Randy at RootsTech 2014

By Randy Seaver | Randy Seaver attended RootsTech 2014 in Salt Lake City from 6 to 8 February. This is his photo magazine of his experiences, meetups and friends.

Captain Jack says "Dead Men Don't Tell Tales..."

I had the chance to pose with Captain Jack Starling at the FamilySearch Media Dinner on Wednesday night - we says "Dead men don't tell tales ... but …

Dennis Brimhall and Captain Jack Open RootsTech 2014 - Thursday Keynote Session

This morning was the Keynote talks by Dennis Brimhall of FamilySearch, Annalies van den Belt of FindMyPast and Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman. Here …

Annelies van den Belt of DC Thomson - Thursday Keynote #1

Annelies van den Belt is the head of DC Thomson, which includes FindMyPast. She discussed her own family history by way of introduction, and the …

Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman - Thursday Keynote #2

The second keynote speaker was Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, from Oklahoma, who started blogging eight years ago and now has thousands of readers, …

DearMYRTLE at Thursday Keynote Calling a Friend

I took this photo of my good friend, DearMYRTLE on her iPhone (with her pink handheld attachment) so she could send it to J. Paul Hawthorne (who also

AncestorCloud - Thursday "New Genealogy Product" Pick

I will try to highlight at least one new product each day at RootsTech 2014.

Today, it's AncestorCloud (www.ancestorcloud.com).

The screen says "Show &

Panorama View of Expo Hall from the Front Entrance

My new iPhone 5s has a Panorama mode that I'm just learning to use. Here is my first attempt at doing a really wide panorama - it's probably 150 feet …

Judy G. Russell Wows the Crowd - Friday Keynote #1

Friday is the second day of the RootsTech 2014 Conference in Salt Lake City.

It started with the two keynote speakers - the first was Judy G. Russell …

Dr. Spencer Wells Talks DNA and Genetics - Friday Keynote #2

On Friday, the second Keynote speaker was Dr. Spencer Wells. He started out with a genealogy puzzle - his name, which was Rush Spencer Wells IV. His …

Saving Memories Forever - Friday "New Genealogy Product" Pick

Saving Memories Forever is my choice for Friday's New Genealogy Product - it's a no-brainer, really, since they won the FamilySearch Developer's …

Eagle's Eye View of Expo Hall

I took a photo from the second level looking down at the Expo Hall from the north side of the hall:

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Todd Hansen of The Story Trek - Saturday Keynote 1

Saturday is the third and last day of the RootsTech 2014 Conference.

It started with two Keynote speakers - Todd Hansen (of The Story Trek show on BYU

Stephanie Neilson of the NieNie Dialogues - Saturday Keynote #2

Saturday is the third and last day of the RootsTech 2014 Conference.
The second Keynote speaker on Saturday was Stephanie Nielson, who suffered the

Extreme Genes Podcast/Radio Show - Saturday "New Genealogy Product" Pick

Extreme Genes is my choice for the Saturday "New Genealogy Product" - it sounds interesting, everyone can access it for free, and I like

FindMyPast Exhibit in Expo Hall

The large FindMyPast display near the entrance to the Exhibit Hall is a bit different. Here are some views:

They fashioned the front of the exhibit, …

MyHeritage Exhibit in Expo Hall

Another of the major exhibitors at RootsTech 2014 is MyHeritage. Here are some photos from around their display area:

The view above is looking toward …

Ancestry.com Exhibit in Expo Hall

I like to take pictures of the major exhibitors at each conference I attend. Here are some views of the Ancestry.com display, which is one of the …

Lisa Louise Cooke on the Expo Hall Demo Stage

Lisa Louise Cooke talked about Google Search on the Demo Stage:

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WikiTree Display in Expo Hall

The WikiTree ladies Eowyn and Tami gave me a T-shirt for taking a selfie with Eowyn (I spoke to Chris Whitten later...):

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Genealogy Gems Display in Expo Hall

When I stopped by the Genealogy Gems display, I saw Sunny Morton (who helps Lisa Louise Cooke with the company) and Denise Levenick, so I had to snap …

Southern California Genealogical Society Display in Expo Hall

Just across the way from the Media Center is the Southern California Genealogical Society display, with Leo Myers, Jane Van Tour and Paula …

Mocavo Display in Expo Hall

Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) Display in Expo Hall

I lucked out and found Elissa Scalise Powell, Thomas W. Jones, and Judy G. Russell in conversation at the Board for Certification of Genealogists …

Lisa Alzo made it to RootsTech 2014!

Lisa Alzo had a difficult time getting to Salt Lake City because of weather. She had to cancel her Thursday talk, but made it to the Friday …

Expo Hall Panorama View from Media Center

I made a panorama photograph of the back of the Expo Hall at RootsTech 2014. Here it is:

Click the picture to embiggen it.

I took this from the Media …

Butterfly Kisses Display in Expo Hall

I thought that the Butterfly Kisses exhibit was especially interesting - lots of beautiful photographs, family tree charts and displays …

Evidentia Display and Ed Thompson at Expo Hall

I visited for awhile with Ed Thompson of Evidentia, the genealogy software that helps you work with the Genealogical Proof Standard:

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RootsMagic Display in Expo Hall

The RootsMagic software exhibit was busy every time I went by:

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Legacy Family Tree Display in Expo Hall

The Legacy Family Tree software exhibit was busy every time I went by:

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