Editorial Design from the World's Best Newsrooms

For some, paging through the Sunday paper is the institution it has been for generations: a tradition as pure as the morning’s coffee. For others, the ritual has been replaced by a screen and a mouse on their morning commute. The effect, however, is still the same. Designing the news is and has always been a science—a unique blend of carefully chosen words and images. Newspaper Design brings the science to life by telling the story of editorial innovations and the creatives behind them.

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Editorial Design from the World's Best Newsrooms


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    The Mind Behind Redesign

    The Mind Behind Redesign

    From an early age, Javier Errea dreamed of following in the footsteps of his uncle, Fernando Múgica. A war correspondent who covered numerous …

    A Love Affair With Typography

    A Love Affair With Typography

    Since its beginnings, Libération has been characterized by a very distinctive use of typeface, to such an extent that Libé has put its mark on fonts …

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