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Episode 4: COFFEE

A trip into the hidden backend that’s enabled the rise of precisely and ethically sourced “third-wave” coffee.<p>This is the script for episode 4 of …


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Video Travelogue: Colombia Farm Visits 2016 - PART 2

Roasting guide of KALDI Classic coffee roaster/Semi-convection type(solid drum)

This guys are getting ready to head north to our friends at @jjbeancoffee! #harvest2017 #elinjertocoffee

Directing Trade Through the Supply Chain

<i>…or The (Supply) Chain Will Keep Us Together</i><p>Between 2008 and 2015, I lost weeks of my life to layovers and time zone changes travelling between the …

Arabica Genome Sequenced in Pursuit of Quality and Adaptation

UC Davis researcher Juan Medrano points to the marker that indicates the tree used to sequence the arabica genome, at Good Land Organics in Goleta, …


Better With Age: Fermenting Coffee On Fazenda Margarida In Brazil

For a long time, the idea of a good cup of coffee has been synonymous with beans just arrived from the farm, roasted during the last few days, and …


來嘗試另一種形式的集塵桶,這種底部抽風的集塵方式普遍出現在早期德國的烘豆機上,目前採用的是GIESEN。<br>這種方式需要密閉性很強,抽風也要夠強。下面幾張圖是內部的構造。由於抽風太強,只能先用傳統風門來試機。<p>測試時先用4吋的風管,因為採用的風機較強。<p>下圖是烘焙了約1.5kg所收集的銀皮。效果不錯。<p>有人問 …


這裡對於DIY003的問卷中,烘焙桶型式的一些解釋,這些看法不一定正確,為個人設計時的主要想法。<p>1.半熱風鍋:這裡所謂的半熱風鍋,以火焰(家用瓦斯爐小火)的最高點距離桶身還有5cm的距離為設定來敘述,由於不鏽鋼鍋表面無孔洞,接觸熱源後維持在鍋體的溫度較高,所以接觸熱較高。該類的烘焙核心設定為:較穩定 …

Myanmar Competition Showcases Emerging Origin

Impressive quality—and nearly 90-point coffees—shine at the Myanmar Coffee Cupping Competition, thanks in large part to a value-chain project in the …


Group 163

Variety IntelligenceCreating the first-ever variety catalog for Central America International Multilocation Variety TrialFacilitating the global …

Pingos Rösterkarte

Mapping Roasting Plans Between Different Machines

Daily Coffee News photo.<p>These measurements may differ from what you see on your machine.<p>This is a disclaimer commonly heard in coffee roasting …


Roaster School - Ep #10 - Buying Your Green Coffee

What is Specialty Coffee? | The Specialty Coffee Chronicle

<i>Ric Rhinehart serves as executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association. Prior to taking on this position, he was the president of a Los</i> …

The Soak

When I wrote The Coffee Roaster’s Companion, I was on the fence about The Soak. These days, I’m on the side of the soak, most of the time. I’m …

DIY solid drum coffee roaster 300g capacity demo

Roasting guide of KALDI Fortis coffee roaster vol.2

Maker Series 5 coming soon.

The Ultimate Home Roasting Guide

So why would we, a coffee roasting company, tell you everything you need to know about roasting coffee at home? Well, we think it's fun and chances …


Hello, Honey: A Look at the Costa Rican Process That’s Making Coffee Colorful

Vintage Coffee Roaster Collection

Vintage Coffee Roaster Collection

Vintage Coffee Roaster Collection

Vintage Coffee Roaster Collection

Vintage Coffee Roaster Collection

Vintage Coffee Roaster Collection

Vintage Coffee Roaster Collection