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The Switch

Create or Purchase a Physical Switch and Enclosure.

For our switch, we used a custom wooden enclosure with a standard momentary push button. If you …

3D Modeling

Rephone lets you hack a cellular radio into anything

Yesterday at the Maker Faire in New York, we had a chance to check out the Rephone, a clever little project that comprises a bunch of modules that let you cobble together your own tiny little cell phone. Actually, making a cute little cardboard-encased phone is the least interesting thing aboutt …


Diy project - homemade machine that walks

HamShield for Arduino (VHF/UHF transceiver)

Turn your Arduino into a powerful radio transceiver!

HamShield lets your Arduino talk to far away people and things using powerful amateur radio …

How To Build A ProxyHam Despite A Cancelled DEFCON Talk

A few days ago, [Ben Caudill] of Rhino Security was scheduled to give a talk at DEFCON. His project, ProxyHam, is designed for those seeking complete …


ProxyGambit Better Than ProxyHam; Takes Coffee Shop WiFi Global

Last weekend saw the announcement of ProxyHam, a device that anonymizes Internet activity by jumping on WiFi from public libraries and cafes over a …


LEDs Strips Tell You the Trains Aren’t Running

[James] is a frequent user of the London Underground, a subway system that is not immune to breakdowns and delays. He wanted a way to easily tell if …


Turning On the Kettle with your Phone

Why do light bulbs, furnaces, outlets and even automated blinds get all the home automation love? Won’t somebody think of the kettle!? How are we …


Imagine this insanely fast drone hunting you down

Let me be honest and say that after watching this video, I was not convinced it was real. It starts out with a fairly mundane-looking drone hovering innocently enough. And then with a sound like a TIE Fighter taking off, it accelerates into the air at an incredible speed and disappears. For all I …


Pi-nk : tutorial


Aka another Kindleberry Pi tutorial


This tutorial has several important prerequisites. While reaching those, you will void the warranty of …

Tiny robots pull objects up to 2,000 times their own weight

Engineers from Stanford University have created miniature robots named "MicroTugs" capable of pulling and lifting objects more than 100 times their own weight. The strongest of the bots weighs just 12 grams but can pull objects 2,000 times heavier than itself, reports the New Scientist. This is the …


Onion Omega: Build Hardware with JavaScript, Python, PHP

Tiny dev board with Linux & WiFi. Create cool things with REST APIs, App Store, in-depth tutorials, and our awesome community!

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Raspberry Pi Action Camera

Please excuse the discoloration/ choppiness – this is a screen recording of the video file. Raw files can be seen here.


I was fortunate …

Kickstarting Router-Based Development Boards

[Squonk] is rather famous in the world of repurposed routers, having reverse engineered the TL-WR703N wireless router from TP-Link a few years ago. …


Earth Day: Environmental Sensors

Before you attempt to solve a problem, you must first study the problem. If there’s a problem with the environment, you must therefore study the …


FCC Creates Innovation Radio, The Future Of Wireless Broadband

Thirty years ago there was a lot of unused spectrum in the 900MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.2GHz bands. They were licensed for industrial, scientific, and …


APRS Tracking System Flies Your Balloons

Looking for a way to track your high-altitude balloons but don’t want to mess with sending data over a cellular network? [Zack Clobes] and the others …

Ham Radio

Raspberry Pi Doorbell is Fully Featured

When you think of a doorbell, you typically don’t think of anything very complicated. It’s a button that rings a bell inside your home. That’s about …

Raspberry Pi

Wireless Power Outlets

Connect wires to Rf transmitter and receiver chips. If you use different gpio pins the programs CodeSend and RFSniffer will not work. If you would …


How Green Screen Worked Before Computers

If you know anything about how films are made then you have probably heard about the “green screen” before. The technique is also known as chroma key …

Chroma Keying

Developer Saved Years Later by His Own Hardware

Bryan is a computer neophyte (he needs help turning his computer on), but he has a basketball story. His team was playing in a crucial basketball …

University of Washington

Watt Meter build walks you through Power Measurement basics

You almost never hear of a DC Watt Meter – one just does some mental math with Volts and Amps at the back of one’s head. An AC Watt Meter, on the …


Brewing Beer with a Sous Vide Cooker

[Ken] found an interesting use for his sous vide cooker. He’s been using it to help him with his home brewing. It’s unlikely that the manufacturer …


Mushroom Cultivation Automation | Projects

Update 4/10/2015: A newer version of this project has been released. Read More >>

There have been many initiatives undertaken to maximize mushroom …

Turning an Ordinary Pen into a Covert Radio Receiver

[Ben Krasnow’s] latest project will be good for anyone who wants a complicated way to cheat on a test. He’s managed to squeeze a tiny FM radio …

FM Radio

Microsoft to support Raspberry Pi 2 with a free version of Windows 10

Microsoft is throwing its weight behind the newly announced Raspberry Pi 2 today. The Raspberry Pi Foundation's low-cost computer was an instant hit when it first debuted in 2012, and the new Raspberry Pi 2 now includes a more powerful processor and twice as much RAM. While you’ve never been able …

Microsoft Windows

Raspberry Pi 2 is way more powerful, still just $35, and available now

The Raspberry Pi Foundation's low-cost computer was an instant phenomenon upon its release in 2012, and now, just shy of three years later, it's back with a new one. The foundation is today announcing the Raspberry Pi 2, an equally cheap, equally tiny computer that's meant for use in electronics …

Raspberry Pi

The Smallest Portable Pi

What do you get when you take an extremely small Raspberry Pi clone and stuff it inside a Game Boy Advance SP? We don’t know what to call it, but …

Raspberry Pi

Twittering Laser Tripwire with Webcam Capture

This instructable will show you how to construct a laser tripwire that can twitter and grab an image from a webcam, as well as execute any command …