!As you’ll surely find as you get more and more involved in photography, it’s a fun hobby and …

Landscape Photography

Crunches vs. Planks: What's the Best Way to Sculpt Six-Pack Abs? | Women's Health

“A plank, when done correctly, focuses on the core while utilizing almost every muscle in the body,” Rumsey says. “This includes the rectus abdominis, the obliques, the transverse abdominis (the deepest level of your abs), the muscles that run along your spine, your glutes, thighs, hips, parts of …

Women's Health

4 Ab-Sculpting Plank Variations

For a sculpted stomach, you'll need to work out every single muscle in your core. Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson shows you how to do four powerful …

Bodyweight Exercise

The 9-Minute Workout That’ll Flatten Your Belly | Women's Health

And that’s exactly what this nine-minute workout helps you do. It comes courtesy of Idalis Velazquez, who’s the creator of <i>Women’s Health’s</i> newest fitness DVD, <b>ALL IN 18</b>.<p>The routine uses a mix of 10 exercises, done in rapid succession, to strategically increase your heart rate and burn calories while …

Women's Health

Exactly What You Should Eat if You’re Trying to Build Muscle | Women's Health

<b>How to Use Food as Fuel</b><br>Rule number one: Don't skimp on calories. When you strength train, you're burning cals during and after your workout. (Post-sesh, your body is working hard to repair and rebuild the muscle fibers broken down during your lifts, says Cohn.) In order for your body to recover, …


The 15-Minute No-Rest Workout That'll Tone You All Over | Women's Health

And let's not forget the flat-abs bonus: As you tire, you have to fight even harder to maintain proper form, especially a tight core.<p>Two or three times a week, complete these exercises in order using eight-or 10-pound weights, moving from one to the next without rest. Perform four rounds total, …

Women's Health

The 18-Minute Fitness Routine That Will Totally Change Your Body | Women's Health

Linguists and neurologists have often theorized that the reason why so many TED Talks go viral is that they're all held to an 18-minute limit—long enough to be meaningful, yet short enough to not bore you out of your mind.<p>Our brand-new DVD program, All in 18, embodies that very concept, delivering …


The Workout You Can Do Anywhere

If you’re traveling or don’t have time to get to the gym, you can still get your sweat on. Just clear some space on the floor and throw on …

7 Strength Moves That Will Help You Burn More Calories During Your Runs | Women's Health

And here's the thing: When you run faster without bad knees or sore ankles, you can torch more calories each time you hit the pavement.<p>These seven strength moves help you build strong legs, so you can work harder out on the road. <i>(Looking for your next challenge? Sign up for the RUN10FEED 10 …

Women's Health

These Workouts Are Blowing Up on Pinterest | Women's Health

So if your boards are looking a little sparse, we're bringing you nine of our best core, butt, and arm workouts so you can pin now and sweat later. Get ready to turn your Pinterest board into washboard abs, baby! <i>(For more tips on how to build muscle, pick up Lift to Get Lean by Holly Perkins.)</i><p>Abs …

Women's Health

20 Ways to Do a Plank

Hello abs! Change up your core workout with these fresh variations on the plank.


Lose 10 Inches in 10 Days

With this total-body workout from celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, you'll get fit and lose weight in no time.


No More Jiggly Arms

Tone your arms in 10 minutes a day with these easy at-home exercises.

Get Defined Arms in 10 Minutes

Want definition like Gwyneth Paltrow or J.Lo? Let their trainer—Health columnist Tracy Anderson—work her magic on you.

10 Exercises for Healthy Knees

You use (and abuse) your knees every day. Keep them pain-free by working these moves into your routine.


8 Easy Ways to Kick-Start Your Metabolism

Trying to burn more calories? These simple diet and workout tricks will get your metabolism moving in no time.

A Fat-Burning Treadmill Workout That's Actually Fun

We turned the clocks back, the leaves have changed, and the holidays are so close you can almost taste them! But with all of that, also comes colder …


The 6-Minute Ab Workout

For those who point to time as their biggest hurdle, remember this: A quick sweat session can fit into any schedule. So sidestep those excuses and …


The 5 Best Strength Moves for Weight Loss

Do this tone-up-all-over strength workout 2–3 times per week, leaving at least a day's rest in between.

Weight Loss

The Best 10-Minute High-Intensity Workout

High-intensity interval training, aka HIIT, is one of the best ways to maximize your workout time. Burn a ton of calories and boost your metabolism in little time with celeb trainer Astrid McGuire's full-body HIIT workout. It may be only 10 minutes long, but it will leave you dripping with sweat. …


The best GPS apps for iPhone

Whether you're an avid hiker or you are planning an ambitious road trip, you will definitely want to make use of a GPS app on your iPhone in order to …

Someday, Doctors Could Prescribe You Video Games For Your Brain

This video game could actually be a medical therapy. Researchers are testing it in patients with cognitive disorders, like simultaneous autism and ADHD, although skeptics question so-called "brain games" in general.<p>You're a bright-yellow alien cruising down a river with icebergs at every sharp …


How To Get Your Own Email Newsletter Off The Ground

Email newsletters are back in a big way. Starting your own is a great way to build an audience for yourself or a company and offers a way to personally reach people in a place that they’re most likely to read: their Inbox.<p>This post will take a look at how to start your own email newsletter, from my …

Amazing No-Equipment Workouts

Then, try your hand some of the at-home exercise routines below. You may never set foot inside a gym again.

Rights & Freedoms

The best sleeping aid apps for iPad

If you have trouble sleeping at night, and need a little assistance, then check out our list of the best sleeping aid apps for your iPad.<p>This app …