Hand Lettering 101

By Giants Co. | An introduction to hand lettering, hand-drawn typography, and related resources.

Hand lettering styles: Block lettering tutorial

How to digitize your hand lettering using Illustrator's Image Trace

How to improve your handwriting for hand lettering and calligraphy

You love the idea of hand lettering and calligraphy. Maybe you want to include your handwriting on some of your blog graphics, or maybe you just want …


7 Ways to use hand lettering in your blog design


Illustrator Pen Tool Tutorial: Create Monoline Script for Hand Lettering


Lettering Advice: Things I've Learned So Far

Lettering Advice: Things I’ve Learned So Far

I often get the question as to what would be good advice for someone who is just getting their start in …

3 Typography Experts Weigh in on the Recent Hand-Lettering Boom

Articles about the proliferation of ornamental and decorative lettering are nothing new—I’m thinking specifically of Steven Heller’s “Cult of the …

Lettering Tools

The following are helpful tools and supplies that will get you started with lettering.

I will only recommend tools and supplies that I have used myself …

Mechanical Pencil

Top 25 Things I’ve Learned About Hand Lettering

I love hand lettering. The industry is experiencing a tremendous amount of growth, which is super exciting. With that growth has come a ton of …

How Do You Find the Time to Practice Hand Lettering?

You want to get better. You know you need to practice. You know it’s going to require hard work.But you just can’t seem to find the time.It feels …


Save Time in Photoshop With Custom Keyboard Shortcuts So You Have More Time for Hand Lettering

Keyboard Shortcuts: ⌘ + ⌥ + ⇧ + K

Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts…
• Because of course you need a keyboard shortcut to get to the Keyboard Shortcuts …


Basic Guide to Choosing Harmonious Styles for Hand Lettering

A common issue I see with new letterers is the use of too many styles in one piece. Typically this is because they see styles they like in several …


Mind Blank? Here’s How I Get Ideas for Hand Lettering

You decided to show up. “I’m going to do this thing,” you say to yourself. “I’m going to dedicate time every day to practicing hand lettering.”

It’s …


favorite lettering supplies with Megan Wells

It's Megan here and I'm back with some more tips and lettering tricks! Today is all about supplies. In my last post, an introduction to lettering, I …

How to Digitize Hand Lettering

Hey, it’s Sean McCabe with Learn Lettering and I was just about to digitize this hand lettering design and I thought, “You know what? I might as well …


Hungry Artist Will Letter for Lunch

Drawing and eating are two of Lauren Hom's favorite things. Her motto of "Work hard, snack often" gets put to good use with her Will Letter for Lunch …


My Go-to Lettering Tools

When I first started lettering, I used what I had—some plain ‘ole printer paper and a 0.7mm lead pencil. There was nothing special about it. All the …

Neighborhood Studio

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Divers Fashion Typografie

Fashion Typografie

Illustration Print Typografie

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Identiteit Typografie

Fashion Illustration …

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Criatipos Looking for Adventure

What Once Was - Hand Lettering Inking and Vector Process