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‘I could not cope in the world,’ Brent Williams talks about depicting his depression and anxiety in a graphic novel

‘I left my family – my four lovely children, my wife of 30-something years, my house, I walked away from my business which I’d developed over many …

Mental Health

Fundamental Physical Constants

And Examples of When They May Be Used<p>Physics is described in the language of mathematics, and the equations of this language make use of a wide array …


How the Index Card Cataloged the World

Carl Linnaeus, the father of biological taxonomy, also had a hand in inventing this tool for categorizing anything. An Object Lesson.<p>Like every graduate student, I once holed up in the library cramming for my doctoral oral exams. This ritual hazing starts with a long reading list. Come exam day, …

German Philosophy

Divers discovered a 3,000-year-old castle underwater in a Turkish lake

You never know what's lurking under the water until you look.<p>In the depths of Lake Van, the largest lake in Turkey, a group of divers just discovered a lost castle.<p>The underwater fortress is approximately 3,000 years old, according to Turkish publications.<p>Photographer Tahsin Ceylan, who headed up …


Age old problem: how to stay clever for longer

There are ways to ward off dementia and the ill effects of brain ageing, say Alexis Willett and Jennifer Barnett<p>Sorry to break it to you, but there’s bad news. Your brain is shrinking (probably). None of us is getting any younger and time is increasingly taking its toll on our brains; our neurons …

The Brain

New Fish Species Lives 5 Miles Underwater—a Record

Scientists have formally identified a new species of snailfish, the deepest ever caught in the Mariana Trench. A related species has been filmed but never collected.<p>It's cute, almost pink, and about twice as long as a cigar, with flesh so translucent you can see its liver from the outside. And it …

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10 Philosophical Works I'd Bring To a Desert Island:


Renowned Harvard Psychologist Says ADHD is Largely a Fraud

<b>Categories</b>Autism & ADHD, Big Pharma, Carolanne Wright, Depression, Anxiety & Mental Health, DNA, the Brain & The Human Body, Health & Medical, …


Richard Dawkins: 'I am a secular Christian'

The prominent scientist and atheist Richard Dawkins admits his nostalgia for religion at the Hay Festival 2014<p>Richard Dawkins, the prominent atheist and scientist, has admitted that he is a “secular Christian” because he hankers after the nostalgia and traditions of the church.<p>Speaking at the Hay …


Neuroscience News wrote a new post, What if Consciousness is Not What Drives the Human Mind?, on the site Neuroscience News

Summary: Researchers provide new insight into human consciousness, reporting we don’t consciously choose our feelings or thoughts; we simply become …


Can Science Explain The Human Mind?

In <i>The Devil's Dictionary</i>, Ambrose Bierce describes the mind as "a mysterious form of matter secreted by the brain," engaged in a futile attempt to understand itself "with nothing but itself to know itself with."<p>Questions about the limits of self-understanding have persisted long after Bierce's 1911 …


This Can’t Be Good: Genealogy Companies Say They’re Willing to Give Law Enforcement Your DNA

We all have those people in our family or close circle who are just like Martin Lawrence’s character in <i>Boomerang:</i> They “here” on all the …

Having trouble in remembering things? New research explains how you can improve your memory

Exercise is good for the brain: New research suggests that it can improve your memory<p>There are a number of supplements available in the market which …

Ancient clay tablet has revealed locations of 11 ‘lost cities’ from 4,000 years ago

Baked clay tablets from ancient Assyria, dating back as much as 4,000 years, could reveal the locations of 11 ‘lost cities’ in modern-day …


This Italian island is home to the oldest people in the world. Here's their secret

Forget the anti aging creams, soaps and lotions. Turns out the secret to youth is actually chocolate and red wine. Buzz60's Natasha Abellard (@NatashaAbellard) has the story. Buzz60<p>Could the Pioppi Diet from Italy help you live to 100? Buzz60<p>When it comes to longevity, most factors are out of your …


Watch 94 Free Lectures From the Great Courses: Dystopian Fiction, Astrophysics, Guitar Playing & Much More

I can certainly appreciate that many of us spend too much time reading news and opinion, seeking firmer footing amidst alarming current events. But …

The 100 Best Nonfiction Books of All Time: No 92 – The Diary of Samuel Pepys (1660)

A portrait of an extraordinary Englishman, whose scintillating first-hand accounts of Restoration England are reported alongside his rampant sexual exploits<p>One day in December 1659, a young civil servant and Cambridge graduate named Samuel Pepys went to the shop in Cornhill in the City of London, …


Scientists have found an exciting new clue about how 'super-agers' stay sharp as they age

So much for not being able to teach an old dog new tricks.<p>Some older people can remember things just as well as peers who are nearly half their age. Scientists are calling them "super-agers" for their unique ability to stay sharp into old age<p>Several months ago, researchers discovered at least one …

The Brain

New great ape species is a rare find

A new, isolated species of orangutan has been found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra nearly a century after being originally reported, growing our …

New York Times

7 things you peak at in life after age 50, according to science

It's in the back nine of life, for instance, that people have the best body images and can best pick up on others' emotions.<p>In case you're worried the prime of your life is rushing past you, here is some evidence the best is still yet to come.


U.S. Genealogy Records Directory

What Can You Do With the World's Largest Family Tree?

Scientists are beginning to find out.<p>Your family tree might contain a few curious revelations. It might alert you to the existence of long-lost third cousins. It might tell you your 10-times-great-grandfather once bought a chunk of Brooklyn. It might reveal that you have royal blood. But when …


The Oldest Treasures From 12 Great Libraries

We asked some of our favorite libraries: What’s the oldest item in your collection?<p>When you start to think about the oldest books that a library …

Ancient History

Featured New York Repositories for Genealogy | New York G&B

Since 2006, The New York Genealogical and Biographical Society has been publishing a series of guides to notable New York State repositories in the</i> …

[Postcard ] | Pivot to Digital, by Jesse Coburn

A visit with the man who has digitized more newspaper pages than the Library of Congress.


The 100 best nonfiction books: No 90 – An Essay Concerning Human Understanding by John Locke (1689)

Eloquent and influential, the Enlightenment philosopher’s most celebrated work embodies the English spirit and retains an enduring relevance<p>This celebrated essay, available to its first readers in December 1689, though formally dated 1690, could hardly be more topical today. It is an examination of …

John Locke

In Memory Training Smackdown, One Method Dominates

When it comes to brain training, some workouts seem to work better than others.<p>A comparison of the two most common training methods scientists use to improve memory and attention found that one was twice as effective as the other. The more effective method also changed brain activity in a part of …

The Brain

Counting Cousins: How to Calculate Cousinhood - Family Tree

How, exactly, are you related to the child of your great-great-grandmother’s sister’s son? We’ll explain the steps to calculating cousinhood.