8 Salad Recipes You Have To Try This Summer

Is there anything better than a fresh, zingy salad as a light lunch in summer? Here are our favourite super salad recipes to help you make the most of the fruit and vegetables supermarkets have to offer!

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8 Salad Recipes You Have To Try This Summer
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    Chickpea Salad (channa Chaat)

    Chickpea Salad (channa Chaat)

    The channa chaat is made up of three components: the chickpea salad, chaat masala and date and tamarind sauce.

    Potato Salad

    Potato Salad

    Potato salad is a classic recipe often served as part of a summer BBQ or buffet. Quick and easy to make, this warm potato salad recipe makes the perfect side dish to BBQ meats or grilled fish.

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