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After 49 years, mother reunites with the daughter she thought died at birth

Nearly half a century later, one Missouri mother was reunited with the daughter she was told died shortly after birth.

Zella Jackson-Price, 76, met Melanie Diane Gilmore, 49, for the first time after a hospital mishap separated the two for 49 years.

Gilmore was born in November 1965 at the now …


New 'Pay Off' Trailer For Terminator: Genisys Lands | News | Empire

Some trailers can be shy about revealing certain details, but not this new 'Pay off' teaser from Terminator Genisys. As the latest issue of Empire


Poll: Race relations in California better than elsewhere in U.S., voters say

A half-century after the Watts riots laid bare deep racial divisions in Los Angeles, nearly two-thirds of California voters say race relations in the state are better than elsewhere in America even as they acknowledge persistent tensions, according to a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll.

Most …


Reading Racist Literature

Reading Racist LiteratureIllustration by Boyoun KimOf the many passages that gave me pause when I first read “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” in high …


The Mad Men Recap: Ghosts of Don Draper's Past

The million dollar check, and more staring into the abyss.

Season 7, Episode 9: "New Business"

ANNA PEELE: Hello, Tom! I hope you had a less expensive day than Don. There were the golf clubs, and the furniture, and, oh yeah, the check for a million dollars he gave to Megan. It was an echo of both the …


Police Video Shows Killing of Black Oklahoma Suspect

(TULSA, Okla.)—A white reserve sheriff’s deputy thought he was holding a stun gun, not his handgun, when he fatally shot a black suspect during an arrest that was caught on video in Tulsa, Oklahoma, police said.

The video of the April 2 incident shows a Tulsa County deputy chase and tackle Eric …


Was pro baseball's first African-American player passing for white?

A story about professional baseball's little-known first black player (well, possible first black player) raises as many questions about racial …

Race & Ethnicity

Wayne State University honors murdered civil rights activist Viola Liuzzo 50 years after her death

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The recent celebration of the 50th anniversary of the March on Selma brings to mind a tragedy tied to that historic event— the …

Civil Liberties

Minister at Walter Scott's funeral calls shooting an act of racist cop

A minister told hundreds gathered for the funeral of Walter Scott Saturday that the death of a black man shot in the back while fleeing a white police officer was the act of a racist cop.

"All of us have seen the video," the Rev. George Hamilton, the minister at W.O.R.D. Ministries Christian Center, …


Racism in Print? Newspaper Uses Different Photos for Black & White Suspects

Over the course of a few days, the Gazette newspaper in Cedar Rapids, Iowa reported on a string of robberies and burglaries in the area and how …

Print Media

Being Mary Jane director Rob Hardy says portraying racism on TV is 'raw'

On the surface, Mary Jane Paul seems to have it all: a successful cable news show, lots of friends, a loving family, a healthy shoe budget and yup, even a hot date (here’s looking at you, Sheldon!). Problem is, our favorite primetime news anchor is still subject to blatant racism, as evidenced by a …


Why Liam Neeson's dadsploitation films shut out women

At this point, the thing that Pierre Morel, Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen created with Taken, and what Liam Neeson gave his shovel-shaped Gaelic face to, has become its own genre. Call it whatever you’d like – dadsploitation, old-man vengeance and on-screen midlife crisis come to mind – but with …

Film (UK)

From 'Banana' To 'Cucumber,' New Series Spans The Spectrum Of Sex

The creator of the 1999 BBC series Queer As Folk has made three new TVseries about gay men and women — and two of them are coming to the U.S. later this month. They have the conspicuous names of Cucumber, Banana and Tofu. Russell T. Davies says the titles came from a study he read from a scientific …


New Last Knights Trailer Stars Clive Owen And Morgan Freeman | News | Empire

We've had First Knight, now prepare for Last Knights, an altogether more doom-laden, Game Of Thrones-like affair in which Clive Owen gets …

Clive Owen

School Principal: Being ‘Colorblind’ Really Just Means Being Racist

A high school principal in Worcester, Mass. has declared war on one of her teachers for having the temerity to suggest her school’s teachers are …

Race & Ethnicity

Black America remains in crisis, according to equality report

The poorest median white household in the U.S. still makes two times more than the poorest median black household.

This statistic was discovered by the National Urban League, a civil rights organization based in New York City. For the last 40 years, the organization has published a report titled …


Is Playing "Younger" the Only Way for Sutton Foster to Get on TV?

The premise of Sutton Foster's new TV Land sitcom reflects a depressing truth about Hollywood casting: It's not friendly to middle-aged women.

Sutton Foster is one of the world’s most charming comic actresses—a two-time Tony-winner who's among Broadway’s biggest draws and did marvelous work on the …

Sutton Foster

How much Scientology is really in “The Master”?: Revisiting P.T. Anderson’s film in the wake of “Going Clear”

Anderson's fictional group "The Cause" and Scientology do have quite a bit in common

When “The Master,” Paul Thomas Anderson’s cryptic opus about the relationship between enigmatic cult leader Lancaster Dodd (the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman) and his wayward disciple Freddie Quell (Joaquin …


It's Not Just Ferguson

Guilty of Being Poor

When a community issues arrest warrants for more offenses than it has residents, something's deeply wrong.

Here's something you might not know about Ferguson, Missouri: In this city of 21,000 people, 16,000 have outstanding arrest warrants. In fact, in 2013 alone, authorities …

Ferguson, MO

Robert Z'Dar 1950-2015 | News | Empire

The instantly recognisable movie actor Robert Z'Dar, who found cult stardom through roles like the titular villain in the Maniac Cop series, has died. …


Defending Darwin

I’M OFTEN ASKED what I do for a living. My answer, that I am a professor at the University of Kentucky, inevitably prompts a second question: “What …

Human Evolution

TV Shows Premiering in April 2015 That You Should Watch

A list of the best of upcoming shows this month on TV and streaming.

As we enter the second half of TV's 2015 midseason schedule, many fan favorites including Empire and The Walking Dead have come to a close. So it's no secret that many people are going to require a fresh small-screen fix to get them …


How the biases in the back of your mind affect how you feel about race

RELATED LINKS• White Millennials are products of a failed lesson in colorblindness
• The hidden racism of young white Americans
• Millennials don’t know how …


Amazon tests delivery drones at secret Canada site after US frustration

Amazon is testing its drone delivery service at a secret site in Canada, following repeated warnings by the e-commerce giant that it would go outside the US to bypass what it sees as the US federal government’s lethargic approach to the new technology.

The largest internet retailer in the world is …


Noah Baumbach: 'In my 20s, I felt like time was running out'

Noah Baumbach is getting on a bit. He knows he is because his doctor actually listens to him now. “I used to have hypochondriacal things of like, ‘I’m worried about these headaches’, and my doctor used to always laugh it off,” says the director, as I nod in solemn recognition. “And there’s a …

Noah Baumbach

The Picassos of Serial Killers: Taking Bids at Murder Auction

That pretty bouquet of tulips? Painted by a mass murderer, actually. Who’s buying the art produced by notorious criminals, and why?

It’s a relaxing image. A bouquet of tulips stuffed into a golden pitcher. Their colorful buds, rich with yellow and blue, stand erect above a cluster of perfectly …


Michelle Rodriguez on Why She Almost Quit ‘The Fast and the Furious’ and Her Tears for Paul Walker

The kickass star of Furious 7 opens up about why she once almost quit the blockbuster franchise, the struggles of being a woman in Hollywood, and her fallen partner in crime.

Michelle Rodriguez might have been a doctor if her family had their way. Instead, the high school dropout from Jersey City …

Michelle Rodriguez

Here’s How to Scientifically Train Your Mind to Be Happy

Training your mind to look for errors and problems (as happens in careers like accounting and law) can lead you toward a pervasive pessimism that carries over into your personal life.

Via One Day University Presents: Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness (Harvard’s Most Popular Course):

We …


On Happiness Day, 6 Nepalis Tell How To Not Worry And Be Happy

Nepal, a country of 25 million, is struggling out of poverty after a decadelong civil war. Squabbling politicians have paralyzed government, and high unemployment means 1,500 youth leave every day for jobs in Malaysia and the Middle East.

So, as the United Nations International Day of Happiness …


The Eyes of Our Whites: Racial Perceptions and Racial Reality in Ferguson and Beyond

You really can’t have it both ways.

You cannot praise the Justice Department for, in effect, exonerating officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death …