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Eco-Friendly Botanical Wall Art Brings the Self-Sustaining Beauty of Nature Indoors

Designer Erin Kinsey is something of a moss boss. Her handcrafted botanical artwork transforms one's living space by bringing the beauty of the outdoors, inside. Combining a dual passion for design and nature, she has established a company named Artisan Moss which offers one-of-a-kind plant wall …

Wall Art

Carrot Recipes That Make This Root Vegetable Worth Eating

Carrots aren't the most exciting veggie out there. For many of us, they were one of our first foods, fed to us as a pureed mush before we could even talk. After a lifetime of eating this root vegetable it's no wonder that few people get excited about cooking with them. But here's the thing: carrots …

Healthy Eating

True Sustainability Means Circularity

Linear thinking is destroying the planet.<p>Four decades have passed since mankind walked on the moon. This triumphant event marked the first time humans could gaze back at their world. Our round, blue and white planet floating in black space enabled humanity to see the finite nature of their home–it …

The Best Oils for Cooking, and Which to Avoid

By Rochelle Bilow<p>Canola, grapeseed, olive, hemp, avocado, vegetable… the world of cooking oils is a big, confusing place. Here's how to make sense of it all.<p>When it comes to the performance and flavor, not all cooking oils are created equal. Some perform well at high temperatures, making them ideal …

Ice Cream

John Horton Conway: the world’s most charismatic mathematician

John Horton Conway is a cross between Archimedes, Mick Jagger and Salvador Dalí. For many years, he worried that his obsession with playing silly games was ruining his career – until he realised that it could lead to extraordinary discoveries<p>On a late September day in 1956, John Horton Conway left …


Our Favorite Indie Bike Apparel Companies

Just outside the mainstream, these companies are innovating cycling kit design

San Francisco

5 Airlines That Fly to Europe for Cheap (for Real)

No-frills carrier Ryanair made the news this year by announcing the launch of transatlantic flights starting at just $15. It's a deal that sounds much too good to be true, and indeed, that $15 price tag fails to factor in the passenger taxes ($200 or so) and other fees like luggage and seat …

European Travel

How to make graphene at room temperature - Futurity

Scientists are testing a new method for manufacturing high-quality graphene that doesn't require super hot temperatures.


Maps that shaped the world

<b>Bursting with information and often incredibly beautiful - maps do more than just show you where you are, or where you might be going. Here we tell the stories behind some fascinating examples.</b><p>The recently published Times History of the World in Maps features documents from ancient civilisations, …


From Campfire to Haute Cuisine: How Food and Flavor Drove Human Evolution

"We owe our existence and our humanity to taste," says author John McQuaid.<p>Taste is often dismissed as the most primitive of the senses. But new research reveals it is in many ways the most subtle and complex of them all.<p>Reporting from kitchens, farms, restaurants, and science labs, Pulitzer …

5 Things I Fix Every Day Of My Life

A pro wrench shares her hard-won advice on repairing, or avoiding, a bike's most common breakdowns<p>In four measly years of wrenching in New York City, I've fixed thousands of bikes: high-end road and touring bikes, commuters' personal taxis, delivery bikes in all types of conditions, culturally …

New York City

Five Easy, Essential DIY Winter Tuneups

These quick maintenance jobs will keep your bike running smoothly in 2015<p>For cyclists, winter is a time to restore and recharge. But as much as your body needs some TLC, so does your bike. That doesn’t have to mean an exhaustive overhaul. These five quick maintenance jobs are easy enough for any …

4 Supersimple Protein Bars You Can Make at Home

Whip up muscle-building treats without the bogus ingredients<p>Whether you're in the saddle or on the couch, protein is an incredibly important part of your diet as a cyclist. On the bike, protein slows digestion and lowers a food’s glycemic index, preventing spikes in your blood sugar that lead to …


11 Mind-Blowing Physics Discoveries Made In 2014

From detecting elusive particles forged in the core of our sun to teleporting quantum data farther than ever before, these physicists' scientific research has helped us better understand the universe in which we live as well as pave the way for a future of quantum computers, nuclear fusion, and …


Regression Analysis using R explained

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Spectacular Historic Infographics Now Available As Posters

The Library of Congress is a venerable treasure trove of historic cartography, 19th century infographics, and other data visualization from days of yore. Only a fraction of the more than 5.5 million maps and 80,000 atlases in the library’s collection are available online, and what is available can …

Data Visualization

Understanding quantum tunnelling

Quantum tunnelling sounds like science fiction, and does indeed feature quite often in the genre. But it is real, and plays a role in nuclear fusion, chemical reactions and the fate of the universe. Here’s how it works<p>The recent claim from Stark Industries Lockeed Martin that a compact fusion …

Dark matter? Scientists closer to seeing a vast, invisible universe

Take a look around you, and in your mind's eye, randomly wipe out all but a small fraction of what you can see. Pretend the vast rest of reality is there but invisible.<p>You'd probably like a device that helps you see much more of it.<p>Scientists working at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear …

What Not to Do in Paris

Feeling like you're being judged by locals every time you visit Paris? You're probably right. But know this: Every time a Parisian shoots you a dirty look for talking too loudly or wearing shorts to dinner, they are doing you -- and everyone else who loves Paris -- a favor. Of the three …


Shop America: Brooklyn

The neighborhood that spawned the word hipster has grown up. Williamsburg is still a place for experimentation, but that exists alongside a strong DIY ethos and a highly informed, of-the-moment aesthetic. Once desolate, the streets are now brimming with a range of distinctive independent</i> …

Living Rooms

29 Built-In Bookshelves Ideas For Your Home

Built-in solutions are cool for modern homes because they save space and look stylish: even if you have enough space, why not get some more? They …


How Modern Light Bulbs Work

45 Classic Library Design Ideas

See the most stylish ways to stack treasured reads.<p>Whether your home is traditional, modern or somewhere in between, we've got the ultimate book-curation inspiration.

12 Easy DIY Tips and Tricks for Hanging Pictures, Frames & Artwork

(Image credit: Dabney Frake)<p>Here are 12 easy ways to make the un-fun process of hanging artwork a little bit more tolerable. Follow these tips and …


17 Wonderfully Warm And Cozy Mulled Drinks

Mull the wine! Mull the cider! MULL IT ALL.