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An Interactive Map of Shakespeare's London

The project brings 16th century London into the present.

References to cities often make an appearance in Shakespeare's poems and plays. Quick case in point, here's a line from The Comedy of Errors:

Farewell till then: I will go lose myself
And wander up and down to view the city.

To understand these …


Stop making tools! Nobody likes them anyway...

This presentation aimed at DH scholars is about the making of tools with baked in data as compared to making data available via APIs.


Saving history with digital technology

Project Mosul was set up in response to online footage that showed members of Islamic State vandalising the Mosul Museum in Iraq.

The initiative aims to crowd source pictures of items that were on display in the museum and then digitally recreate them in 3D.

Those behind the project hope that by …

Digital Technology

New algorithm could put an end to online trolling

You might want to think twice before posting something vitriolic beneath this story: Researchers from Stanford and Cornell Universities have …


Digital Humanities and Data Science | Digital Humanities at Stanford

I'm proud to announce that Stanford University Library will be bringing on Scott Weingart as a data scientist to help support digital humanities …


Interactive map shows age of any Dutch building

Using the map

Colour-codes ranging from dark red (oldest) to blue (newest) give a sense of the patterns of development Dutch cities and towns have …


Stress caused by bitter rivalry led to premature deaths of leading 19th century composers, study suggests

Competition from just one extra composer working in the same city reduced longevity by more than two years, research showed

Real jealousy, rivalry and bitter competition - the themes of some of the greatest classical music and opera - may have shortened the lives of leading composers.

Stress from …


Texting in Medieval Times

Middle Ages

Similar short logistical messages survive from medieval times, although their manner of survival is different. Fig. 3 shows waste material …

Middle Ages

What's happening with our digitised newspapers?

The KB has about 10 million digitised newspaper pages, ranging from 1650 until 1995. We negotiated rights to make these pages available for research …

Print Media

Oldest globe to depict the New World may have been discovered


Oldest globe with New World discovered

View Photos

A globe engraved on an ostrich egg, dated 1504, has emerged as perhaps the oldest known globe to …

Leonardo Da Vinci

Ada Lovelace designed a computer in the 1840s. A cartoonist finishes the project

‘Surely there must be a couple of new Ada Lovelaces lurking in this land?” exclaimed digital doyenne Martha Lane Fox last month, as she issued a call for women to turn their hands to tech – part of her new plan, dubbed Dot Everyone, for an internet-savvy nation.

It’s little wonder that the enigmatic …

Ada Lovelace

Shakespeare in Tehran

Stephen Greenblatt
Marco Moretti/Anzenberger/ReduxSheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan, the last stop on Stephen Greenblatt’s trip to IranFor more than …


The Ebook of 1935: An automated reading device using microfilms.From Everyday Science and Mechanics magazine, 1935

The Average Faces of 30 Legendary Rock Bands

What do famous rock bands look like if you take portrait photos of each of their members and average them into a single face? The folks over at West …

Rock and Roll

Mapping Poetic Networks

I presented on networks of African American antifascist poetry from the 1930s and 1940s at the Global Lives of Poems seminar at ACLA at the end of …


IBM's Chef Watson recipe book lets you cook like a supercomputer

IBM's Watson supercomputer isn't just serious about crunching numbers, it's also serious about crunching food.

For anybody concerned about computers …


A replica of France’s Grotte Chauvet and its prehistoric art opens to the public

A replica of France’s famed Grotte Chauvet – a vast cave which contains the world’s oldest prehistoric art. – will be opened to the public this month. The 55 million euro project recreates the topography, temperature and artistic treasure from the original site.

There are more than 400 charcoal or …


Shakespeare’s Plays Reveal His Psychological Signature


Shakespeare’s Plays Reveal His Psychological Signature

Shakespeare is such a towering literary figure that any new insight into the man, or his …

Great Books

Sentiment analysis is opinion turned into code

Modern elections are data visualisation bonanzas, and the 2015 UK General Election is no exception.

Last night seven political leaders presented their …

Sentiment Analysis

MapTiler and QGiS

Hurrah! Map building! Vectors! Layers!

A base map is described in the tutorial as “a selection of geospatial information that lets your readers …


Mapping Words: Lessons Learned From a Decade of Exploring the Geography of Text | The Signal: Digital Preservation

The following is a guest post by Kalev Hannes Leetaru, Senior Fellow, George Washington University Center for Cyber & Homeland Security.

It is hard to …

Big History

Harvesting Reddit Comments and Analyzing Historical Figures


With my background in computer science I wanted to do something that involved web scraping, as it could be done with a script. I looked into …

Data Mining

IBM creates a research group to test Numenta, a brain-like AI software

IBM has established a research group in San Jose, Calif., to work on what could be the next big thing in artificial intelligence software. This news …

Artificial Intelligence

HPC is dying, and MPI is killing it

Pictured: The HPC community bravely holds off the incoming tide of new technologies and applications. Via the BBC.

This should be a golden age for …

Parallel Programming

Scholarly Ecosystem

The scholarly ecosystem gets more complicated every day. As this graphic depicts- click for larger size – there are new tools being used by …

Open Access

Japan, U.S. experts digitizing A-bomb archives

Japanese and American experts are exploring ways to put the data archives of a study on A-bomb survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki online.

While …


Richmond’s Slave District Recreated in 3D

Researchers at the University of Richmond have created a 3D map of the city’s slave district in 1853. Part of the Library of Virginia’s “To Be Sold” …


Verslag: The Making of the Humanities IV: Connecting Disciplines, 16-18 October 2014, Rome

For the visitors to the fourth conference on the making of the humanities, it was not just the Italian sun and the hospitality of the KNIR that


How *not* to repair a torn medieval page: using sticky tape (Valenciennes BM 136, 16th c).