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'The Great Fall of China' is hitting other markets

China's tanking stock markets were largely overshadowed due to turmoil in Greece over recent weeks, but the impact of tumbling share prices is getting harder to ignore.

China's leading Shanghai Composite index has fallen by over 30% over the last 3 weeks. The collapse has largely been contained …


The Chinese government’s stock market stimulus is mostly helping the Chinese government

China’s market regulators, central bank, state-owned media companies, and domestic banks and brokers have been working overtime to try to turn around the country’s falling stock markets—introducing a host of stimulus measures worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

On Monday, it seemed the combined …


Has China’s transition to ‘new normal’ growth stalled?

Author: Peter Drysdale, East Asia Forum

On the latest update from the World Bank, Chinese economic growth is expected to decelerate to 7.1 per cent in …


China takes on role in Central Asia once held by Russia

At a bazaar in Tajikistan's capital Dushanbe, once a far-flung outpost of the Soviet Union, cheap goods from neighbouring China are helping offset …


China's move toward restricting foreign NGOs spurs anxiety in many organizations

When a massive earthquake struck Nepal in April, Chinese nongovernmental organizations rushed in to provide help, making camp on the grounds of the national palace museum and distributing water, food and tents.

A Lions Club chapter in Guangdong province pitched in; so did the China Foundation for …


China is panicking over a market bubble. What would it do in a real crisis?

As Greece holds a referendum that may create more uncertainties than it solves, are we looking in the wrong place for a financial crisis? In China, the authorities are in a fine sweat about a more traditional financial conundrum: a bubble in the stock market. How do you deflate it safely? Should …


China's new Silk Road is a disaster waiting to happen

For much of the last fifteen years, Chinese growth has been a source of hope across Asia. Now that growth is slowing and China appears to be hitting some significant turbulence in its effort to shift its economy from an investment-focus to a consumption-focus.

To help combat this emerging economic …


China's slowdown is bad news for the world's big industrial exporters

China's slowing economy is a serious concern for the economies of the nearly 50 nations that count China as their top export destination.

According to economists at UBS, not only will it impact the countries where the goods are coming from, but individual industries will also be hit harder than …


Tech companies say they might be forced to reveal company secrets under a new Chinese security law

China made the final form of its new national security law public today — and some tech industry groups are worried the law could give third parties access to company secrets, including source codes and encryption keys.

According to the New York Times, the law, which calls for a review of the tech …


China Says 6.5 Quake Hits Far Western Region of Xinjiang

Officials say a 6.5 magnitude earthquake has hit China's far western region of Xinjiang.

There have been no immediate reports of casualties.

The China …


The South China Sea is now a 'core interest' of Beijing — and that's a problem for its neighbors

China’s aggressive posture toward the South China Sea has been stirring tensions in the region, and a new national security law suggests that Beijing is just getting started.

The new law calls for security to be maintained in all fields, including culture, education, and cyberspace.

Moreover, as …


Foreign brands are struggling in China

Foreign consumer brands are losing more market share to local players in China due to a weaker presence in smaller cities where growth is stronger, according to a study released on Wednesday.

Foreign players lost the most ground - between 3.8 per cent and 4.8 per cent - in personal-care products, …


How Much Does the Chinese Market Matter to the World?

China’s main market, reflected in the Shanghai Composite Index, has fallen 24 percent since June 12, losing $2.4 trillion in value. While many …


The Untold Cost Of Chinese Economic Growth

Over the last two decades, China underwent enormous economic growth. Household consumption nearly quadrupled. Millions of people left poverty. And the country was hailed the new Asian tiger, poised to overtake the United States as the largest economy in the world.

But while economic statistics tell …

Chinese Economy

Shanghai Composite Tumbles Below 4,000 as State Support Fails

China’s Shanghai Composite Index fell below the 4,000 level for the first time since April, as margin traders continued to unwind positions amid …


Chinese buyers looking for Australian property 'bling'

With house prices soaring out of the reach of many young Australians, Chinese investors have been singled out for criticism. But experts say foreign investment has a silver lining.

Facing a dwindling number of investment opportunities in their own country, Chinese buyers are snapping up new …


Chinese Stocks Just Lost 10 Times Greece's GDP

As Europeans hold their breath awaiting a referendum that will help determine Greece's future in the euro zone, a stock market slump on the other …


Globalization With Chinese Characteristics -- What Are The Prospects?

Every year IMD convenes a one-week intensive program entitled Orchestrating Winning Performance (OWP), once in Lausanne (Switzerland) and once in Singapore, bringing together business leaders and executives from all over the world to focus, brainstorm and cross-fertilize on the current critical …


A Partnership with China to Avoid World War

Ian Buruma

The northeast of China used to be called Manchuria. Another name was “the cockpit of Asia.” Many wars were fought there. A French priest …

Foreign Policy

Draft law may test resilience of Chinese civil society

Author: Carolyn L. Hsu, Colgate University

In May 2015, a draft of China’s new Overseas NGO Management Law was leaked to the media. The proposed new …


Chinese policymakers are looking for ways to support the nation's volatile stock market

Having recorded the four largest intraday trading ranges in history and seen an overall loss of more than 10%, Chinese policymakers have taken additional steps to support China’s volatile stock market after a tumultuous four days for investors.

Late last night China’s securities regulator, the CSRC, …

Business (Australia)

What You Need to Know About China’s New National Security Law

On Wednesday, China’s pro forma legislature approved a sweeping new national security law. Here is what you need to know:

It’s vague: “The meaning and the range of national security is more wide-ranging than in any other time in history,” Zheng Shuna, deputy director of the legislature’s commission …


China is freaking out over the volatility in its stock market

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese authorities are scrambling to reassure jittery investors after soaring stock markets plunged, threatening to set back economic reform plans.

The market benchmark soared 150 percent from the start of the boom late last year in one of the world's fastest runups. It hit a peak …


Why China won’t listen to Western scientists about genetically modifying the human embryo

Lindau, Germany—We’ve avoided a nightmare before, so surely we can do it again. That’s what scientists hope for with the technology that may soon allow the genetic modification of human embryos.

In March, a group of US scientists requested scientists around the world to not genetically modify human …


Scrap high-speed rail and turn Hong Kong terminus into underground shopping mall, says think tank

The massively over-budget high-speed rail link to Guangzhou should be shelved and the hole in the ground at West Kowloon replaced with a subterranean …

Hong Kong

Why Is China In A Bear Market - And Will It Get Worse?

While world headlines focus on Greece, a far bigger market is gyrating wildly: China.

At the start of this week, China formally entered bear territory when its Shanghai Composite Index dropped 20% from its highs over a period of three days. But, as always with Chinese markets, assessing what it …


In Hong Kong, Thousands March Toward a Political Impasse

On an annual day of protest, marchers call for democratic freedoms that Beijing is unwilling to grant

In the years since Queen Elizabeth relinquished her last major colony to China in 1997, Hong Kong has frequently commemorated July 1 — the anniversary of the “handover,” as it’s known here — as a …

Hong Kong

China upset with Turkey's concern on Ramadan restrictions

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Foreign Ministry denied restricting religious freedom on Wednesday in a sharp response to Turkey for voicing concern over reports that ethnic Uighur muslims had been banned from worship and fasting during Ramadan.

Some local governments in China's far western region of …


China Approves Sweeping Security Law, Bolstering Communist Rule

BEIJING — The Chinese government announced Wednesday that it had enacted a new national security law, one that amounts to a sweeping command from President Xi Jinping to maintain the primacy of Communist Party rule across all aspects of society. The law is expected to bolster the power of the …