By Global Offshore Sailing Team | The Global Offshore Sailing Team is honored having had the possibility to create fantastic relationships through its breathtaking Offshore Sailing Expeditions all over the planet

Die @DGSMBayern zu Gast bei @Banklenz in München mit inspirierenden maritimen Präsentationen. #Geschichte #Seefahrt https://t.co/iN7zJMPOkN

ARCTIC OCEAN RAPTOR on Twitter: "Expedition ARCTIC OCEAN RAPTOR is honoured by and grateful for the support of H.M. KING HARALD V of #NORWAY https://t.co/fbvBm9ZWZ7"

Arctic Ocean Raptor

• <b>Autor:</b> Michael Schüllermann and Others<p>Navigating in frozen seas and harsh weather conditions is, as Winston Churchill once described it, <i>“the worst journey in the world”</i>. Sailing with a yacht to one of the most northern, only partially ice-free areas on Planet Earth - just 540 nautical miles or …

German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

We are grateful for the wishes & support received from the Office of the Prime Minister of #Canada @JustinTrudeau https://t.co/YjXuBpjgTH


<b>mission4peace</b> – created after a get-together of Eugene Kasevin and Jochen Werne on behalf of an idea exchange regarding Expedition Arctic Ocean …

New Waterloo Dispatch Flag handover Ceremony to The Honourable Ghislain D'hoop, Ambassador of #Belgium in #Berlin https://t.co/A47iLdQQG8

We proudly advise: Belgian Ambassador Ghislain D'hoop accepted to become honourable GOST member. Welcome on board. https://t.co/AoX21PU7Xw

We are grateful for this extraordinary Beaujolais Run 2015 with all friends from France & UK. https://t.co/KJOCEPxTf1

Live: Beaujolais Run 2015 #Storm departure at the Calais harbour exit! On the way to @Port_of_Dover - #Passion pure! https://t.co/F0Yvw24WCl

Museums-Flotte bekommt Verstärkung

3.000 Jahre Seeschifffahtsgeschichte findet man im Internationalen Maritimen Museum in der Hafencity. Entstanden vor 9 Jahren aus einer privaten …

BEST OF: Belgian Ambassador Ghislain D'Hoop as honorable guest @GOSTest1999 @thenwd2015 Reception @maritimesmuseum http://t.co/T66EKAJucA

After St.Pauls Service.On the way for commanding 400nm offshore the Expeditionfleet of German @thenwd2015 to #Hamburg http://t.co/hWlznHy8yI

Overseas Best Wishes for a successful Expedition NEW #WATERLOO DISPATCH arriving from the #USA.Thanks @cubanheritage http://t.co/wo8iwN6GvD

Prince of Wales attends Waterloo service of commemoration at St Paul's - St Paul's Cathedral

Home<p>Welcome to SM4!<p>Worship & Music<p>St Paul’s Cathedral has been here for over 1,400 years. It has been built and rebuilt five times, and always its …

#DANKE #Wasserschutzpolizei @PolizeiHamburg für die Unterstützung beim Anlanden @Waterloo200org Depesche 22.6.-12Uhr http://t.co/kVz9F7nrO5

Mr Jochen Werne - Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces

19.6.15:An international fleet will depart from Zeebrugge on sea to bring the NEW @Waterloo200org DISPATCH to Hamburg http://t.co/dfMFczapAF

The #DukeofWellington & @Waterloo200org invited @GOSTest1999 to the #Waterloo #Commemoration Service @StPaulsLondon http://t.co/bzaKyHoArP

Armed Forces Day - Commemorating the US Military, with A Remembrance of the Allied Cuban Navy of World War II

Ambassador @WerneJochen received @cubanheritage Award @CityofMiami given to the @maritimesmuseum @hamburg_de http://t.co/6TmqzSLqLh

Official @cubanheritage #Miami #WWII Award Ceremony program released. @GOSTest1999 thankful for having been invited http://t.co/JHpXuGWFqY

Horst #Bredow will posthumously be honoured in the #ArmedForcesDay in #Miami for his U-Boat Naval History lifework http://t.co/iifMrLavlo