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#OutNow Vol. 4 - Six Best New Photobooks You Should Know

Every few weeks, we ask Martin Amis of Photobookstore to compile #OutNow, a selection of recently published, recommended photobooks. Sign up to our …


Ames trapezoid from Gateways to the Mind, 1958

Ames trapezoid from Gateways to the Mind, 1958.

Literature of 9/11 college class accused of being 'sympathetic towards terrorism'

A student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has raised concerns about the school's Literature of 9/11 seminar course, claiming the required readings for the class are "sympathetic towards terrorism."

Alec Dent, a freshman journalism major at UNC, hasn't taken the class or read any …


Photobook Reviews (W36/2015) | Conscientious Photography Magazine

Because it shows what is, or rather was, photography doesn’t lend itself easily to talk about could be or might have been. All the discussions about …


The Oligarch Recovery: Low Income Americans Can't Afford To Live In Any Metro Area

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,We were told we needed to bail out Wall Street in order to save Main Street. Well the results …

Cost of Living

10 Neat Optical Illusions – And How They Work

Our human brains are subject to some really egregious errors in judgment when it comes to observing the world around us and these optical illusions …


Collective Privacy and the Anonymous Archipelago

Missives From A Supermax:

The sea is rising and our remaining hills are few and far between. This is not a discussion of climate change despite its …


Top 25 Protest Albums of the 2010s (So Far)

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27 Aug 2015

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Tinariwen perform on March 19, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. This …


Portraits reveal a desire for human connection; a desire so strong that people open themselves to the camera,

Tomorrow is World Refugee Day.We remeember those who have been displaced from their homes, like this Afghan girl.

What WikiLeaks Teaches Us About How the US Operates

By Julian Assange, Newsweek

In an introduction to a new book, The WikiLeaks Files: The World According to U.S. Empire (Verso, 2015), Wikileaks

Mothers, students join Japan's protests over security bills

TOKYO (AP) — Mothers holding their children's hands stood in the sprinkling rain, some carrying anti-war placards, while students chanted slogans to the beat of a drum against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his defense policies.

Japan is seeing new faces join the ranks of protesters typically made up …


"A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth." - Albert Einstein

Court deals blow to NSA call records suit

An appeals court in Washington dealt a setback Friday to an activist’s lawsuit against the government over the legality of the National Security Agency’s call records program, ruling that the plaintiff has not proved his standing to sue.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the …

National Security Agency (NSA)

NSA preps quantum-resistant algorithms to head off crypto-apocalypse

The National Security Agency is advising US agencies and businesses to prepare for a time in the not-too-distant future when the cryptography …


Forty Years of Carolee Schneemann’s “Interior Scroll”

Carolee Schneemann, “‘Interior Scroll” (1975) (Photo by Anthony McCall)

Forty years ago on August 29, 1975, the thirty-six-year-old artist Carolee …

Word Illusions

Word Illusions often require finding a new perspective to look at the image. Stepping back a bit might help not only when looking at these pictures …


Blurry vision never looked so beautiful in mind-bending art series

When it comes to truly beautiful art, the eyes have it — over and over again.

Canadian artist Alex Garant's art series, Queen of Double Eyes, takes the viewer on a visual experience with brain-bending optical illusions.

At first glance, the brain may want to see Garant's portraits as realistically …


Vurdlak's Top 10 Illusions in 2009

By James Dean on January 2, 2010, with 35 Comments

As promised in my previous 2009 Recap in Numbers post, I have gathered some of my best posts and …

Top 10

The Negative Photo Illusion

The negative photo illusion is a fun and fascinating way to learn more about the brain and perceptual system. Check out the illusion and learn more …


Rhythm of read.Requested by: Neighborhood Association “Zoes”

Rhythm of read.

Requested by: Neighborhood Association “Zoes”.

Getting Boxed In Mag Cover

optical illusion

Alongside the Malta Street Art Festival, artist Leon Keer decorated a boardwalk with bright, elongated gummy bears that appear skewed when up close, …