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I was thrilled to finally visit Finca Matalapa when the Huller and Grader are running. Why? Well you have to see the power source here. They use only coffee husk and some hardwood from pruned trees on the farm to run the whole thing... on steam. Such a historic Coffee mill. #elsalvadorcoffee #steamengine #lalibertad

Roast Planning With Cubic Splines

My favorite curve (doesn't everybody have one?) is the relaxed cubic spline, that piecewise polynomial with continuous first and second derivatives. …

E-book: "An Unstable Market"



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Fair trade for Peru's indigenous coffee growers?

Indigenous coffee growers in Peru fight for equality in an industry fraught with discrimination and predatory trade.<p><b>Nuevo Amanecer Hawai, Peru</b> - When Victor Pio's father was shot dead in the cloud forests of Peru's central Amazon in 2013, he inherited a community already hardened by violence and …

Day After Day Job Links - All in one place | Sweet Maria's Coffee Library

Here's our series of Day After Day Job article links...all in one place<p>Many home roasting enthusiasts dream of starting their own roasting …


How to Roast for Acidity

Acidity: this trait is prized by cuppers, competition judges, roasters, and third wave consumers alike. But as roasters, how can we highlight this …


home coffee bean roaster, fired by charcoal Part I

How to Build a Traditional Drum Coffee Roaster

In the Youtube video, you can see the fully functional drum coffee roasting machine which I built in my own garage. This coffee roasting machine is …


Why Are Some Coffees Sweeter Than Others?

Bitter coffee? That’s a thing of the past. Now, specialty professionals and consumers alike want their morning coffee to have a hint of sweetness – …


Our 20 Best Coffee Columns of 2017

Being the labyrinthine thing that it is, coffee presents itself for deep thought from myriad angles. We were lucky enough to have worked this past …


Recommended Hardware

Typica supports a broad range of hardware, not only for communicating with sensors in a coffee roaster, but also other devices that can simplify the …


Yellow, Red, & Black Honey Processed Coffees: What’s The Difference?

“How much honey is in the honey-processed Costa Rican espresso?”If that sounds like a riddle, don’t worry. You’re probably familiar with seeing …


Microlots from Ecuador are headed to the U.S.A. right now—many of them tasting as floral as the delicate coffee blossoms that, just a few months ago, showed off the promise of the healthy harvest to come. We should see these beautiful lots arrive in a few weeks, but we can already practically smell them from here, and honestly can't wait.

Home Roasting Coffee with a Heat Gun and Bread Machine

The various devices used to roast coffee beans provide heat to roast the beans in different ways. The three methods are convection, conduction, and …


Roasting Notes: Máquina Coffee's Gabe Boscana Discusses Colombia Narino

<i>The day our latest Colombia Nariño arrived, we reached out to Gabriel Boscana at Máquina Coffee Roasters about spending some time with it. Gabe got</i> …


Potato Taste Defect: What Roasters Need to Know

Parchment sorting at Nyarusiza washing station in Nyamagabe, Rwanda. Photo courtesy of Royal Coffee/The Crown<p>Spuds, yams, tubers – baked, boiled, …


The New Spot

As the number of quality-focused, independent specialty roasters grows, there’s a line of thinking we increasingly hear. It goes something like, “Now …

Is First Crack Dip Measurement Error?

World Coffee Roasting Championship – Final Scores & Ranking Released For 2017 World Coffee Roasting Championship in Guangzhou

The final scores and rankings for the 2017 World Coffee Roasting Championship have now been released and are available below and also available to …


SCA Lectures Podcast #11: Chemical Physics and Coffee

Coffee undergoes a series of complex chemical physics from the moment it’s picked to the time it’s brewed and consumed. In this episode of the SCA …


Lighter Roasts Better for Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Properties, Research Shows

Early this year, researchers from Stanford led a piece published in Nature Medicine suggesting they’d begun to unlock some answers as to why numerous …


Home coffee roasting using DIY home built coffee roaster (Ikea Colander as drum)

A Deep Dive Into Direct Trade With Author Michaele Weissman

We’ve been proud to publish hundreds of features this year on Sprudge, some groundbreaking, some challenging, and some just, well, fun. But as we …

On-line monitoring for crack sound from coffee beans during roasting