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Comment on CB Insights Presents: Corporate Innovation Theatre In 8 Acts by Daniel Rosen

You forgot the denouement moment when the corporation starts an early-stage, corporate VC practice (because…why not?), and of course the final act …


Blackstone’s struggle to win over investors

Founder Stephen Schwarzman frustrated with share price ten years on from private equity firm’s listing


What China Reveals About the Future of Shopping

On Growing: 7 Lessons from the Story of WeChat

Founders are increasingly pointing to Asia when asked for an example of a product they aspire to create, and WeChat is very often that aspirational …


Comment on PSA: Email Introduction Etiquette – Always Always Always Use the Double Opt-In Intro by Gr8Dad

What a wimp.Disagree with your catagorization as lazy and disrespecful. I’d catagorize the double blind approach to a simple introduction as …

Jeff Bezos

US share buybacks punch below their weight

Rise of passive investing may be denting impact of $2tn repurchases


Unilever’s responsible capitalism should be lauded

A focus on sustainability drives long-term value, says Stewart Investors’ Jack Nelson


Rise and fall of Adeptus is parable of Wall St hype

The banks’ hard sell guaranteed a glittering listing for now-troubled healthcare provider


Industries Of The Future: The Trends, Companies, And Categories The Top VC Firms Are Betting On

“Smart money” VCs have an enviable investment history, with a pattern of successful exited companies and high returns. And these firms’ portfolios …

Boutique research firms set to gain from charging shake-up

Mifid II will promote level playing field by separating fees for research and trading


The MVP is dead. Long live the RAT.

Why you should focus on <i>Riskiest Assumption Tests</i> and forget about MVPs.<p>There is a flaw at the heart of the term Minimum Viable Product: it’s not a …

Fundraising Rounds Are Not Milestones

When meeting with founders for the first time I sometimes hear, “We’re a Series A company.” Meanwhile, YC alumni I talk to tell me that their angel …

Getting to a first meeting with VCs

<b>Key Takeaways</b><p>Target the VCs that are the best fit for your business<br>• Find a way in through a referral where possible<br>• Not all referrals are equal, find a …

Problem of ‘free’ banking for challenger lenders

Until new players find a compelling customer offer the sector’s oligopoly will persist


What I have learnt at Fundsmith in the past five years

Fundsmith, my fund management business, celebrated its fifth anniversary in the past month. What have I learnt over the past five years of running …

16 Startup Metrics – Andreessen Horowitz

We have the privilege of meeting with thousands of entrepreneurs every year, and in the course of those discussions are presented with all kinds of …

Leslie’s Compass: A Framework For Go-To-Market Strategy

As the former CEO of Veritas, a Stanford GSB Lecturer and MD of Leslie Ventures, Mark Leslie has seen what it takes to go to market effectively from …

Business School

Benchmarking Exceptional Series A SaaS Companies

At SaaStr 2016 and SaaS Office Hours in New York, I shared an analysis of the fastest growing SaaS companies over the last 3 years. In particular, I …


How Much Money Should I Raise for My Startup?

How much should a founder raise for their startup? I imagine almost every founder contemplating a fundraising round ponders this question. There are …


Schumpeter: Businesses can and will adapt to the age of populism

SchumpeterBusinesses can and will adapt to the age of populism<p>How executives balance shareholder expectations and social pressures<p>print-edition …

Growth as a false signal in Y Combinator startups

One has to appreciate how Paul Graham built Y Combinator into the world’s flagship accelerator and handed it off to others to continue its impressive run at the top of the heap. In fact, I have yet to meet a founder who regrets joining the program.<p>But after stepping away from the YC scene for five …


16 Things to Get IPO Ready (or Just Build a Really Strong Business)

Should I take my company public? Why? If so, when and how? In this post, I’ll demystify these questions and provide a framework for answering them.If …

Andreessen Horowitz

Long on vision, short on execution?

I love the idea of Magic Leap and wish them every success in the world. Who wouldn’t want to see whales leaping out of floors like the one in the …


Dave Birch l The blockchain and ambient accountability l Meaning 2016

Information Cascades - How Many Rational People Can Make Logical Decisions and Yet Still Create a Bubble

When I say bubble, you likely conjure images of people speculating on real estate or stocks or tulips in your imagination. Like me, you might dismiss …


Pre-seed investments work best when there’s a clear plan for short term value creation

Most VCs will say that to evaluate deals they look at the market size, the product and the quality of the team. Different investors place different …

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