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EXPEDITION TO THE EDGE OF THE WORLD The Global Offshore Sailing Team will sail up to one of the most Northern partially ice-free places of this planet remembering all sailors who bravely explored and fought in this fragile and dangerous environment. 24 July 2016 the Expedition Yacht “Arctic Light” will be provisioned in Longyearbyen / Svalbard. The Team will then be heading north to reach 81 degrees. On its way back – approaching Svalbard coastlines from the north – the Team will explore the places where 2nd World War Weather Teams had their stations. After one week the Team will return to its Expedition base in Longyearbyen. In the second week the Expedition will head south to the operation area of the 2nd World War ARCTIC CONVOYS, where a wreath will be given to the sea to commemorate all men and women on both sides who fought during the time of conflict. The Expedition will return to Longyearbyen on 6 August 2016 With this Expedition the aim is to provide a platform of intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange for Arctic Enthusiasts such as Historians, Paleontologists , Environmental Scientists, Sailors within Governments, NGO’s, Navies, Associations or just out of personal interest. A special focus lies on the following topics: Historic Research: ‚Commemoration of the 75th anniversary of 2nd World War Arctic Convoys and Operation Gauntlet‘ Paleontology: ‚Raising public awareness about the great paleontologist work done on Svalbard including the work on pliosaurs also called the „Arctic Sea Monsters“ Environmental Awareness & Offshore Sailing: Sailing to 81 Degrees North – one of the most northern reachable, partially ice-free points on Planet Earth. Public awareness about the real meltdown of pack ice in Arctic summers will be raised by sailing with a fiberglass sailing yacht to a point just 540 nautical miles or 1.000km away from the North Pole. The Expedition will take place from 24 July to 4 August 2016 The Expedition will be carried out by The GLOBAL OFFSHORE SAILING TEAM The ROYAL CINQUE PORTS YACHT CLUB DOVER The INTERNATIONAL MARITIME MUSEUM HAMBURG The GERMAN ASSOCIATION FOR MARITIME AND NAVAL HISTORY The MÜNZ CORPORATION The BOREAL YACHTING CORPORATION