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Episode 44: A First Suit, My Morning Ritual & Those Damn Parking Lots

I jumped back onto the saddle this week after a brief but fantastic trip to Palm Beach, Florida last weekend. I have a client down there who showed …


The Essential Wellington Boot

Winter in the north is a bitch. In terms of smart and effective outerwear, an alarming number of men I observe are ill-prepared. I don’t know if it …


Here's The Thing

Alec Baldwin

In Vancouver, 50% of trips are by foot, bike, or transit. This video shows how they did it.

Step one: Start decades ago.<p>Vancouver, British Columbia, has aggressive aspirations for sustainability. Its goal is to be entirely powered by clean energy by 2050 — not just electricity, but transportation and heating as well. (I talked to city manager Sadhu Johnston about it in July 2016.)<p>As part …

Urban Design

Clean Up Your Act at Laundry Camp

As a compulsive collector of vintage fashion, I often despair at finding incredible clothes compromised by stains. So when my sister, who lives in Saint Paul, Minn., invited me and ten of her friends and relatives to an evening known as “laundry camp,” I heeded the call.<p>No one asked me to build a …

Robert Plant

‘Most of us are too busy to be better’: the lazy person's guide to self-improvement

If you can really improve yourself in just 10 minutes a day, as the self-help gurus claim, Tim Dowling is all for it<p>• Yoga for lazy people<p>I am lying on a mat, looking up at the bright blue of the skylight above me. I exhale purposefully, then let my lungs reinflate of their own accord. I am trying …


A history of the final dying days of the power suit

Douglas Heye wears suits. Like a lot of men, he gives a fair amount of consideration to the way those suits are styled. Unlike a lot of men, he is willing and able to break down those considerations into specifics.<p>“I like a pocket square, but I generally don’t wear one with a tie,” says Heye, a …

Thom Browne

Real Men Wear Real Winter Coats

You know those guys. The types who wear a wispy outer layer like a hoodie or a fleece when it’s 40º, 30º or 20º or even lower. They look like idiots. …


Fabulous Life Lessons From Gianni Agnelli

With his aquiline nose, swept-back hair and bare chest bronzed by the Mediterranean sun, Gianni Agnelli came across like a modern-day Roman Emperor. He was sometimes called “the rake of the Riviera,” for his love of fast cars, sailboats, clothing and beautiful women.<p>But the new documentary …

HBO’s ‘Agnelli’ Highlights Fiat Chairman’s Appetite for Women and Danger

In what would be a corporate liability today, Italian industrialist Gianni Agnelli’s behavior was considered reckless, yet visionary and inspiring<p>He jumps out of helicopters, goes naked on his yacht in the Mediterranean and is a James Bond-level Casanova. Would you want this man running your …


The real reason we love a suit

Sarah Keating unpicks our enduring passion for sharp tailoring.<p><i>This story is from Why do we wear suits? an episode of The Why Factor</i> <i>presented by Mike Williams</i><i>. To listen to more episodes of The Why Factor from the BBC World Service,</i> <i>please click here</i><i>.</i><p>Nestled in London’s Mayfair neighbourhood is the …

My Year of No Shopping

Nashville — The idea began in February 2009 over lunch with my friend Elissa, someone I like but rarely see. She walked into the restaurant wearing a fitted black coat with a high collar.<p>“Wow,” I said admiringly. “Some coat.”<p>She stroked the sleeve. “Yeah. I bought it at the end of my no-shopping …

On Hating Cheap Things

A few years ago, British writer Alain de Botton penned an essay on why we hate cheap things. His point was simple: we don’t think we’re snobs, but we …

A New Life for an Old Harris Tweed

Years ago, I had a beautiful Harris Tweed jacket from J.Crew that I had to give up because it was just too small. Off the peg, I’m a 38R, but I …

Take a One-Way Trip From Tatty to Natty

On evenings before I travel, it is my custom to set out the following day’s clothes on my bedroom chair. I do this in tandem with packing my …


In the Navy, the Most Versatile Suit You’ll Ever Own

<i>I’ve written about this before, but I wanted to revisit it. Men’s style magazines recycle old stories and dress them as fresh content all the time,</i> …


Assholes, job dependency, and intimacy: 3 reasons it’s hard to end harassment in Hollywood

The way the film and TV industries are structured makes them a breeding ground for abuse.<p>The New York Times published its exposé on Harvey Weinstein on October 5, and in the not-quite six weeks since its publication, long-buried bombs have been exploding throughout the entertainment industry, often …

The Opinioneer: The Perils of Comfort - The Opinioneer 01 Comfort

<i>A seasoned writer and cultural examiner—especially in the world of men’s style—David Coggins’ perspective is one of the most respected voices in the</i> …

How to Host a Dinner Party

Food, drink, friends, good conversation — a dinner party is, in the end, a simple and enduring combination of ingredients. To help you achieve a more flawless and fun-filled gathering, here is everything you need to know about throwing your best dinner party.

My First Month in Downtown Cleveland Without a Car

Everyone told me I'd need a car. I'm still not feeling it.

Mid-Size Car

Paul Manafort’s wardrobe tells you all you need to know about power and style in the 1980s

The recently indicted clotheshorse and former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort came into his professional glory in the 1980s, which tells you everything you need to know about his aesthetic sensibility. The ’80s were when Manafort opened his lobbying firm, when he slipped into the world of …

Paul Manafort


John McPhee, at the outset of his lively “Frame of Reference” piece this week, tells of his bewilderment when a student in his Princeton writing class in 2000 employs the word “sprezzatura.” McPhee has never heard of it, nor has the class, nor has anyone he asks, including a Florence-born Italian. …

Billie Holiday

Sartorial Wisdom from Walter Halle of Cleveland

According to George Frazier in Esquire in 1960, Walter Halle was one of the best-dressed men in the U.S.

Major League Baseball

The Wearing of Clothes Considered as a Manly Art - Esquire Classic

<i>From the Publisher’s Page of the September 1960 issue of Esquire:</i><p>GEORGE FRAZIER’S article, “The Art of Wearing Clothes,” which you will find on page 118, represents the first time that anyone has ever picked any sort of list of best-dressed men in the pages of this magazine. This may seem odd, …

David Tennant

Visiting a Tailor in Hong Kong? Be Specific

HONG KONG — Think of a major city, and you often think of a business. In London, it’s the pub; in Tokyo, the sushi restaurant, and so on.<p>In Hong Kong, it’s the tailor’s shop, home to a magician with cloth who can take your measurements one morning and produce a finished suit the next day. It sounds …

Hong Kong

Hello, Downtown Cleveland

Almost a year after leaving New York, my new life as a Clevelander is really just beginning.

Lake Erie

How to dress like a writer

Style and substance have much in common, as these men of letters and silk-lined suits prove<p>Tom Wolfe<p>Pompous! Reactionary! But stylish? Why, yes. …


An Argument For Tailoring Your Clothes

About three years ago, I overheard a former editor I worked for asking incredulously why young people didn’t tailor their clothing. I don’t have the …


Bette Midler Show Live at Last (1976) Cleveland OH (full show)

We should have seen Trump coming

Obama’s rise felt like a new chapter in American history. But the original sin of white supremacy was not so easily erased. By Ta-Nehisi Coates<p>I have often wondered how I missed the coming tragedy. It is not so much that I should have predicted that Americans would elect Donald Trump. It’s just …