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Factory outlet: the art inspired by Joy Division and New Order

From an Ian Curtis doppelganger to works by Barbara Kruger and Scott King, the exhibition True Faith explores the Manchester bands’ visual legacy. Co-curator Jon Savage selects some of his favourites<p><b>Peter Saville: FAC 1 (1978)</b><p><i>Screenprint</i><p>Peter Saville’s groundbreaking poster captures a proud, …

Jonathan Demme

The man who made colour cool – in pictures

A new exhibition of Joel Meyerowitz’s groundbreaking street photography traces his fascinating evolution from black and white (‘back there’) to colour (‘obvious’)


The unflinching eye of Eugene Richards – in pictures

Drug addiction, poverty, racism and the plight of rural America are some of the uncomfortable topics covered in a major retrospective of photojournalist Eugene Richards at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York. The exhibition covers his career from 1968, and focuses on the marginalized …


The artist projecting on to Trump Hotel

Artist Robin Bell has projected political messages on Trump Hotel, the World Bank and FBI buildings. So why does he do it?<p><i>Video by Maria Chiu</i>


From Russia with mutts – in pictures

From stuffed elephants to picnics under power lines, Leipzig-born photographer Frank Herfort coaxes magical, colour-saturated tableaux from intriguing slices of everyday Russian life


Stephen Fry: Facebook and other platforms should be classed as publishers

Speaking at Hay festival, writer accuses ‘aggregating news agencies’ of not taking responsibility for their content<p>Stephen Fry has called for Facebook and other “aggregating news agencies” to be reclassified as publishers in order to stop fake news and online abuse spreading by making social media …

Stephen Fry

Why I kept every single pair of my daughter’s shoes

The artist Sophie Turner saved her daughter Leola’s shoes from birth until she left home, each pair bringing up memories, from her pink baby shoes to the high heels she wears today<p><b>Sophie</b><p>When Leola was born, I started saving her shoes as a reminder of her growing up. I had studied art at college and …


Final cut: films condensed into a single frame – in pictures

Jason Shulman photographs entire movies with ultra-long exposures, creating impressionist photo masterpieces in the process

Film (UK)

Where there’s a wall there’s a way: artists take aim at Sumatra’s palm oil industry

When smoke from Indonesia’s palm oil industry reached the studio of artist Ernest Zacharevic in Malaysia, a unique project was born. Intent on making the world reconsider the environment, Zacharevic sold one of his prints to raise funds for Splash and Burn, a public art campaign. The title is a …


'The street is a stage': photographer David Gaberle's urban journey – in pictures

David Gaberle travelled the world for eight months in 2015 capturing street life and the way people interact in cities, from Tokyo to London, Batumi to New York<p>Metropolight by David Gaberle

Hong Kong

Accelerationism: how a fringe philosophy predicted the future we live in

The world is changing at dizzying speed – but for some thinkers, not fast enough. Is accelerationism a dangerous idea or does it speak to our troubled times?<p>Half a century ago, in the great hippie year of 1967, an acclaimed young American science fiction writer, Roger Zelazny, published his third …


Global hypercolour: Harry Gruyaert's world of light – in pictures

Harry Gruyaert travelled from Belgium to Egypt, Morocco and the US, making the banal beautiful with his colour-rich photography

Street Photography

Trump's tormentor: Vic Berger, the viral video-maker taking satire into the fake-news age

His dystopian mashups are the perfect response to our topsy-turvy world. Meet Vic Berger, the stay-at-home dad who weaponised his social anxiety into satire<p>By rights, it should have been a turning point in the public image of Donald J Trump. A month after his inauguration, he was to address a joint …

British Humour

Kafka, catwalks and vanishing sets: Miriam Buether's stunning designs – in pictures

From a play inspired by Edward Snowden to an opera about Anna Nicole Smith, Miriam Buether’s stage designs always astonish audiences. She talks through six of her greatest creations<p>Enter the theatre for a show designed by Miriam Buether and you have no idea what to expect. You may be seated around …

Royal Opera House

A decade of award-winning British landscape photography – in pictures

A new book brings together the UK’s greatest landscape photographers, who have captured everything from violent seas to tranquil mountains


From Colgate Lasagne to Crystal Pepsi: visit the Museum of Failure

Dr Samuel West has gathered exhibits demonstrating abject commercial failure and put them on show in Helsingborg, Sweden. But he says there’s a lot to learn from the very worst ideas<p>Ah, nostalgia. Remember back when we were all listening to our Zunes, drinking a Crystal Pepsi munching a McDonald’s …


The dream factory: CushmoK's gothic reveries – in pictures

Niger-born French photographer CushmoK blends surrealism and poetry in his ‘small, dreamlike sculptures’


Two Blue Buckets by Peter Fraser review – everyday revelations

From deflated balloons to the mysterious blue buckets, Peter Fraser’s photographs illuminate the ordinary<p>The contemplation of the apparently mundane has long been a preoccupation of photographers. In the work of William Eggleston, for instance, the vernacular interiors and ordinary landscapes of …


Clint, Christ and crocodile capitalism: the satirical collages of Ion Barladeanu

The homeless Romanian artist creates punchy mash-ups of pop culture and political comment


BBC Arts - BBC Arts, Richard Mosse: Incoming

Richard Mosse's new exhibition Incoming at the Barbican Curve utilises military-grade cameras to highlight the refugee crisis enveloping Europe and how we perceive the refugee as an entity.<p>This type of technology has never been used before aesthetically and is regarded as a weapon under the …

The water's lovely: eerie Slovakian swimming pools – in pictures

Slovakian photographer Mária Švarbová stages atmospheric shots of pastel-hued swimming pools, full of pristine waters and blood-red bathing caps


La vie en rose: 40 years of Pierre et Gilles – in pictures

From Boy George crossed with Krishna to Serge Gainsbourg as an imprisoned Santa, a new book traces four decades of brilliant images from the photographer and painter couple Pierre and Gilles


You're never alone at the Museum of Broken Relationships

<b>After a relationship ends, even the most mundane objects can become painful reminders. One museum in Los Angeles puts them on display.</b><p>When you're heartbroken, everything reminds you of the person who's no longer there. So do you burn your love letters? Throw away your wedding dress after a divorce? …

Midas touch: the artist using gold to turn films into flickering frescos

Joe Ramirez has patented a new art form: a spellbinding fusion of painting and film. We watch the American work his magic<p>Joe Ramirez does not do things by halves. He has in his time made a chair with 112 joints, lacquered a car 17 times, and once spent five years restoring frescos in a Benedictine …


That's so random: Jan Cieslikiewicz's search for order – in pictures

Polish photographer Jan Cieslikiewicz went from maths at Harvard to a Wall Street trading job – and then left it behind to embrace uncertainty


Rubbish repurposed: tiny scrap sculptures – in pictures

Since 2005, Philadelphia graphic designer Lydia Ricci has been creating miniature sculptures from scrap materials. From cars to telephones, hairdryers to sun loungers, Ricci has made a miscellany of objects out of receipts, tape measures and even her childhood dictionary. “These objects have …


We’re over the digital revolution. This is the age of experience

The web has upended all our lives. The return of books, vinyl and Kodak film shows we long to employ technology as a servant, not a master<p>Stepping outside the bubble of gloom this week I noticed something surreal. Kodak was reviving its Ektachrome film range to meet a surging demand for high-end …

Ada Lovelace

Brad Troemel, the Troll of Internet Art | The New Yorker

On a recent afternoon, Brad Troemel showed me an image of a sculpture that seemed beyond belief: seven hundred monarch butterflies stacked on a levitating magnetic pedestal. Troemel had devised the sculpture six months before, and listed it, for twelve hundred dollars, in his online art store, …

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