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Drawing Autism: A Visual Tour of the Autistic Mind from Kids and Celebrated Artists on the Spectrum

Autism and its related conditions remain among the least understood mental health issues of our time. But one significant change that has taken place over the past few years has been a shift from perceiving the autistic mind not as disabled but as differently abled — and often impressive in its …

A Graphic Biography of Warhol

As a lover of graphic biographies, including those of Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, Richard Feynman, Hunter S. Thompson, Steve Jobs, and the human brain, I was delighted for the release of <b>This is Warhol</b> (<i>public library</i> | <i>IndieBound</i>) — the first installment in a new series of graphic biographies of …

Visionary Vintage Children’s Book Celebrates Gender Equality, Ethnic Diversity, and Space Exploration

For all their immeasurable delight, children’s books also have a serious cultural responsibility — they capture young minds and plant in them the seeds that blossom into beliefs about what is socially acceptable, what is right and wrong, and what is possible. This weight of possibility is both a …

Artist Matt Freedman’s Courageous Visual Diary of Cancer

Graphic nonfiction is becoming an increasingly compelling medium for using comics to tackle serious subjects. Meanwhile, the visual arts are being enlisted in exploring the most private nooks of mental health, with projects like Bobby Baker’s visual diary of depression and children’s drawings of …

Who Will Rescue Time from the Physicists?

<i>by Elizabeth Lopatto</i><p>Lee Smolin thinks that time is real. If that strikes you as unusual, you haven’t spent much time with theoretical physicists, who …

H. R. Giger’s Hellishly Perfect Album Cover Artwork

Of all H. R. Giger’s art, which might be adequately described to those unfamiliar with it as H. P. Lovecraft in a personal hell designed by Salvador …

H.P. Lovecraft

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