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Coffee Roasting Guide: How to Control Charge Temperature

Don’t underestimate the power of charge temperature. If you want to really control your roast, highlighting the coffee’s best features for espresso …


Inside my 3 kilo (note inlet air probe) :) #flavorcountry #roastersguild #coffee

Colombia’s ex-Farc guerrillas are training as coffee growers and baristas in Cauca

"I want Colombia to be different,” says Jhon Benavides, an aspiring barista and, from the age of 14 until last year, a guerrilla in the Revolutionary …


Crown Analysis: CJ1150 – Ethiopia Gedivo Matewos Ersemo Raised Bed Natural Crown Jewel

<b>Introduction by Chris Kornman</b><p>In the Gedivo kebele of Kochere, not far from Yirgacheffe town, a private washing station owned by Matewos Ersemo …


2017 Taiwan WCE Roasting

Podcast: Coffee and Microorganisms with Leo and Jenni Henao: Los Palomos, Colombia | Sweet Maria's Coffee Library

<i>Sept. 6, 2017</i><p>Here is the audio from a video that Tom shot on a trip to Colombia.<p>"This is a long form talk with Leo and Jenni Henao at the farm in …


Ethiopia: A Disambiguation of the Nation

Ethiopia is, arguably, the most important origin in specialty coffee. It appears on every roaster’s menu, consistently wins competitions like the …


EVO-I & Mini500 going to US

咖啡空少 world coffee shops

| WOOTS 3.0 烘豆機 |<p>來黃介吳大哥的工廠拍網站素材照,順便練習拍影片,謝謝黃大哥的邀請!

Rob Hoos: Thermocouple lesson

<i>Advertisement</i><p>millcityroasters<p>Sponsor<p><b>Posts:</b> 297<p><b>Joined:</b> Oct 17, 2014, 7:42 am<p>I'll go out on a limb and disagree with my good friend Marko.<p>Although our …


Why Specialty Naturals Need Strict Quality Control

Natural coffees are full of sweetness, eco-friendly, and on trend. But they can also be one of the most vulnerable to contamination and fermentation …


Elephants in the Coffee

Coffee Roasting Navigated by Therese Brøndsted on Apple Podcasts

Sweet Maria's Coffee by Thompson Owen

Video: Loring Roasters Built From Start to Finish

Energy efficiency, responsive roasting chamber controls and bean-level roast consistency have been at the center of California-based roasting …


Collaboration – The Key to a Better Cup

<i>Sponsored content provided by Cropster.</i> Successful roasters are like Formula One driversFormula One, like roasting, requires an almost miraculous …

Formula One

A Closer Look at Ethiopia Sidama Nansebo for Espresso

by Dan Wood<p>East African espressos aren't for everyone. I get it. The acidity level of washed Kenyas and Yirga Cheffe's can be overwhelming, …


Connecting Phidgets on Linux

To get up and running Artisan under Linux using Phidgets is not completely trivial (but doable). While the installation of Artisan should not pose …

Giesen Roaster Connected

A number of people have asked how best to connect their Giesen coffee roasters to Artisan. Here is a quite elegant solution by Barry that brings his …

Roast Phases, Statistics and Phases LCDs

The coffee roasting process is often discussed with respect to its separate roasting phases. Splitting not only makes it easier to get complex things …

More On Digital Noise

In my previous post on Digital Noise I demonstrated that a low temperature resolution produces a noisy rate-of-rise (RoR) curve. Here I hint on a …

Red Mini500 went to Texas https://t.co/lR8LrVdaDu

Another BellaTaiwan Mini500 lands in Seattle WA. https://t.co/emQcYFRabe

New Starmaya Hybrid Could ‘Reshape the Industry,’ Says World Coffee Research

A new F1 hybrid coffee variety called Starmaya may forever change the coffee breeding landscape by dramatically improving producers’ access to …


New hardware to add support for in Typica 1.8.1. https://t.co/VxYHwccLCg

今宵のお相手は、この方です。 #ハマ珈琲 #coffeeroasting #colombiancoffee

Excessively Slow Drum Speed Experiment (Roasters Guild Retreat 2017)