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makan pt. 3

makan pt. 3


07/28/17<p>This is quite an interesting <i>YouTube channel</i> concept, and it shows that … Asian chicks kick ass! <b>JESSICA CHOU</b> is a young Asian American woman who has a YouTube channel which basically teaches other girls and women about how to fix their car.<p>“<i>I think we don’t see as many female mechanics because the industry is still so heavily dominated by men. When we think of a mechanic, we think of men. When we see ads or posters of mechanics, we see men. When we see shows about cars, we see men. It</i> …


Here’s a Free Photoshop Course in 33 Videos

Want to learn Photoshop from the very beginning? Here’s a beginner’s guide by TastyTuts will let you jump-start your post production skills. It’s a …

Coffee, Books, and the Blood of My Enemies — Male Protagonists to Avoid in your Writing: An...


“Who Fears Death” is novel with science fiction and fantasy elements by American writer <b>Nnedi Okorafor</b>.<p>I’m very upset that they decided not to mention her name… She is an incredibly talented person and they made an unacceptable mistake….<p><b>She is the treasure of modern literature, but they presented her as if they were ashamed that a black woman could write something worthwhile.</b><p>I have this book and its phenomenal omg I’m so excited


Acrylic Paradise by Badass Genius<p>Love love love


The so-called “pro-life” movement’s philosophy.<p>One of the best political cartoons that I’ve seen.<p>You know what pisses me off about this? Really, REALLY pisses me off? That’s George (H.W.) Bush holding that umbrella. He was president 1981-1989. Do you get that?<p><b>It means that the right have not budged an inch on their ridiculous pro-foetus, anti-actual-persons position in THIRTY GODDAMN YEARS. We should not still be having this argument! Thirty year old political cartoons should be bafflingly</b> …

Two photo studies and an icy looking werewolf

Two photo studies and an icy looking werewolf.


watercolor on paper by Mark Adams.


A little selfie 🎃 Been watching a lot of horror movies

open 24/7!

I always loved the idea of Pokemon Centres as a central hub for all sorts of trainers, and how tranquil the pokemon regions feel at night.<p>I’m going to try and get this as a print at some point! Stay tuned!

strawberrymedows:My dog duke

My dog duke


<b>Black History Month!</b><p>My favorite parts of history (as might be obvious from my choice of subject matter when making books) are the ones that fall into easily-categorized genres, genres with associated visual iconographies. This is the sort of stuff I loved as a kid: pirates, knights, cowboys, explorers, romans and Egyptians and flying aces. Stuff you could find featured in a bag of toys or a generic costume.<p>For Black History Month, I thought I might visit some of these adventure-leaning periods …


WAKE No.1 / 42x42 / Canada<p>mixed media with photography, acrylic paint, pastel and ink by Stev’nn Hall


mY CHILDHOOD FEAR WAS A GAME LIKE THIS<p>There is also one called “Clocky”, an alarm clock that runs away and hides if you don’t get out of bed on time. When the alarm sounds you can snooze one time. If you still don’t wake up, Clocky will jump off of the bedside table, and wheel away, mindlessly bumping into objects until he finds a spot to rest. You’ll have to get up and out of bed to silence his alarm. Clocky will find new spots everyday, kind of like a hide-and-seek game.<p>The Drill Sergeant …


I’m tired of girls trying to invalidate their own feelings during times of pain, especially to their friends. Your break up meant something. That friendship you lost was a hard blow. I understand why you feel tired this semester. Sometimes this “modern woman” stereotype is patriarchy’s last attempt; patriarchy disguised as feminism. You don’t have to be “wise beyond your years”; your pain and crying does not mean you are not intelligent. If you feel your friends demand justification for your …

How to cook perfect, tender asparagus: one of spring's most delightful simple pleasures

If you've never had properly cooked asparagus, you're missing out on something wonderful indeed.<p>I was reminded of its simple and irrefutable pleasure …



<i>“What are you? A ghost trying to fit in with humans? Or a creepy little boy with creepy little powers?”</i>

Take action - 4 things you can do for Syria

As the war in Syria enters its seventh year, many of us feel helpless. We hear stories about children such as Fares, a 6-year-old from Syria who has never seen a classroom in his life, and we wish there was something we could do.<p><b>“My name is Fares. I do not know how to read or write. I only know how to draw the sky, the sea and the sun.”</b><p>But we must not give up hope. Together, we can take action. Together, the Messengers of Humanity can show their solidarity with the Syrian people.<p>In the …

Five Must-Know Photoshop Quick Tips

“Photoshoppers" are very particular in the way they use the program. Many utilize a workflow that includes tricks, keyboard short cuts, etc. Some get …

Vincent Van Gogh Quotes: 10 Sayings To Remember The 'Starry Night' Artist On His 164th Birthday

Thursday would have been the 164th birthday of Vincent van Gogh, the famous Postimpressionist painter who created more than 2,100 works in the last …

Happy Tuesday! Today’s tip is a very easy one to remember – VARY Your PROPORTIONS!

Happy Tuesday! Today’s tip is a very easy one to remember – VARY Your PROPORTIONS!<p>Characters that has varied proportion within their shape tend to be more dynamic and interesting. The ones with equal proportion tends to be more static; there’s definitely time to do this; ie. when you want to emphasize the staticness or boringness of a character. In general, I tend to give variety within my proportion and avoid to divide things in half or equal mass. I always keep in mind to use the rule of 1/3 …

17 Cheat Sheets Every Home Cook Should Know About

From baking hacks, to perfect pastas, to slow cooker shortcuts.


<i>Welcome to JTV Pokecenter! Please ensure your pokemon are in a carrier, on a leash, or in their pokeballs at all times. Thank you!</i><p>Your friendly neighbourhood veterinary clinic is probably the closest thing in real life to a pokemon center, eh? So here are some pics of a few of my patients re-imagined as pokemon. I’ve been meaning to do a mashup like this for a while, but now seems a particularly relevant time.<p>(And if you ever visit our little clinic with your real life critters, I’ll check out …

🐰 korean skincare regimen set, d.va style 🐰  oil cleanser, foam cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer

🐰 korean skincare regimen set, d.va style 🐰 oil cleanser, foam cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer

“Baddies with Diseases”. Norm #grizandnorm #sharpiesketch

“Baddies with Diseases”. Norm #grizandnorm #sharpiesketch