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China to adopt new app rules to monitor user accounts

China's internet authorities will enforce new rules to tighten their grip on the rapidly growing app market in the mainland, demanding that all app providers adopt real-name registration for users and keep their activity logs for at least 60 days.<p>The new rules, announced by the Cyberspace …


HK journalists jailed in China for 'illegal business'

<b>Two journalists who worked on political magazines in Hong Kong have been jailed in mainland China for running an illegal business.</b><p>Publisher Wang Jiamin and editor Guo Zhongxiao worked on New-Way Monthly and Multiple Face, which published gossipy news about mainland leaders.<p>The articles were …

Hong Kong

Grandson of China’s Most-Hated Landlord Challenges Communist Lore

ANREN, China — To many Chinese, Liu Wencai is the archetype of the despotic landlord from pre-Communist days, one who exploited his tenants, tortured those who fell behind on rent in a “water dungeon” and forced new mothers to breast-feed him as a longevity therapy.<p>But his grandson, Liu Xiaofei, …

Cultural Revolution

The Coral Casualty of China's Marine Aggression

MANILA—Protected by their country’s navy, Chinese fishing boats devastated mile upon mile of pristine coral in Philippine waters, using their propellers as blades to hack out giant clams buried in the reefs.<p>Other threatened species that fell prey to Chinese poaching on an industrial scale, with …

South China Sea

China denies demolitions at center for Tibetan Buddhist learning

BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese authorities are renovating one of the world's largest centers of learning for Tibetan Buddhism to prevent overcrowding and fires, a state-run newspaper said on Tuesday, denying Tibetan rights groups' charges of demolition and evictions.<p>Groups including the British-based …

Ancient philosophy

China Scolds Indian Government for Expelling 3 of Its Journalists

NEW DELHI — Chinese state-run news media on Monday criticized a decision by the Indian government to not renew the visas of three Chinese journalists from Xinhua, the state news agency.<p>An editorial in The Global Times, a Chinese tabloid known for its hawkish views, said the decision sent a …


China seeks to eradicate 'vile effect' of independent journalism

Top Chinese internet portals had been forbidden from producing original reporting on politically sensitive topics in what experts say is the latest step in President Xi Jinping’s battle to bring Chinese journalism under control.<p>Internet giants including Netease, Sina and Sohu were ordered to pull …


China has no intention to challenge present international rules: Xi Jinping

<b>Beijing:</b> China has no intention to challenge the present international rules and order and will never seek hegemony, President Xi Jinping said on …


Xi’s China: The rise of party politics

A front-page article in the People’s Daily in May sent shockwaves through the Chinese bureaucracy. It quoted an unidentified “authoritative figure” …

UK News

Chinese Buyers Plant a Flag in the U.S. Suburbs

The Chinese were the largest group of foreign buyers of U.S. homes in the year ended March 31.<p>Chinese home buyers in the U.S. are flocking to the …


Ancient plumbing protects Forbidden City from Beijing floods

<b>Officials from Beijing's Forbidden City have said an ancient drainage system protected it during recent heavy rains and intense flooding.</b><p>Bad weather has killed 37 people in the Chinese capital in the past week while at least seven others are missing.<p>On 20 July, much of the city was shut down by a …


China jails former senior military officer for life in graft case

BEIJING (Reuters) - A military court in China on Monday jailed for life a former top military officer for corruption, state media said.<p>Guo Boxiong was a vice chairman of the powerful Central Military Commission until he stepped down in 2012. Last year, the government said it would prosecute him for …


China Bans Original Reporting at Major Online News Sites

It’s the latest in a crackdown on the press.<p>Several of the few remaining sources of original reporting in China are being shut down as part of the central government’s bid to exert ever more control over press in the country.<p>The country’s chief internet regulator, the Cyberspace Administration of …


Mysterious confession fuels fears of Beijing's influence on Hong Kong's top newspaper

Hong Kong’s most prestigious English-language newspaper is facing calls to explain how it obtained a controversial interview with a young Chinese activist amid fears of Beijing’s influence on the 113-year-old broadsheet.<p>The calls, from activists, media experts and former and current journalists at …

Print Media

Senior China officer says anti-missile system will worsen tension

South Korea's deployment of an advanced U.S. anti-missile defence system will worsen tension on the Korean peninsula and seriously affect Sino-U.S. trust, a senior Chinese military officer said on Monday.<p>Fan Changlong, a vice chairman of the powerful Central Military Commission, made the comments …


Overseas study as ‘escape route’ for young Chinese women

Written by Fran Martin.<p>“Study abroad fever” (留學熱) is a notable trend in Chinese society. Every year over 400,000 Chinese students study abroad–the …


China unveils 'world's largest seaplane'

<b>Hong Kong (CNN) —</b> China has completed what it describes as the world's largest seaplane.<p>The amphibious AG600 is about the size of a Boeing 737 and will be used to fight forest fires and perform marine rescue operations, state-run news agency Xinhua said.<p>With a maximum take-off weight of 53.5 tons, …


Chinese Students in the U.S. Fear the Yuan’s Fall

ENLARGE<p>The yuan’s depreciation may benefit exporters, but it makes life costly for Chinese students in the U.S., many of whom are buying extra dollars because they think the yuan will fall further.<p>“The depreciation means my tuition will be more expensive,” said Eva Liu, who is going to attend Bryn …


China to levy anti-dumping duties on EU, Japanese, S.Korean electric steel products: Xinhua

BEIJING (Reuters) - China, accused of flooding world markets with cheap steel, has started levying anti-dumping duties as high as 46.3 percent on electric steel products imported from Japan, South Korea and the European Union, according to China's official Xinhua news agency said on Sunday.<p>China …


In the dead of night, floods stole away young and old, survivors in China say

All day Tuesday, Gao Longtao’s phone kept buzzing with alerts from the local government: Heavy rains would be pelting his hometown, Xingtai, about 220 miles southwest of Beijing, the notices said.<p>The rain came in sheets. But even when the electricity went out at about 10 p.m., no one in his …


More Than Half Of China's Family Businesses Face Succession Dilemma

China’s economic reforms of the past three decades created one of the world’s wealth booms and turned the country into one of the world’s fast-growing sources of new billionaires. Non-government businesses – including those run by private-sector entrepreneurs – now account for a majority of jobs in …

Family Business

Asean nations in a fix over confronting Beijing on South China Sea

Southeast Asian nations were deadlocked Sunday about how to confront China's territorial claims in the South China Sea as pressure from Beijing again …


Brexit dominates G20 finance summit in China

Britain's decision to leave the EU could have global consequences, G20 finance ministers have warned. The Brexit and boosting growth in stagnating China were the major topics at a meeting.<p>The UK sought to calm global fears about its exit from the European Union at the G20 finance ministers and …

Finance (UK)

Vladivostok Lures Chinese Tourists (Many Think It’s Theirs)

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia — Cui Rongwei, a businessman from northeastern China, could not afford a trip to Paris, so he settled for an exotic taste of Europe right on China’s doorstep. He liked Vladivostok so much that he has made three trips there to savor a city so strikingly different from his own …


全球最大国产两栖飞机AG600下线 可驰援南海维权

Regulators’ silence on Communist Party presence in listed state companies is deafening

Regulators’ silence on communist presence in listco deafeningThe listing of state firms overseas has always been a game of pretend.


Hong Kong is ‘stuck between a rock and a hard place’

Hong Kong’s economy can’t hold on for much longer.<p>For one thing, the territory is in the midst of two large bubbles. One is a credit bubble, similar to the one in China . Since 2008, the ratio of private non-financial credit to GDP has surged to 281% in Hong Kong.<p>The other is Hong Kong’s infamous …

Hong Kong

Traumatised villagers in Chinese flood village say authorities failed to warn them of disaster

Zhang Erqiang was devastated by the loss of both his children after a flood swept through Xingtai city early on Wednesday.


ASEAN split on how to deal with China in South China Sea row

VIENTIANE, Laos (AP) — For 49 years, the unity of Southeast Asia's main grouping has hinged on its founding principle: decisions by consensus. But that cardinal rule is now proving to be the biggest headache for its members, who began important meetings this weekend deeply divided on how to deal …