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Review: Aircharge Qi wireless charging case for iPhone 6 (and 5/5s)

As a founding member of the Wires Are Evil club, I’ve been waiting impatiently for wide-area wireless charging, where any device on a desk or within a certain area of a room is wirelessly charged. That still seems a way off yet.

A good halfway house would be inductive charging powerful enough to …


Accessory makers are solving Apple's MacBook problem

We like Apple's 12-inch MacBook with its sleek look, high-res screen and scant mass -- but we have a big problem with the single USB-C port. For one, it doubles as the lone power connector, meaning you can't even charge your MacBook and transfer files at the same time. Another issue is finding …


Lomo’Instant is the toy instant camera to please advanced photographers

Walk into any Urban Outfitters in America and you’ll see an array of candy-colored film cameras designed to give hipsters an easy introduction to film photography without requiring any skills. But for those looking to get a little fancy with their instant camera work, Lomography wants to provide a …


FBI pulls computer security expert off flight, after he tweets about hacking its systems

Technically Incorrect: Chris Roberts says he sent his tweet because he's frustrated that a security flaw isn't being addressed.

Computer security …


Solving The Vinyl Comeback's Big Problem, One Antique Machine At A Time

Saturday is Record Store Day, when independent music retailers around the country host parking-lot concerts and sell limited-edition pressings of vinyl records, which have made a small but forceful comeback in an age dominated by digital listening habits. But if there's one problem with the vinyl …

Vinyl Records

Marissa Mayer on decision-making for CEOs.

FAQ: The New Yahoo-Microsoft Deal, Explained

Yahoo and Microsoft have renewed their vows to partner in search? What's changed? What's staying the same? Here's the rundown. What Was The Old Deal? …


The First Apple Homepage • Kevin Fox

But that was 1997. What did look like at the very birth of the World-Wide Web? Say around 1992?

I’m a digital pack-rat, and I’ve been on the …


A Way to Get Much-Higher-Resolution Selfies

A startup called Light uses a cluster of small camera modules to create top-notch photos. First stop: Your smartphone. A rendering of what a …


Apple officially names Steve Dowling as Vice President of Communications

Apple has officially named long time director of public relations Steve Dowling as its new Vice President of Communications, as noted on the company’s executive bios webpage. Dowling succeeds former Apple Communications head Katie Cotton, who left Apple in 2014 following Apple CEO Tim Cook choosing …

Public Relations

No Apple Watches in store until June, Ahrendts tells staff as April 24th date removed from website

Angela Ahrendts has told Apple Store staff that the Apple Watch is unlikely to be available for in-store purchases before June – but they should expect the usual ‘blockbuster launches’ in retail stores for future products.

In a memo to retail store staff, Apple’s retail head thanked staff for making …

Apple Watch

Why Apple Is Permanently Protecting Working Forests

By Lisa Jackson and Larry Selzer

Today, Apple and The Conservation Fund are announcing a collaboration designed to help America’s working forests stay …


Yahoo renews Microsoft search partnership with some changes

While recent rumors suggested Yahoo might not renew its search partnership with Microsoft, both companies are announcing today that the deal will continue with some changes. The alterations to the original 2009 deal give Yahoo some flexibility to alter its search results on any platform as the …


Project Moneyball: An Oral History Of How Yahoo Built A Native Ad Platform In 43 Days

A tale of 18 very busy people, an ambitious goal, free trips to Hawaii, and a new $300 million business.

When Marissa Mayer was named as president and CEO of Yahoo in July 2012, she arrived at a company that had long made most of its money from traditional display advertising: big, splashy banners …


California Bill Would Require Libraries Post Scary Warning Signs Not To Do Infringy Stuff With 3D Printers

For a few years now, folks like Michael Weinberg have been pretty vocal about warning the world not to screw up 3D printing by falling for the same …



I reviewed OS X 10.10 Yosemite for Ars Technica. This is the eleventh major release of OS X, and I've reviewed them all. There are several ways to …

Steve Jobs

The Eternal Return of BuzzFeed

What the online juggernaut can learn from Time, USA Today, and MTV

Before Nyan Cat, before “Imma let you finish,” even before rickrolling, there was a small startup in New York dedicated to finding pre-viral content online. The first employees of BuzzFeed wrote about Borat, MySpace, and the “highly …


Here comes Marissa Mayer's first home grown consumer product for Yahoo

Yahoo is preparing to release its first major consumer product in 32 months, Amir Efrati at The Information reports.

This will be the first product built from scratch under CEO Marissa Mayer. It's going to be a messaging app of sorts. Here's Efrati's description:

Later this quarter it will unveil a …


Meet The Company Secretly Running All Your Favourite Social Media Accounts

A group of twentysomethings in Manchester are taking over Twitter in Britain, and making hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process. But there are questions they need to answer about possible large-scale plagiarism and less than savoury advertising practices.

It only takes 26 minutes for the …


Editorial Guidelines | ASME

ASME Guidelines for Editors and Publishers
Published April 15, 2015

The true value of a print or digital magazine brand lies in its relationship with …


Sources: Yahoo In Talks To Buy Foursquare

Yahoo has been busy rebuilding its business around mobile under CEO Marissa Mayer, and soon it could make one of its biggest bets yet on the platform. We have heard perennially that the company has been looking to buy Foursquare, the New York startup behind the eponymous local search app and …


The Messy Business Of Reinventing Happiness

Inside Disney's radical plan to modernize its cherished theme parks.

Bob Iger wanted approval. It was February 2011, and the Walt Disney Co. CEO gathered his board of directors inside an intimate theater at the company’s Team Disney headquarters in Burbank, California. There, just the night before, …

Walt Disney Company

Surface 3 review: Smaller, slower, cheaper… better?

Specs at a glance: Microsoft Surface 3Screen1920×1280 10.8" (213 PPI), 10-point capacitive touchscreenOSWindows 8.1 64-bitCPU1.6GHz Intel Atom …


Marissa Mayer Hates Purple and Cupcakes, Okay?

Being a company figurehead means holding your tongue and keeping a good face, even when certain aspects of your job might rub you the wrong way. If …


How Much Would You Pay for a Lincoln Signature?

Here's a fascinating little bit of information I've always marveled at. It probably only has any resonance if you're a history person. But here goes. Back when I was a little kid one of my best friends subscribed to the catalog of a dealer in historical documents. Even at our young age I was …

Liberal News

WWDC 2015 will not be the epicenter of selfie sticks

WWDC 2015 may be ‘the epicenter of change’ as the announcement’s tagline presented, but it will not be the epicenter of selfie sticks if Apple has anything to say about it. Included in the WWDC 2015 Attendance Policy is a rule that stands out as a sign of the times: no selfie sticks.

After …


A closer look at the rather rough and not yet ready Windows 10 for phones

Notice how the Music + videos folder has a garbled FM Radio icon. The Cortana and People tiles are also broken because they're no longer allowed to …

Microsoft Windows

How Marissa Mayer Mobilized Yahoo

Almost three years in, Mayer's Yahoo is still a work in progress. But it's made real progress in reinventing itself for the smartphone era.

"I joke that my son is about as old as my tenure here," says Marissa Mayer, the president and CEO of Yahoo. "He showed up when I was about eight weeks in. And I …

Marissa Mayer

WWDC 2015 announced for June 8-12 to unveil “the future of iOS and OS X”

Apple has just officially announced its annual Worldwide Developers Conference for this year. The conference will take place in San Francisco as usual in early June. WWDC will officially kick off on June 8th and run through June 12th. Developers interested in attending the conference can apply for …