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Cassette Tapes: Why I still Love you

This is not my attempt to <i>rationalize</i> Cassette Culture. Nor will I try to convince any skeptics to join me and the two readers like me in that …

East Village

Through a Different Lens: Alec Baldwin on Stanley Kubrick the Photographer

Before he was a famous filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick was a photographer for Look magazine in New York City. Serious Kubrick fan Alec Baldwin reflects on …

Stanley Kubrick

Check out a new site of restored cult films by director Nicolas Winding Refn

Director Nicolas Winding Refn loves cult movies and has been quietly restoring some of his faves. Now they are available to stream free on his byNWR …


The Cognitive Biases Tricking Your Brain

Science suggests we’re hardwired to delude ourselves. Can we do anything about it?<p>I am staring at a photograph of myself that shows me 20 years older than I am now. I have not stepped into the twilight zone. Rather, I am trying to rid myself of some measure of my present bias, which is the tendency …


Ghost in the Shell's urban dreamscapes: behind the moody art of the anime classic

Was there a film more influential in bringing anime to western audiences than 1995’s Ghost in the Shell? Long before 2017’s controversial Hollywood remake, the Japanese cyberpunk classic’s moody depictions of futuristic urban sprawl were a turning point in how science fiction was depicted on screen.<p>…

Hong Kong

Renowned film director Wim Wenders hits out at 'phone photography'

Renowned German film director and photographer Wim Wenders has hit out at phone' photography'.<p>Speaking at an exhibition of his Polaroid works, he said photography was dead and thinks mobile phones are to blame.<p><i>Video produced by Trystan Young</i><p><i>Listen to more stories from</i> World Update<i>.</i>


An obsessive Polaroid photographer: Wim Wenders

The famous German film director is also a recognized photographer. He was one of the first Polaroid camera users, and his instant snapshots have more …

The last (plastic) straw: travel and its environmental responsibilities

This is the year the corporate world woke up to the scale of our plastic problem and the travel industry is no exception Louise Edge, Greenpeace UK<p>For decades the image of a brightly coloured plastic straw in a cocktail against a backdrop of sea and sunset signalled one thing – carefree holidays. …


Readers Respond to Jordan Peterson in Aspen

Nuanced critiques and qualified appreciations belie the stereotype that people are either with him or against him.<p>My article “Jordan Peterson Comes to Aspen” generated a lot of correspondence. Most of it defied the conventional wisdom that the University of Toronto professor turned celebrity …

Paul Broca's Great Discovery Also Reminds Us That Scientists Are Fallible

June 28th was the 194th birthday of Paul Broca, the physician and anthropologist who discovered the area of the brain responsible for our ability to produce spoken language. His discovery marked the first clear link between a region of the brain and a specific function, and it advanced our …

The Brain

Extraordinary Black and White Photographs Capture Street Scenes of New York City in the 1940s

Lisette Model (1901–1983) was born in Vienna, where she studied piano and compositional theory with Arnold Schönberg before moving to Paris. She …

The Things I Can’t Ask My Mother

A story of love, addiction, gay marriage, and forgiveness.<p>My older siblings never told me about my mother proposing to her girlfriend when I was ten years old and I guess I never asked. A few Thanksgivings ago, my mother said, “Wait, you’ve never heard this story? Let me tell you.”<p>She said it was …

What We Learned This Week: Crowdfunding the Largest Public Arts Project in U.S. History

50 billboards in 50 states.That is the goal of an ambitious arts project — the largest collaborative arts project in United Ststes history — now …

royal cremation ceremony stamp of the late Thai king

9 baht face valueBought brand new at a post office during my March 2018 trip to BangkokIt came in a big sheet with a black and white photo of Thais …

embossed stamps of the Thai king’s 6th cycle birthday anniversary

These stamps are embossed with gold and silver colors. Each stamp has a 100 baht face value.Souvenir sheet cost 350 bahtThey came in a set of three. …

set of 9 portraits of the late Thai king

Each stamp has a 9 baht face value.The set came in a sheet like this.Bought brand new at a post office during my March 2018 trip to Bangkok. These …

green stamp of Thai king

3 baht face valuestamp of the late Thai king Bhumibol Adulyadej in a military uniformbought brand new at a post office during my March 2018 trip to …

Pomelo stamp from Taiwan

NT$28 face valuefrom personal correspondence

tassle filefish Philippine stamp

from 2018 personal correspondence. 40 pesos face value. This may be the Philippine stamp with the highest face value I’ve come across.Tassle Filefish …

Taiwanese stamp of an orchid

stamp of a <i>Cheirostylis octodactyla</i> (a type of orchid) from Taiwan (R.O.C.)NT$35 face value, from 2018 personal correspondence

Ferdinand Marcos birth centenary stamp

P12 face value, issued in 2017Philippine stamp commemorating the birth centenary of former president Ferdinand Marcos (b. 1917)

Lao PDR stamp of a crab

issued in 2007brand new that I bought on a trip to Luang Prabang, Laos in to read my travel diary of that trip.

Postes Lao stamp with corn and hammer and sickle logo

issued in 1984brand new that I bought on a trip to Luang Prabang, Laos in to read my travel diary of that trip.

Dutch stamp (2014 issue)- cow graphic

Amsterdam postmark(from personal correspondence)

2017 stamp of an Egg Fruit

2017 stamp featuring a pouteria campechiana (egg fruit)<br>1 peso value(from personal correspondence)

2015 stamp of a sweet tamarind

2015 stamp featuring a pithecellobium dulce (sweet tamarind)<br>35 peso value(from personal correspondence)

2016 stamp of Calamansi

2016 Philippine stamp of Citrofortunella mitis/ Calamansi fruit<br>17 pesos value(from personal correspondence)

Murex shell stamp

Philippine stamp of a murex shell (scientific name <i>murex sp.</i>)issued in 2011

Sydney Harbor Bridge stamp issued in 2007

Australian stamp from 2016 personal correspondence

stamp featuring a rose apple

issued in 2015 in the Philippines<br>stamp from private correspondencesyzygium samarangense