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Understanding Shakespeare


Connecting digital texts from the Folger Shakespeare Library with articles on JSTOR.

Pick a play. Click a line. Instantly see articles on JSTOR that …


Go Set A Watchman while we Kill the Mockingbird In Cold Blood - computational stylistics

Stylometric evidence is very strong in this case: Harper Lee is the author of both To Kill A Mockingbird and Go Set A Watchman. The bootstrap consensus …

Harper Lee

Autism doesn't have to be viewed as a disability or disorder

Autism may represent the last great prejudice we, as a society, must overcome. History is riddled with examples of intolerance directed at the atypical. We can sometime fear that which diverges from the “norm”, and sometimes that fear leads us to frame those who are different as being in some way …


Berlin in July 1945 (HD 1080p color footage)

Digging through history using digital tools


By converting a century-old book, the American Labor Who's Who, into a research and teaching database, labor historian Tobias Higbee can …


Download eight years' worth of Reddit comments

If you need (almost) every publicly available Reddit comment for any reason -- hey, maybe you're a researcher or maybe you just love data -- then ready your external HDD, because someone bundled 'em all up nicely. User "Stuck_In_the_Matrix" collected every comment he could from as far back as …


11 ways to be a better roleplayer


(Edit: Since I published this piece a few months ago, an awful lot of people have looked at it …

A Shattered Adam Statue Comes to Life at the Met

What if Adam could talk? Not just any Adam, but the 15th-century marble statue that crashed to the floor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art — all 6 feet 3 inches of him — one dismal October evening in 2002. The Adam that was recently, after a 12-year restoration project, installed in a special …


Sexist search results: Google less likely to show women high-paying job ads than men

Accusations that Google skews search results to benefit itself are nothing new, but now, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and …


the road ahead

by Frederic Kaplan, Field Chief Editor for Frontiers in Digital Humanities

The announcement for Frontiers in Digital Humanities took place in Lausanne …

Digital Humanities

20 Geeky Jokes Programmers Will Understand

Take a break and have some geeky fun! Check out these 20 geeky jokes programmers will understand! We promise they will make you laugh! If you liked …

Geek Humor

Physics and Dungeons and Dragons

This is quite good: "Nobel Prize Winner Peter Higgs Regrets Fielding Your Physics-Based Dungeons and Dragons Questions".

A sample:

If my …


The dirty business of protecting precious paintings

When the Museum of the American Revolution opens in 2017, guests will be able to explore a life-size recreation of Boston's Liberty Tree and see what …


IBM Announces Computer Chips More Powerful Than Any in Existence

IBM said on Thursday that it had made working versions of ultradense computer chips, with roughly four times the capacity of today’s most powerful chips.

The announcement, made on behalf of an international consortium led by IBM, the giant computer company, is part of an effort to manufacture the …


Analysis: Nadella threatens to consign Microsoft to a future of desktop obscurity

Satya Nadella.The prevailing wisdom is that Windows Phone is an unmitigated disaster that has failed globally. Microsoft appears to have responded …

Microsoft Windows

5 surprising insights about 'Modern Romance'

5 surprising insights about ‘Modern Romance’

The awkwardness of dating in the age of smartphones has provided comedian Aziz Ansari with lots of …


Are the Digital Humanities and Library & Information Science the Same Thing?

The following is a summary and further discussion around the presentation which I gave in May at ISI 2015, held at the University of Zadar, Croatia.

Information Science

Hacking the Humanities

Last spring, I taught a literature seminar called “Before Wikipedia.” The subject was the history of encyclopedic writing, from ancient times to the present day. We read excerpts of Isidore of Seville’s “Etymologies” and Diderot’s “Encyclopédie” alongside works by Calvino, Sebald, and Flaubert.

The …


DH2017 coming to Montreal! » CSDH/SCHN

The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) is pleased to announce that the venue of Digital Humanities 2017 will be Montreal, a …


Why babies in medieval paintings look like ugly old men

Like this video? Subscribe to Vox on YouTube.Why are the babies in medieval art so ugly?To find the answer, I spoke to Matthew Averett, an art …

Middle Ages

Critical Flash and Windows security flaws unearthed in Hacking Team hack

Adobe has promised a fix for a new, gaping security hole in its Flash software — a hole that could potentially allow attackers to execute code on the victim's computer after they visit a malicious website.

The flaw was discovered in the 400GB of data stolen from Hacking Team, a company that makes …


Top 20 Free Software for Text Analysis, Text Mining, Text Analytics

Top 20 Free Software for Text Analysis, Text Mining, Text Analytics : Text Analytics is the process of converting unstructured text data into …

Unremembering the forgotten

Keynote presented at DH2015, 3 July 2015. Full slides available on SlideShare. This, you might be surprised to learn, is not the first time that …


Not fade away... how robots are preserving our old newspapers

There’s a warm, musty waft of knowledge in the air, a comforting scent of human experience rising from age-stiffened paper. Shut your eyes and you could be in a dilapidated secondhand bookshop. Open them and you are in a vision of the future.

A gigantic robotic vault, the National Newspaper Building …


Student-collaborator rights, Kisumu app, and new Zotero release

In June this year, a few open source projects expanded and several useful resources were published, along with many other developments in the digital …


3D Printing a Medieval Chantry Chapel

It’s easy to forget that some of the most long-lived and durable assets in heritage interpretation are traditional physical models. Architectural …

3D Printing

The lost art of fighting like a Medieval man

Hand-to-hand combat in the 15th century was more gruesome than vanilla Hollywood reconstructions would have you believe, writes Toby Clements

The late Medieval period wasn't the easiest of times in which to live.

Famines and plagues took a heavy toll on the European populace during the 14th century, …

Middle Ages

Did Tolkien ruin Fantasy? Some thoughts on genre in gaming

Male Dwarf by Gary Dupuis, licensed by Purple Duck Games.

Did J.R.R. Tolkien ruin Fantasy? Maybe. While Tolkien is undeniably the father of modern …

Ethereal Images Laced with Mystery and Sensuality

Sarah Allegra is a fine art photographer whose ethereal work evokes images of the mythical, sometimes laced with sensuality and mystery. Her images …


Turning the Gears: The Tinge of Death

I talk about games a lot and critique how well they’re designed, balanced, etc. but I’ve yet to put anything of my own design up to be critiqued by …