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Bumblebee field guide app released

There are 23 bumblebee species in Britain and Ireland. They play an increasingly appreciated role as pollinators and indicators of habitat diversity. …


Youkeyo on Twitter: "I am another you."

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Michael Wolff - How to play the blues

The double diminished scale

5 harmonic systems part 2 of 2

How to play outside

Jazz improv: the 5 harmonic systems part 1 of 2

Michael Wolff - Rhythmic Modes

Michael Wolff - Sing and play

British Trust for Ornithology

And they're off<p>Five of our sateliite tagged Cuckoos have left the UK during the last few days. Thomas, a Cuckoo local to the BTO, is leading the pack …


Learn to Play Blues Piano - New Orleans Style - DVD Four

Double whammy for Britain's moths

The gloomy picture painted by Butterfly Conservation's report on <i>The State of Britain's Larger Moths 2013</i> in February was of a massive overall decline …


Suffolk Birding with BINS

<i>In order to minimise the impact of disturbance on rare breeding birds, while still encouraging the proper reporting of these species, the Rare</i> …


Dutch Arctic Terns migrating to Antarctica via Australia

A remarkable new study, published in the Dutch ornithological journal <i>Ardea</i>, has revealed that Arctic Terns breeding in the northern part of The …


Butterfly Conservation - Dig It - June tips from the Secret Gardener

There is still time to get planting in preparation for next month’s Big Butterfly Count.<p>It’s easy to make your garden attractive to butterflies - …


Butterfly Conservation - Identify a butterfly

'All Aflutter' provides monthly information on which species to look out for, the latest butterfly news, gardening tips,and special offers.<p>You can …


Butterfly Conservation - A-Z of moths


Meopix iPhone-scoping adaptor

Like many contemporary birders, I'm in the fortunate position of owning a DSLR and an 'entry-level' 400m lens. Having said that, I know my budget …


A Terrifying Grace

My wife, Barbara, and I have been married for more than 30 years, and yet some corners of our inner lives remain dark to one another. We know a lot …

The World Bird Database

MyAvibase allows you to create and manage your own lifelists, and produce useful reports to help you plan your next birding excursion.<p>There are more …


Music Videos

Test - Rietvlei with the Sony 70-400mm F4-F5.6 G SSM 11

I have been dying to get out there and see how the new Sony 70-400 performs. It's silver predecessor is a stellar performer and is hailed by many as …

Storm petrel seabirds can smell their relatives

BBC Nature<p>Seabirds are able to pick out their relatives from smell alone, according to scientists.<p>In a "recognition test", European storm petrels chose to avoid the scent of a relative in favour of approaching the smell of an unrelated bird.<p>The researchers think this behaviour prevents the birds …

Crane (Grus grus)

[order] GRUIFORMES | [family] Gruidae | [latin] Grus grus | [UK] Crane | [FR] Grue cendree | [DE] Kranich | [ES] Grulla Comun | [NL] …


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