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This Street Artist Paints Graffiti That's So Realistic It's Scary



Scientists gave a bunch of octopuses ecstasy and they started acting just like humans

You might imagine that you have much in common with an octopus. Humans and octopi certainly don’t look similar, and their brains are far from …

Johns Hopkins University

Devastating solar storm is a matter of ‘when not if’ warns Met Office as Solar Orbiter begins testing

A devastating solar storm which could wipe out communications on Earth and fry power grids is a matter of ‘when not if’ the head of the Met Office’s Space Weather Monitoring centre has warned.<p>Extreme space weather has already caused widespread disruption, with a geomagnetic storm leaving six …

Solar Cycle

🔊 The Cold Hard Truth... You Couldnt Make This Stuff Up w/Christopher Everard 🔊

5 Theories & Predictions on What Lies Outside The Observable Universe

Sunspot Solar Observatory In New Mexico Shut Down By The FBI Last Week, Still Closed, Here Are The Theories

Aliens, Russian hacking, chemical spills... who knows?<p>The Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico was shut down last week under mysterious …

New Mexico

Military mics are now being fitted on soldiers’ teeth

Tiny “Molar Mics” will be used by the military for hands-free communication<p>Say hello to this magic military invention, a tiny tooth microphone that …


Earth is hell, but space isn’t heaven

Side Note<p>Sep—09—2018 12:52PM EST<p>NASA Ames Research Center<p>Classic NASA art showcases a vision of the future that isn’t exactly inviting.<p>I love the …

Research Center

Lowkey & Faith SFX - Alphabet Assassin

Royce da 5'9" - Caterpillar ft. Eminem, King Green


Scientists Admit, Embarrassingly, We Don't Know How Strong The Force Of Gravity Is

When we first began formulating physical laws, we did so empirically: through experiments. Drop a ball off a tower, like Galileo may have done, and you can measure both how far it falls and how long it takes to hit the ground. Release a pendulum, and you can find a relationship between the …


Japan is about to launch a mini space elevator that could be a sign of things to come

Getting into space can be a tricky thing. Right now, the hardware that can get you there — a rocket — is complex, pricey, and a bit dangerous. The …

Space Travel

Planet Nine might be invisible for at least 1,000 years

Scientists have long believed that our solar system might have a ninth planet orbiting well beyond Neptune and Pluto. Scientists hypothesize that the …


The Surprising Neurological Effects Of Combining Cannabis And Tobacco

The use of cannabis and tobacco often reduce the neuro-connectivity in the brains of people who consume one or the other separately. However, this is …


Stars is NOT what you think they are! Expectation vs. Reality


A Single Dose of CBD Reset the Brains of People at High Risk of Psychosis

The marijuana-derived compound has huge therapeutic potential.<p>Psychosis, a severe mental disorder characterized by a loss of grip on reality, can …

The Brain

Inside the Secret Moon Documentary Shocking Mysteries of our Universe


'Porsches And Pot is A Bad Mix': That Time A 'Goonies' Star And A Magazine Editor Went On An Epic Brownie Bender

Sometimes you smoke a joint and fall asleep while watching Netflix. Other times you wind up cruising the Pacific Coast Highway with a cast member of …

Pacific Coast Highway

How Closely Are Ufologists Watched By Government Agencies?

That’s a question I’m often asked, mainly because of my interest in the Men in Black mystery. Although there is no doubt in my mind that the vast …


Too dirty to breathe: can London clean up its toxic air?

Catherine Bazell looks out from her first floor flat towards the familiar landmarks of central London as a steady stream of cars and vans trundle by on the road below.<p>“Me and my mum and dad used to love taking bus trips for the day when I was a girl,” says the 73-year-old. “We would get a bus and …


We dream even when under general anaesthetic

The nightmare scenario for patients undergoing surgery is that they become aware but remain paralysed as they are sliced open. Anaesthesia almost …


👾 Nanobots & Synthetic Bodies👾 The Anthony Patch Show, Ep#82

You Will Question Everything After Watching This! (2018-2019)


End of the world: MIT prediction from 1973 is proving true

In 1973, a computer program was developed at MIT to model global sustainability. Instead, it predicted that by <b>2040</b> our civilization would end. While …

World Health Organization

It’s the year 2038–here’s how we’ll eat 20 years in the future

A science-fiction look at the next two decades of food developments, from robot farmers to 3D-printed meals to government monitoring of your daily calorie intake.<p>It’s the year 2038. The word “flavor” has fallen into disuse. Sugar is the new cigarettes, and we have managed to replace salt with …

The Milky Way ‘died’ a long time ago and we’re living through its Second Coming

Humanity’s home galaxy ‘died’ at some point in its history before experiencing a dramatic ‘rebirth’, a Japanese scientist has claimed.<p>Academics at …

Shaolin Style Hip Hop Instrumental

Janice & Mr.Green - If I Don't Go To Hell (instrumental)

Brit UFO hunter Max Spiers who died aged 39 after vomiting 2L of black liquid 'had laptop wiped by authorities before it was returned to family'

A BRITISH UFO hunter who died after vomiting two litres of black liquid had his laptop wiped by authorities before it was returned to his family, a …