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China's 'Great Cannon' Censors Foreign Websites by Force: Report

There's a new tool in China's arsenal of Internet censorship tools: In addition to the well-known "Great Firewall" blocking those in the country from visiting certain sites, there is now a "Great Cannon" that deluges foreign websites with traffic in order to take them offline. The technique is …


China Has a Massive Debt Problem

China has a $28 trillion problem. That’s the country’s total government, corporate and household debt load as of mid-2014, according to McKinsey & …


More than $1 trillion in secret cash sneaked out of China in the last 10 years

China’s capital account might be closed—but it’s not that closed. Between 2003 and 2012, $1.3 trillion slipped out of mainland China—more than any other developing country—says a report (pdf) by Global Financial Integrity (GFI), a financial transparency group. The trends illuminate China’s tricky …


Present-Day Ethnic Problems in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region: Overview and Recommendations (4) – Ethnic Alienation and Segregation

By Ilham Tohti, translated by Cindy Carter, published: May 4, 2015Continued from I. Unemployment, II. Bilingual Education and III. Religion IV. Ethnic


How Does China Weaken Islam? Alcohol And Cigarettes

Muslim shops and restaurants in a Chinese village have been ordered to sell alcohol and cigarettes in an effort to weaken Islam’s hold on residents …


More than 200,000 road deaths a year in China: WHO

May 06, 2015 5:05 PM
BEIJING (AFP) - More than 200,000 people are killed on China's dangerous roads every year, the World Health Organisation said on …


China pulls out stops to avoid layoffs as economy cools

As growth in China’s sagging economy looks on the verge of spilling below 7 per cent, officials worried about a spike in unemployment are pulling out all the stops to avoid mass layoffs.

State firms are encouraged to keep idle workers employed, subsidies and tax breaks are given to companies that do …


China’s Military May Be a Lot Less Dangerous Than It Looks - China Real Time Report - WSJ

How potent is China’s People’s Liberation Army? That question is assuming new importance as China ramps up reclamation activities in the South China Sea that will give it airstrips and docks to project military might if it chooses. As WSJ’s Andrew Browne reports:

Lately, China has shown willingness …


China orders Muslim shopkeepers to sell alcohol, cigarettes, to ‘weaken’ Islam

Chinese authorities have ordered Muslim shopkeepers and restaurant owners in a village in its troubled Xinjiang region to sell alcohol and …


The Times, Bloomberg News, and the Richest Man in China

The Times, Bloomberg News, and the Richest Man in ChinaA story about the wealth of the Chinese President Xi Jinping's family helped precipitate a ban …


A Byronic Hero for China’s Supremo

Saudi Arabian Oil Company President and CEO Khalid A. Al-Falih has seen global oil prices rise and fall through at least six market cycles during his …


China’s ‘migrant miracle’ nears an end as cheap labour dwindles

China’s labour force is shrinking and the “migrant miracle” that powered its industrial rise is mostly exhausted, removing the factors that propelled …


China migration: At the turning point

When Deng Xiaoping left his rural village of Guang’an in 1919 to study in Paris, he was leaving behind a desperately poor agricultural community in …


'Breaking Bad' in China: how meth is spreading across rural heartland

CHANGSHA, CHINA — Ah Chao first came across drugs as a teenager, when his cousin asked him to hold his tourniquet while he shot up heroin.

Now a …


Revised Food Safety Law In China Signals Many Changes And Some Surprises

The revision of the Food Safety Law (FSL) was a, if not the, core development in food safety regulation to look for in 2015. Much faster than expected, and only three months after the comment period on the last draft closed, the revised FSL is here. On April 24, 2015, the National People’s Congress …


China-Taiwan relations in 60 secs

In a clear sign of warming relations the Chinese Premier Xi Jinping has met the head of Taiwan's ruling party.

It is the highest level talks between the two sides in six years, and follows an improvement in business links between the two countries.

Ahead of the meeting, Taiwan's Nationalist Party …


China tour guide sacked for scolding tourists in video

A Chinese tour guide who was caught on camera berating tourists for not shopping enough has had her license revoked after the video went viral.

The woman had threatened to cancel the group's next trip and not pay for their return tickets if they did not spend up to 3,000 yuan (£319; $483) …

Chinese New Year

China says Philippines breaking code of conduct by building in South China Sea

China has accused the Philippines of violating a 13-year-old informal code of conduct in the South China Sea by building on disputed islets, a move that comes after repeated criticism of China’s construction work.

China and the 10-member Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) signed an …


Chinese factory activity slumps to lowest for a year as demand slows

China’s manufacturing activity recorded its worst contraction in a year in April, a survey showed on Monday, as subdued domestic demand weighed on growth in the world’s second-largest economy.

An index of factory activity compiled by HSBC came in at 48.9, the weakest since 48.1 in the same month …

Chinese Economy

China, Pursuing Strategic Interests, Builds Presence in Antarctica

HOBART, Tasmania — Few places seem out of reach for China’s leader, Xi Jinping, who has traveled from European capitals to obscure Pacific and Caribbean islands in pursuit of his nation’s strategic interests.

So perhaps it was not surprising when he turned up last fall in this city on the edge of …


Peking Opera: Keeping an old Chinese art form alive

Peking Opera is a Chinese theatrical art dating back to the 18th Century.

The performers use speech, song, dance, and combat movements to tell stories which entertain audiences from emperors to farmers.

But it barely survived the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s and 1970s, when the country ousted all …

Chinese Art

Over Ten Billion Square Feet of Chinese Housing Is Empty

China’s real estate bubble is looming with over 1 billion square meters (10.7 billion square feet) of unused housing, according to Zhu Min, deputy …


China's pirate patrol submarine is too noisy, say naval experts

China's recent deployment of a nuclear submarine for an antipiracy mission in the Gulf of Aden may have caused unease among its neighbours, but naval …


Tiny islands key to ownership of South China Sea

South East Asia says it's "seriously concerned" about China's building of artificial islands in disputed parts of the South China Sea.

In response, China says it's "severely concerned" about the South East Asian nations' statement.

South East Asia says China's actions have "eroded trust and …


The Global Chinese Property Hunt

With Chinese purchases of international real estate skyrocketing in recent years, the real estate market in New York City has seen an influx of …


China’s young leave state ranks to chase riches at tech startups

For decades, the most coveted jobs in China have been in government, with their steady income, job security and power. Now people like Nymar Li are changing that perception by leaving the state to seek their fortunes at startups.

Li became the pride of his family when he landed a job in the customs …


Popular but painful: top 5 cosmetic surgery procedures Chinese tourists want

South Korea is one of the top medical tourism destinations for mainland Chinese tourists. Last year, 56,000 Chinese tourists visited for plastic …


China's Dangerous Debt

In September 2008, when Chinese President Hu Jintao got word that Lehman Brothers, then the fourth-largest U.S. investment bank, was on the verge of …


'China fabricating stories to cover up marine destruction in Spratlys'

MANILA, Philippines - China is making up stories to cover up the massive destruction to marine life and the environment caused by Chinese reclamation …