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Justice Department Finds Pattern of Police Bias and Excessive Force in Ferguson

WASHINGTON — Police officers in Ferguson, Mo., have routinely violated the constitutional rights of the city’s black residents, the Justice Department has concluded in a scathing report that accuses the officers of using excessive force and making unjustified traffic stops for years.

The Justice …


BREAKING: DOJ Report Blasts Ferguson Cops For Pattern Of Racial Bias Against Blacks


WASHINGTON (AP) — A Justice Department investigation will allege sweeping patterns of discrimination within the Ferguson, Missouri, police department and at the municipal jail and court, a law enforcement official familiar with the report said Tuesday.

The report, which could be released …


U.S. Report Finds Racial Bias in Ferguson Police, Official Says

(WASHINGTON) — A Justice Department investigation will allege sweeping patterns of discrimination within the Ferguson, Missouri, police department and at the municipal jail and court, a law enforcement official familiar with the report said Tuesday.

The report, which could be released as soon as …


Justice Department Report to Fault Police in Ferguson

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department has nearly completed a highly critical report accusing the police in Ferguson, Mo., of making discriminatory traffic stops of African-Americans that created years of racial animosity leading up to an officer’s shooting of a black teenager last summer, law …


Zachary Quinto: Leonard Nimoy was like a father to me

I first met Leonard Nimoy in 2007 at the Comic-Con conference in San Diego where it was announced I would be taking over the role of Spock. I was really excited to meet him and hopeful he would support me stepping into it. I never imagined how our meetings about the character would evolve into a …

Leonard Nimoy

America Never Abolished Slavery

This past Black History Month, millions of students were told the story of how America abolished slavery 150 years ago with ratification of the 13th Amendment. The story draws an upward trajectory of racial equality in America from the abolition of slavery to Brown v. Board of Education to the Civil …


'Welcome To Braggsville' Isn't Quite 'Invisible Man,' But It's Close

Here's only a partial list of great American writers whose names came to mind as I was reading T. Geronimo Johnson's new novel, Welcome to Braggsville: Tom Wolfe, Mark Twain, Toni Morrison, H.L. Mencken, Don DeLillo, David Foster Wallace, Norman Mailer and Ralph Ellison, Ralph Ellison, Ralph …


Every Day Examples of Racial Microaggression

1. Acting arrogantly ignorant

Don't you hate it when people enquire about you in a patronizing and somewhat condescending way.

2. Can't you see …

Race & Ethnicity

Before War On ISIS, There Was America's Second Barbary War

Two hundred years ago, the U.S. declared war on an Islamic power enslaving its citizens and ransoming them for millions.

An Islamic state where Christians were kidnapped and enslaved by Muslims deemed to be “barbarians” by the West. An embarrassed U.S. government forced to pay ransoms and tributes …


Is Russia too racist for the World Cup?

Russia needs to crack down on racism ahead of hosting the 2018 World Cup, the general secretary of the Russian Football Union said Tuesday.


Molly Ringwald on 'Breakfast Club': It speaks 'to generation after generation'

Decades have passed since "a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal" met up in detention and made movie history in 1985's "The Breakfast Club." But as star Molly Ringwald (who played the "princess") pointed out during a Tuesday morning visit to TODAY, despite the years, the …

Molly Ringwald

To Kill a Mockingbird: The first YA novel?

A poll once revealed Harper Lee’s book rivals The Bible in popularity in the US. University student Henry Knight explores why the young especially love it.

The news of Harper Lee’s impending second novel broke the internet. A flurry of tweets from anyone who has ever attended an American ‘middle …


Noam Chomsky on Black Lives Matter: Why Won't U.S. Own Up to History of Slavery & Racism?

AMY GOODMAN: And then you have in the United States a movement around accountability, overall. It’s the 50th anniversary of the Selma Bloody Sunday, …

Noam Chomsky

15 Life-Changing Books You Can Read in a Day

Put down your device and celebrate National Reading Month with the best short books — all under 100 pages — literature has to offer

Page numbers vary by edition, but we’ve linked these titles to versions that clock in under 100 pages.


Bryan Cranston to produce JM Barrie musical Finding Neverland

The upcoming Broadway musical Finding Neverland has found a new producer to join its ranks: Bryan Cranston.

Lead producer Harvey Weinstein said on Friday that the Tony award-winning former Breaking Bad star had signed up after being enchanted by an early workshop.

The show, directed by Diane Paulus, …

Bryan Cranston

Why conservatives refuse to believe Obama is Christian

Scott Walker is the latest Republican to question the president's faith, and he's not just speaking to the fringe

Alex Theodoridis, a political scientist at the University of California, Merced, conducted a survey last fall of Americans’ understanding of President Obama’s religious beliefs. …


Hasta la vista, gramps! Arnie to shoot sixth Terminator as he nears 70

Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed plans to star in a sixth Terminator movie, by which time the actor would be nearly 70.

Schwarzenegger will return to his best known role, the T-800 cyborg, in Alan Taylor’s Terminator: Genysis this July. But he told The Arnold Fans he would also be filming the …


Girlhood? Richard Linklater lined up for Where'd You Go Bernadette adaptation

Even if he was snubbed for the two biggest Oscars this year in favour of Birdman, Richard Linklater’s star is as high as its ever been – and he’s now in talks for his next post-Boyhood project.

He’s being lined up to helm a film adaptation of Maria Semple’s novel Where’d You Go, Bernadette, which …

Richard Linklater

Faces From Ferguson: Ashley 'Brown Blaze' Yates

"If they are killing us every 28 hours, what do I have to lose?"

Ashley Yates, also known to the Twitterverse as @brownblaze, was citing a Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) report, "Operation Ghetto Storm," on the extrajudicial killings of Black people at the hands of law enforcement and …


14 African-American women who advanced the fight for civil rights and gender equality

In honor of Black History Month, we've put together a list of just a few of the countless African-American women who have led the struggle for civil …


The Science Of White Privilege

While discussing a recent New York Times article on white privilege, progressive radio show host Thom Hartmann asks:Could we have a situation called …

White Privilege

Ferguson protesters receive human rights and literature award

Two Ferguson activists have received an award for their writing in the wake of Michael Brown’s August death.DeRay McKesson and Johnetta Elzie won the …

Human Rights

Does White Identity Mean White Supremacy?

There is a man named Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh who is popular in what is called the “manosphere.” He is a male agony aunt who offers the kind of …

White Supremacy

'Selma' and 'The Birth of a Nation': A Tale of Two Films, 100 Years Apart

This year marks the 100th anniversary of D. W. Griffith’s infamous and influential film The Birth of a Nation. This anniversary is more significant …


Thousands march in Haiti over Dominican racism

Two weeks after a Haitian man was lynched in the Dominican Republic, thousands marched through the streets of Port-au-Prince on Wednesday, demanding …


Why Is It So Hard to Prove a Civil Rights Crime?

Almost three years to the day since the death of Trayvon Martin, the Department of Justice announced it won’t be bringing federal civil rights …


UN Anti-Racism Day Demonstration - Saturday 21 March 2015

Stand Up to Racism and Fascism - UN Anti-Racism Day demonstration

Saturday 21 March 2015

March and rally organised by Stand Up to Racism

Assemble 12pm

Race & Ethnicity

Ontario must combat racism, says outgoing human rights commissioner

TORONTO — Ontario has made progress in combating the scourge of racism and other forms of discrimination but the fight is far from over, the outgoing …

Human Rights

Lighter Skinned Blacks and Hispanics Are Seen as Being More Intelligent

New research suggests bias also can be found within racial categories.

Race & Ethnicity

Is the (Tea) Party Over?

Ruth Braunstein is in the department of sociology at the University of Connecticut. Her research explores how religion influences public …